14 Chic Ways to Style a Jacket with Your Favorite Saree

14 Chic Ways to Style a Jacket with Your Favorite Saree

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A traditional Indian garment, the saree has been around for centuries. It is a beautiful, flowing piece of cloth that can be draped in many styles to create an elegant and sophisticated look. However, while sarees are undoubtedly stunning, sometimes they can feel incomplete, and that’s where jackets come in.

A jacket is a versatile piece of clothing that adds warmth, style, and superiority to any outfit. In recent years, fashionistas have been experimenting with ways to wear jackets with sarees to create a unique look that’s both modern and traditional.

Wearing a jacket with a saree can add style, warmth, and versatility to your outfit. It adds a bit of variety or character to your saree but also improves its aesthetic appeal.

This article will share 14 creative ways to wear a jacket with a saree. But before we dive into the various styles, let’s look into how to choose the right Jacket.

Choosing the Perfect Jacket for Your Saree 

When choosing the perfect Jacket to wear with your saree, you must keep the following in mind.

Types of jackets to choose from 

You can choose from several types of jackets when pairing them with a saree. Some popular options include blazers, denim jackets, leather jackets, bomber jackets, and Nehru jackets. Each type of Jacket can give your saree a unique look and feel.

Materials to consider 

The material of the Jacket can play a significant role in determining how well it pairs with your saree. For instance, if you’re wearing a silk saree, choose a jacket made of a similar or complementary fabric, such as silk or satin. Similarly, a denim jacket might be an excellent cotton saree option.

Colours and patterns that complement your saree 

The colour and pattern of your Jacket should complement your saree, not clash with it. You could choose a coat that matches the saree or go for a contrasting colour to create a unique look. Additionally, consider Jacket patterns, if any, and how they complement or contrast with the saree pattern.

Consider the event requirements

It’s essential to consider the requirements of the event you’re attending when choosing your Jacket. For instance, a formal event might require a more sophisticated jacket, such as a blazer or Nehru jacket. In contrast, a casual event might allow for a more flexible option, such as a denim jacket.

14 Creative Ways to Wear a Jacket with a Saree 

If you’re looking to experiment with different ways of wearing a jacket with a saree, you’re in luck! Following are 14 creative ways to wear a jacket with a saree:

Jacket over the saree Blazer Jacket: 

Jacket over the saree Blazer Jacket

Suppose you want to add a layer of creativity and sophistication to your saree. In that case, a blazer jacket is a perfect choice. Combining traditional Indian attire with a modern twist creates an unforgettable fashion statement. However, the key is to know how to style it right.

Pro tip:

Ensure the blazer complements the saree’s colour or pattern. For instance, if your saree has floral prints in shades of pink and purple, then opt for a solid-coloured blazer in soft pastel hues such as baby blue or lavender.

Denim jacket:

Denim jacket over the saree

Denim jackets have been a wardrobe staple for decades; no denying they’re here to stay. While sarees are incredibly versatile, pairing them with a denim jacket can take your style game to a new level. It’s all about finding the right balance between traditional elegance and modern edge.

Pro tip:

One way to style a denim jacket over a saree is by layering it over a blouse or choli. Opt for a fitted denim jacket with minimal distressing or embellishments to maintain the saree’s beauty.

Leather jacket:

Leather jacket over the saree

Leather jackets symbolise edgy fashion, and what better way than to pair them up with traditional sarees for a rock-inspired look? The combination might sound unconventional, but it is undoubtedly an exciting one! The fusion of the two styles creates an edgy yet sophisticated look perfect for a night out or a party.

Pro tip:

A cropped or fitted leather jacket will give you a more structured silhouette, while an oversized one will give you a relaxed yet chic look.

Bomber jacket: 

Bomber jacket

Bomber jackets are one of the hottest fashion trends that have been around for decades. They are versatile, stylish and perfect for layering up during chilly weather.

It’s essential to choose your bomber jacket’s right colour and style. A black or navy blue bomber jacket can complement any saree outfit while adding an edgy flair to your look. For a more feminine touch, you can opt for pastel shades like pink or lavender.

