17 Must-Have Summer Kurta Designs for Fashion-Forward Girls

17 Must-Have Summer Kurta Designs for Fashion-Forward Girls

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The season of summer is one of warmth, vigour, and life. What better opportunity to experiment with fashion and style than chic summer kurta patterns for girls? These patterns keep you cool and comfortable in the sweltering heat and give your appearance a touch of grace and elegance. Many options include strong prints and vivid colours, light fabrics, and detailed embroidery. So prepare to welcome summer in style with these gorgeous kurta patterns.

Kurta Styles for girls

When we wish to channel our inner Desi girl, we adore kurtas, our favourites.

  • A-Line Kurtas

A-Line Kurtas

As the name implies, a-Line Kurta designs for women visually form an “A” from the waist down. At the top, they are more fitting, and as they move south, they tend to flare out slightly. They are so popular because they are structured and give you a more professional appearance than many other kurta types.

Both for celebrations and for the workplace, you can wear them! Nobody will blink an eye. Although shorter A-Line kurtas are also available or can be created, we couldn’t help but prefer the longer style, ideally one that falls a few inches above the ankle.

Style Tip

To look lethal, wear jhumkas with this and a pair of leggings in the same colour family or a different tone. Have a go at it.

  • Anarkali kurtas

Anarkali kurtas

Anarkali kurta designs are known for being fun, adaptable, and steeped in heritage. They are a classic beauty and a wardrobe need for every Indian woman. It leans more toward the festive side, so if you have a summer wedding or other joyful event where you need to look your best, this is what you need in your closet.

However, Anarkali kurtas differ slightly from suits in that they are less elaborately embroidered and more casual. You can still choose from printed or embellished Anarkali kurtas.

Style Tip

To give your #OOTD a genuine Indian feel, add juttis! You might also throw in your favourite dangler earrings or a classic jhumka.

  • Kurtas that are long and straight

Kurtas that are long and straight

This kurta is the most fuss-free and straightforward to wear and style of all the others on our list, and it looks great on most body types. Because it doesn’t raise any red flags regarding dress code, it is also one of the most popular choices among office-going women. Long, straight kurtas can be worn in various ways, and each can be tested for different events on your calendar. We assure you that these are always a good choice.

If you select the proper size and fabric for yourself, they are completely malfunction-proof. Remember that this kurta design style works best with stiffer materials.

Style Tip

For a sleek, structured look you can wear anywhere, pair it with straight-fit pants and pointed heels.

  • Kurtas that Cover the Floor

Floor-length kurtas

Is that a dress? Is that a kurta? In the Bollywood business, floor-sweeping kurtas have become well-known for their distinctive charm and casual appeal. Furthermore, isn’t it wonderful not to worry about matching your kurta with bottom clothing or waste time looking for the ideal addition?

Floor-length kurtas stand out from the crowd because of their opulent vibe! The richly embroidered or metallic versions can be worn for big, lavish Indian weddings this season. In contrast, the simple or faintly printed versions can be worn for semi-casual events like private gatherings.

Style Tip

We enjoy wearing our floor-sweeping kurta with Kolhapuris. You can attempt this as well.

  • Overlay Kurtas 

Overlay Kurtas 

If you miss layering, you don’t have to give it up; you can change how you do it this season. What could be better for summer than overlay kurta designs that blend patterns and colours and elevate your level of style? Summer calls for light fabrics and uncomplicated looks. The outer layer is joined to the inner layer at the sleeve via spaghetti straps. An extremely light fabric, often georgette, makes the inside. Try softer hues and less stiff fabrics to maximise comfort and style on this one.

Style Tip

To finish the appearance, wear your overlay kurta with some palazzos.

  • Slit Kurtas

Slit Kurtas

Slit kurtas are popular among desi fashionistas for all the right reasons—they’re playful and gorgeous all at once! They not only let you show off your carefully chosen bottoms but also let you have fun when the dress code is lax. In any case, slits are a summertime favourite. Unlike slit dresses, it’s acceptable to not shave your legs before wearing one.

Depending on your heart’s desires, you can choose from front or side slits! Women of all ages are crazy about them, and we don’t see this trend slowing down soon. Slit kurtas come in formal and semi-casual designs, and you can flaunt them with palazzos or pair them with a skirt!

Style Tip

Sashay into the room in your slit kurta while sporting high heels for maximum impact!

