Bitmoji has taken digital fashion to a new level by providing a versatile range of outfit ideas and colour combinations. Bitmoji is a fun and easy way to express yourself on the go. Its cute dress-up feature is a great way to share your personality with friends and family. Whether you want to jazz things up or keep them simple, there are many fun outfit variations and outfits I’ve seen other people wearing that work well with their bitmoji avatars. If you are a fashion freak, you should pay attention to your social media avatar and keep it updated with the latest trends and fashion. There are so many unique bitmoji outfits that you can craft. But which ones are the most popular, and what do they do best? This article will give you 10 of the cutest, most creative bitmoji outfit ideas to give you ideas and inspiration.

Selection tips for your bitmoji outfit

Bitmoji is a social version of your that, so you have to keep it up-to-date. Styling can be overwhelming because of so many options on Snapchat, so we will give you tips on keeping your bitmoji simple, presentable, and stylish.

First and foremost, your bitmoji is a personality presentation, so you must check the latest trends and choose your bitmoji outfit accordingly.

Hairstyles and shoes can have a whole different effect on your outfit. Looks are changed with hairstyles, so you must be aware of how you choose hairstyles with outfits.

And lastly, there aren’t any compulsions about bitmoji outfits. You can be creative and imaginative about your outfit and style it whichever way you desire.


Casual cool look:

Casual cool look

Some of us love a bitmoji look that is stylish, comfy and gives cool vibes. Here’s how to style a comfy, stylish-looking bitmoji: pairing light wash jeans with a solid white shirt with collars. To add colour, layer it with a pink sweater to give streetwear vibes. Finish off this look with a pair of loafers, white or black. It’s for you to decide.

E-girl look:

E girl look

If you are an e-girl into edgy fashion and black dresses, this bitmoji outfit is definitely for you. The question is, how can you craft your bitmoji edgy outfit? Start with a black sleeveless blouse and wear a black mesh net top underneath. This will give you the e-girl gothic look that you desire. Now pair this with a black and white polka-dotted short skirt. Finish off this look with combat boots and thigh-high black socks. As for the hairstyle, you can select a double ponytail with bangs.



Dresses are in fashion all season. So why wear themselves and not style them on bitmoji? Spice up your avatar with dresses for different seasons. For a casual and simple look, you can select a simple flared dress and pair it with a sandal to give summer evening walk vibes. And for a more formal look, change the dress to a solid-coloured bodycon dress and wear it with heels. This can be the perfect choice for a party look.

Dark academia look

Dark academia look

This bitmoji look is for all my dark academia lovers out there. Start by pairing a solid-coloured turtleneck with a plaid tennis skirt. Add some layers by styling it with a long coat and finish with combat boots. Choose shades of brown for this to look, as dark academia is all about brown earthly tones.

Rainbow look:

Rainbow look outfit

A solid or printed crop top in green colour paired with orange bell-bottom trousers gives your avatar the desired rainbow look, which is perfect for summer.

Light sleeveless top with bell bottom

Light sleeveless top with bell bottom

To keep your Bitmoji updated, you must keep changing its look with the seasons. A light sleeveless top paired with bell-bottom pants is perfect for a summer Bitmoji outfit. Finish this look by pairing it with pumps.

Red off-shoulder illusion with baby blue pants

Red off-shoulder illusion with baby blue pants

Off-shoulders are feminine and powerful, and choosing them for your Bitmoji is bold. Try pairing red off-shoulder illusion with baby blue pants to give your Bitmoji a powerful and causal look at the same time.

The summer floral look

The summer floral look

Floral-printed dresses and tops are must-haves for summer. You can style your avatar with a floral shirt and jeans or a floral-printed short dress and strappy sandals.

Leather jacket

Leather jacket

A leather jacket can be worn on any outfit and never disappoints. Try making different outfit combinations for your Bitmoji with a leather jacket over it.

The cheetah print and Bermuda shorts

cheetah print and Bermuda shorts


A Cheetah print shirt and Bermuda shorts are the coolest fancy outfit if you prefer your Bitmoji to look expensive. It gives your Bitmoji a cool, classic, and social look.