Pro tip:

To create a street-style look, pair your bomber jacket with a fitted blouse and high-waisted skirt or drape it over your shoulders while wearing jeans and sneakers.

Nehru jacket:

Nehru jacket over the saree

Regarding traditional Indian wear, sarees are undoubtedly the go-to outfit for most women. But to add a touch of modernity and elegance to your attire, pair your saree with a Nehru jacket. This combination is chic and perfect for cultural events where you want to show off your love for traditional fashion.

Pro tip:

One way to style it over a saree is by opting for contrasting colours that complement each other. For instance, if your saree has bright hues like red or yellow, choose a Nehru jacket in subtle shades like beige or cream.

Jacket under the saree 

Waist-length Jacket:

Waist-length Jacket under the saree

If you’re a saree lover, you know the importance of showcasing every intricate detail of your beautiful piece of clothing. And a waist-length jacket is the best way to accentuate your waistline and make you look slimmer. Still, it’ll add style and sophistication to your outfit.

Pro tip:

First, choose a waist-length jacket contrasting with your saree. This will help highlight the details on the saree while ensuring the Jacket only fits in a little. A black or white coat is always a safe bet, but don’t be afraid to experiment with brighter colours like red or royal blue.

Bolero jacket:

Bolero jacket under the saree

Bolero jackets are a great way to sophisticated your saree look for events like weddings and meetings.

First, choose a Bolero jacket that complements the colour and style of your saree. If you’re wearing a heavily embellished saree, opt for a simpler Bolero in a solid colour. Conversely, try a Bolero with some added texture or pattern if your saree is more straightforward.

Pro tip:

Keep the bolero’s length in mind for maximum impact, and choose one that hits at or just above your waistline. This will create an hourglass shape and highlight your figure.

Cape jacket:

Cape jacket under the saree

The Cape jacket adds a layer of drama and elegance and provides a practical solution for chilly evenings. Whether you opt for a matching cape jacket or mix-and-match with contrasting colours and prints, the styling possibilities are endless.

Pro tip:

To create the perfect flowing look, select a lightweight, flowy saree in a neutral colour like beige or white. Next, choose a cape jacket that complements the saree’s colour palette and adds interest with its unique details, such as embroidery or sequins.

Jacket with a saree gown

Jacket with a saree gown

Pairing a jacket with a saree gown is the perfect way to achieve a fusion look that’s both modern and traditional. This unique style combination allows you to experiment with different textures and colours while giving your outfit a distinct edge.

Pro tip:

Choose a jacket that complements the colour of your saree gown. A solid-coloured jacket in black or white can add elegance to any outfit. At the same time, vibrant prints or bold patterns can make a statement. The key is to balance the two pieces – if your saree gown is heavily embellished, opt for a more straightforward jacket design.

Jacket as a saree blouse

Asymmetric Jacket:

Asymmetric Jacket

Asymmetrical Jackets are the best way to insert creativity into your traditional dresses. This versatile piece can be styled in many ways, making it perfect for experimenting with different draping styles.

Pro tip:

  1. Always start with a jacket that complements the colour and style of your saree.
  2. Choose a contrasting colour or pattern if you’re going for a bold look.
  3. Choose an asymmetrical jacket in a similar hue to your saree for a more subtle approach.

Angrakha jacket:

Angrakha jacket

Angrakha jackets are a timeless piece of Indian ethnic wear in fashion for centuries. These jackets have become essential to every woman’s wardrobe, especially for traditional events and weddings. One unique way to style your Angrakha jacket is by using it as a saree blouse.

To achieve this look, choose an Angrakha jacket that has a long length and falls below the waistline. Pair it with a contrasting saree that complements the colour of the Jacket. The most important thing to remember while draping your saree with an Angrakha jacket is to ensure that the pleats are neatly tucked inside the waistband of your saree.

Pro tip:

Accessorise your outfit with traditional jewellery such as jhumkas or chandbalis, bangles or bracelets, and a statement necklace or maang tikka.