  • A denim kurta

A denim kurta

Kurtas made of the same material and colour are ideal for days when you don’t want to wear jeans but love wearing denim. Better still, if they don’t have a side slit, you can also wear them as a dress!

A-list designers combined denim and kurtas to create two unbreakable classics from the Western and Indian worlds. They are everywhere, so it has worked out better than anticipated. Different iterations of the denim kurta patterns are trending everywhere, from the streets to the runways. Own one today, and you’ll cherish it always!

Style Tip

If your denim kurta has slits, wear it as a dress; if not, wear it with denim shorts. Lastly, wear white sneakers!

  • Kurta with a cold shoulder

Kurta with a cold shoulder

Hasn’t the cold shoulder top trend has us all head over heels? Cold shoulder kurtas are superior! Depending on the design and the matching, they’re ideal for today’s divas. They may be worn to breakfast, college, casual outings, or formal occasions.

Young girls who are aware of fashion trends and are determined to stand out wherever they go frequently wear kurtas with jeans. The time is right if you’ve always wanted to try them.

Style Tip

Keep your jewellery simple to highlight the cold shoulder details.

  • Peplum Kurta

Peplum Kurta

The peplum kurta with dhoti is one of the most popular fashions in B-Town! You must have once seen similar kurta patterns on Indian summer runways or your favourite star and questioned your ability to pull it off. Now is the time to give it a shot and judge for yourself!

The cutting-edge combo is ideal when you want to make a statement and position yourself as the fashion expert in a crowd. There is no right or wrong way to wear a peplum kurta with a dhoti, but if you want, you can also do it with jeans or ankle-length leggings for a more laid-back appearance.

Style Tip

Both chandbalis and a potli look amazing with this #OOTD!

  • High-Low Kurta

High-Low Kurta

High-low kurtas require more work when selecting the proper bottoms and accessories because they are short in the front and long in the back. Women frequently match these with straight-fit pants, and young people wear them with distressed jeans. Some individuals even prefer to wear them with dhoti pants. Each to their own!

But remember that the goal would be to make you appear thinner because the latest kurta design provides extra volume to your body. Always opt for jeans that aren’t baggy for this, while comfortable fits are a nice complement.

Style Tip

Before choosing the bottom to wear, consider your body shape. The most secure option is to wear this kurta with a skirt or trousers!

  • Asymmetrical Kurta

Asymmetrical Kurta paired With Skirt

Asymmetrical kurtas are ideal for those who want to take a fashion risk because they have an adventurous, never-uniform hem! Getting the styling right for asymmetrical kurtas can be difficult, but what’s life without a little challenge?

The simplest way to describe these kurta patterns is “fun & funky,” and there are no restrictions on where you can wear them. Simpler styles can be flaunted in a relaxed environment, while dressier ones can be worn at celebrations and weddings.

Style Tip

Add extra whimsy with gaudy accessories like gaudy earrings or beaded necklaces.

  • Sleeveless Kurta

Sleeveless Kurta

We yearn for moments of bare skin in the sun after spending the colder months wrapped up in layers of garments. Similar to sleeveless shirts, sleeveless kurtas are popular in our nation. But remember to apply plenty of sunscreens before you go outside in one.

Style Tip

A sheer ethnic jacket, hoops, skinny jeans, and wedges are all excellent accents to the sleeveless kurta.

  • Summer Kurti Trend with Pastel Colours

Summer Kurti Trend with Pastel Colours

This summer, pastels are making a strong comeback. Women are lured into purchasing this due to the relaxing colours. Additionally, the work’s features and patterns are seen in lighter tones. The pastel Kurti is also perfect for any occasion. You can wear it with jeans for an office-appropriate look. Wear a printed stole and a pastel Kurti to the social event, and you’ll win everyone over.

Style Tip

Clogs, ballet flats, or sandals look gorgeous with pastel Kurtis. Wear little jumkis, drop earrings, or stone tops as jewellery to accentuate your charm.

  • Spring and Summer Floral Kurti

Spring and Summer Floral Kurti

Floral is quite a style right now, from the runway to street style. You might have noticed floral patterns all over in ethnic and casual clothing. Additionally, celebrities and designers favour it to look chic and beautiful. Additionally, a floral Kurti looks nice in the summer. Consider wearing long empire waist Kurtis or ruffle-detailed flowery Kurtis to seem stylish. You could also select floral-embroidered Kurtis for summer weddings.