Tank top, skirt and sneakers

Tank top, skirt and sneaker

Summers are here, and so is summer fashion. So why not style your Bitmoji too? Try pairing a light-coloured tank top with a flared skirt and white sneakers. This will give your avatar a comfy and cool look.


Blue sweatshirt and black shorts:

blue sweatshirt and black short

Style your bitmoji with a blue sweatshirt or hoodie and black short pants. Black sneakers go well with this look. Add spice to the look by choosing a men’s messenger bag and a necklace. This look will give you the desired teenage boy vibes but in a stylish way. To finish this look with hair, you can style them as a low-fade curly haircut.

Black sweatshirt with dark grey pants

Black sweatshirt with dark grey pants

Sweatshirts and hoodies, when styled correctly, are the coolest things ever. Pair a black sweatshirt with dark grey pants, and finish off this look by pairing it with Jordans and a necklace.

Printed T-shirt paired with brown pants

Printed T-shirt paired with brown pants

A printed t-shirt paired with brown pants is the best summer outfit for your Bitmoji. Style your Bitmoji by adding details to this outfit, including necklaces and a low-faded haircut.

Soft academia boy look:

Soft academia boy look

Choose a solid black collared shirt and pair it with black pleated trousers. Add a layer of a white knit sweater and white sneakers. To complete this look, choose a middle-parted hairstyle, and BOOM! There is your soft academia boy, bitmoji.

Hoodie and beanie:

Hoodie and beanie

Bitmoji wearing a beanie is the cutest thing ever. Choose a plain-coloured hoodie and pair it with black jeans. Here comes the main part: accessorize this look with a chained necklace and a beanie. Complete the look with black or red shoes. This look will give cute bad-boy vibes to your bitmoji.

Winter look:

Winter look

Plain white T-shirt, black jeans, and red jacket, if it isn’t the best winter combo, then what is? Suppose you had difficulty choosing a winter outfit for your bitmoji. In that case, this is the best easy-to-pull outfit idea for your avatar.

Sportsman’s look:

Sportsman's look

Sports make men attractive, so your bitmoji also deserves to look like an athlete. Pair a plain white T-shirt with black or blue shorts and jogging shoes. Add Nike socks and a headband to this outfit, and it will give your bitmoji an athletic look you are looking for.



Hairstyles change the whole look of your bitmoji. Therefore, selecting the right hairstyle for your bitmoji outfit is important for tank tops and blouses. Select long hair, and for hoodies and jackets, select bob-cut hair as they enhance outfit details.

As for boys, a low fade haircut gives athletic vibes, while middle-parted hair with bangs gives off a professor aura. So whichever hairstyle you choose, make sure it enhances the outfit your bitmoji is wearing.


There are no specific rules for the selection of a bitmoji outfit. Social media apps facilitate their users with the latest fashion trends by featuring summer and winter wardrobes. Creating Bitmoji outfits takes less time, but it makes your social media presence worthwhile and leaves an impression on people that follow you. Whatever look you want to go with, you can choose that for your bitmoji. Also, don’t stick to one outfit; keep changing your bitmoji outfit and experimenting with new looks for your bitmoji and make your avatar look versatile. We hope you are inspired by these cute bitmoji outfit ideas, and Make sure you try them on your avatar.


Are Bitmoji outfits limited?

Some Bitmoji outfits and items are only for a limited time. You may lose the item when the time limit expires, and you change your avatar outfit.

Can you have multiple Bitmoji outfits?

Snapchat offers multiple outfits for Bitmoji. You can tap the hanger icon in the Bitmoji avatar and try new clothing for Bitmoji and style it as you will.

Can you buy more Bitmoji outfits?

You can buy additional Bitmoji outfits and gear from the Snap store. Just download the app and find new outfits for your avatar.

Can you delete an outfit from Bitmoji’s closet?

Yes, you can delete unwanted outfits from your closet. Long press on the item you want to delete and then hit the delete option.

Can I change my Bitmoji pose?

Yes. Click on the Bitmoji avatar and change the pose of your Bitmoji.


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