Backless Jacket:

Backless Jacket

The best way to glamorise your saree look is by pairing it with a backless jacket which will provide a unique and stylish addition to your wardrobe.

Pro tip:

A stylish way to wear a backless jacket as a saree blouse is by pairing it with a simple saree. Choose colours that complement each other and develop a modern, understated look. A gold or silver necklace will finish off this style.

Sheer Jacket

Sheer Jacket

Sheer jackets look more elegant when you wear them as a saree blouse. It’s a perfect look for formal occasions where you want to make an impression without being too flashy.

Pro tip:

Choose a sheer jacket that complements your saree’s colour or contrasts it tastefully. You can choose neutral colours like beige or black if unsure what would look best. Then, pick out a comfortable and well-fitted inner garment that will provide coverage underneath the sheer material. Lastly, drape your saree in the desired style and secure it properly before adding the sheer Jacket.

Embellished Jacket:

Embellished Jacket

An embellished jacket is a must-have in every fashion-forward woman’s wardrobe. It adds an instant sparkle and glamour to any outfit, wildly when styled as a saree blouse for weddings and festive events.

Pro tip:

Go for complementary or contrasting colours that go well together. A heavy-embellished jacket with intricate work can be paired with a simple saree. In contrast, a light-embellished jacket can be worn with a heavily embroidered saree for balance.

Tips for Accessorising Your Jacket and Saree 

When it comes to accessorising your Jacket and saree, there are a few things to keep in mind to complete your overall look:




Earrings are a great way to complement your jacket and saree combination. Depending on your Jacket’s style and saree’s design, you can opt for hoops, studs, or chandelier earrings.



If you’re wearing a jacket that covers the neck area, opt for statement necklaces that stand out. If your Jacket is open, you can go for a delicate chain or pendant necklace that will not overpower the overall look.



Bangles or bracelets can add an extra touch of elegance to your saree and jacket combination. Please choose a colour that complements your saree and Jacket, and stack them up to create a layered look.




Heels can add height and sophistication to your overall look. Opt for heels that match the colour of your saree or Jacket, and choose a comfortable style for long periods.


Ballet Flats

If you’re uncomfortable wearing heels, choose stylish flats. A pair of embellished flats or juttis can add traditional charm to your overall look.



updo hairstyles

An updo hairstyle can highlight your Jacket’s neckline and add a touch of elegance to your overall look. According on the occasion, you can opt for a sleek or messy bun.

Half up, half down – A half-up half-down hairstyle can complement your saree and jacket combination while keeping your hair off your face. Add waves or curls to your hair to create a soft, romantic look.


Side-swept hairstyles

A side-swept hairstyle can add a touch of glamour to your overall look. You can add some volume to your hair and sweep it to one side, allowing your earrings to stand out.

Conclusion on How to Make a Statement with a Jacket and Saree Combination

In conclusion, wearing a jacket with a sari is an appealing and easy way to express your style. Whether you opt for an extended, ready-to-wear version or select a more unusual garment like the short bolero style, the options are endless! All that’s needed is to experiment, explore, and have fun when considering your look.

Wearing a jacket with a saree is a great way to experiment with your traditional attire and add a contemporary touch. With the right Jacket and accessories, you can create a unique and personalised look that’s stylish and elegant.

Frequently asked questions 

How to wear a saree?

To wear a saree, drape it around your waist, pleat it, tuck it in, and drape the pallu over your shoulder. Secure it with pins and accessorise it to complete the look.

How to wear a saree in winter?

Opt for thicker fabrics like wool, velvet, or silk to wear a saree in winter. You can also pair it with a jacket or shawl to keep yourself warm and stylish.

How can we style a leather jacket with a saree in winter?

To style a winter leather jacket with a saree, choose a saree in a heavier fabric like silk or wool. Drape the saree to show off the Jacket, and accessorise with boots and statement jewellery to complete the look.

How to choose the Jacket that goes best with a saree?

To choose a jacket that goes best with a saree, consider the occasion, material, colour, and pattern. Opt for jackets that complement the saree and enhance its overall look. Top of Form

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