Style Tip

Choose stiletto or platform heels for your footwear. Keep your jewellery to a minimum because the flowery prints make your outfit stand out. Wear a stud, wire hook, dangle earrings, and a single wire bracelet.

  • Trending Indo western kurtis for summer

Indo western kurtis for summer

Modern women enjoy blending Indian and Western styles. Women’s all-time favourite dress right now is the Indo-western Kurti. The Indowestern Kurtis look great at festivals, weddings, and informal gatherings. The most modern versions have asymmetrical hemlines and ruffled sleeves. Additionally, wearing Kurtis will up your game. Additionally, the traditional Indian patterned yoke and flared bottom look elegant for the celebrations.

Style Tip

The ideal footwear for an Indo-western kurti is sandals, pump heels, and wedges. Additionally, add stud or chandelier earrings to enhance your appearance.

  • Kaftan Kurti

Kaftan Kurti

The Kaftan Kurti is a flowy, loose-fitting style for hot summer days. It is made to be cosy and airy, making it perfect for lounging or doing errands. The Kaftan Kurti has broad sleeves, a relaxed silhouette, and a loose fit. It’s ideal for folks who want a more relaxed and informal appearance. Select a silk Kaftan Kurti in a neutral tone for a dressier appearance.

Style Tip

Choose a cotton Kaftan Kurti in a bold colour or pattern for a more laid-back appearance. You can get started by adding some statement jewellery and strappy shoes to your ensemble.

  • Embroidered Kurti

Embroidered Kurti

An enduringly fashionable classic, the embroidered kurti. It’s ideal for people who enjoy including classic components in their wardrobes. Various materials, including cotton, silk, and chiffon, are offered for the Embroidered Kurti. Numerous embroidery techniques, such as threadwork, mirrorwork, and beadwork, can be used.

Style Tip

A silk embroidered Kurti in a more subdued colour is recommended for a dressier appearance. You’re prepared for a night out if you accessorise with some striking earrings and a pair of heels.

Things to avoid when wearing summer kurtas for girls

  • A kurta shouldn’t be too tight or too loose to wear

Ensure that the kurta you select fits you well. A too-tight kurta can limit your movement and make you feel uneasy, while a too-loose kurta can make you appear untidy.

  • Avoid accessorising your kurta excessively

Stylish kurta designs speak for themselves, so try to stay away from over-accessorising. Keep it understated and refined.

  • Avoid selecting the incorrect bottoms style

Your kurta should be worn with the appropriate kind of bottom clothing. Avoid donning skirts or pants that do not complement the kurta’s shape and cut.

  • Avoid using inappropriate footwear

Make sure to choose shoes that go well with the design of your kurta. Avoid using footwear that may compete with the elegance of the kurta, such as sneakers or flip-flops.

  • Do not wear the incorrect undergarments

Be careful to get the appropriate undergarments so your kurta won’t show through. Wearing bras or underwear with obvious lines to avoid ruining the appearance of your kurta.

Conclusion on Stylish Summer Kurta Designs for Girls

Finally, chic summer kurta designs for girls are ideal for infusing your summer wardrobe with a dash of grace and refinement. With their vivid colours, striking designs, and detailed stitching, they not only offer comfort and breathability but also make you stand out in the crowd.

Therefore, a kurta design is ideal for you, whether you’re going to a family gathering, a casual lunch with friends or a formal function. You can choose a kurta that matches your style and individuality among the many types available. So go ahead and proudly wear these beautiful summer kurta patterns!


How about some advice on the best textiles for a summer kurta?

Summer kurta designs are best suited for breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, chiffon, and georgette since they keep you cool in the heat.

What are some of the most popular hues for summer kurta patterns?

Bright and striking hues like yellow, orange, pink, and blue are popular for summer kurta designs since they give your appearance extra life and vigour.

Are sleeveless kurta styles suitable for the summer?

Yes, sleeveless kurta designs are a terrific choice for summer since they keep you cool by allowing air to circulate your arms. It’s crucial to ensure the design suits the situation, though.

Can other types of apparel be combined with kurta designs?

Yes, numerous looks and styles may be achieved by wearing different kurta designs with various pieces of apparel, such as leggings, palazzos, jeans, and skirts.

Which embroidery styles are most famous for summer kurta designs?

Chikankari, mirror work, and threadwork are examples of delicate, complex embroidery popular for summer kurta designs because they add a sense of grace and elegance without being overpowering or heavy.

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