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You’re known to adore sarees! This article talks about many saree draping styles you would like to try out, in addition to key tips on how to wear a saree. We begin right away with saree tying before moving on to wedding attire! After reading this post, you’ll be in love with the sarees again!

How frequently do you inquire about “how to wear a saree” without an occasion?

Sarees may be worn for both informal and formal situations and are lovely, fashionable, and contemporary. A saree is pretty simple to wear! Each saree can be worn properly if you know how to drape it. After reading this post, how to drape a saree would become more evident. The next piece, which is crucial for all saree enthusiasts, talks about how to drape a saree so that you appear tall and skinny.

Lesson on How to Wear a Saree in Detail

Understanding various types and drapes is the first step to mastering any saree style. You must therefore comprehend the proper steps for wearing a saree. Every action is significant! We know that donning a saree may not be as simple as donning a pair of jeans or a stylish t-shirt, but believe us when we say that regular practice can make it simpler. A win-win situation for the Indian look you’ll be admiring as well.

You will understand how to drape a saree properly and step-by-step with the help of this instruction. 

  1. Before you start draping a saree, get everything ready: safety pins, jewellery, a petticoat, heels, if possible, a top, and of obviously, the saree. These minor details matter when learning how to wear a saree properly.
  2. After you have everything, put on your blouse and petticoat first. This is one of the saree styling advice you should have in mind. If your saree is made of lace, raw cotton, or sheer fabric, make sure your petticoat or underskirt matches the colour of your saree. Also, choose a shimmer petticoat for sarees that have additional glitz.
  3. The third phase in donning a saree is now reached. Put on your petticoat and tie it tightly because your saree will be tucked into the skirt, and you don’t want to struggle to correct it if your skirt is too baggy. Put your heels on. Determine the saree’s fall, then start from the opposite end, carefully wrap it around your waist and tuck it inside the petticoat. Keep it at the proper length so it never gets caught underneath your shoes.
  4. Once you’ve turned it once and tucked it in, start forming pleats with the extra fabric using your thumb and forefinger one at a time. How do you properly wear a saree with pleats? To carefully tuck the pleats further into the petticoat on the right-hand side of your navel, gather as many as you can without upsetting the saree already tucked in.
  5. Once you’ve placed your pleats, ensure they are secure by making the fabric straight and even. If you’re unsure how to carry a saree with pleats nicely, pin them together, and they won’t move.
  6. Twist the remaining piece of the saree around your waist again, this time from left to right. Bring the saree to your front, cross it over your shoulder, and adjust the pallu’s size to cover the back of your knee. To prevent it from falling, firmly fasten the pallu with a safety pin over your shoulder.
  7. You can either pleat your pallu in the same manner as your saree or leave it open to your preference.
  8. Put on your accessories, make-up, and hairstyle.
  9. It’s not a step, that! You appear stunning! Your inquiry about “how to wear a saree” has been resolved! This saree-wearing advice will undoubtedly be of great assistance to you!

Wear The Saree That Best Fits Your Style From A Variety Of Designs!

Different saree styles and fabrics can also make a significant difference; for example, wearing a kanjeevaram saree to work on a casual day won’t be proper, and wearing a straightforward cotton saree to a wedding might also not be appropriate.

You must know which saree to choose for each occasion at this point.

Different Saree Draping Styles

There are many saree draping styles, including the Mumtaz, Marathi, lehenga, and Kerala, which are appropriate for different occasions.

Every drape is fashionable because it has a unique function and appearance. This is a step-by-step breakdown of how to wear a saree in various styles.

Marathi Saree Draping Style: Discover Step-by-Step How to Wear a Marathi Style Saree

The Marathi saree should be worn as described in the following steps:

  1. The remaining length of the cloth should be on your right. Take around one metre of fabric in your palm and wrap it around your back. The fabric’s bordered edges need to be firmly fastened at the waist.
  2. As you would with any standard saree style, gather your pallu, bring it from the back to the front, and put it over your left shoulder. We’ll take care of the loose length that must be cleared in the following step.
  3. Using the loose fabric, begin to pleat! Prepare 4-inch pleats. Focus on 8 to 9 pleats, at most. At the navel, tuck these in.
  4. The pleats must now be removed from in-between the legs and tucked behind the back. A double boundary will be present at the back.
  5. The exquisite pallu drape is the final phase. The left side of the waist must be carefully tucked in after taking it from the back side to cover the shoulder.

Gujarati Style Saree: Step-by-Step Instructions for Wearing a Gujarati Style Saree

Ever notice Gujarati saree draping? Gujarati sarees are known for their vivid hues and gota embroidery, so you probably already know much about them. Continue reading to learn how to style a Gujarati saree.

  1. Take the loose length of the cloth around the waist to the backside after tucking the end of the saree in at the right side of the waist. Fully tuck it away.
  2. The leftover cloth should be turned around, brought in front, and tucked on the left.
  3. Make pleats with the pallu. From back to front, the pallu should flow. That sums up Gujarati fashion. Put pins on the blouse to secure it.
  4. Do box pleats after taking out the tuck. At the waist, these pleats must be securely tucked. Put a safety pin through it.
  5. You may concentrate on the pallu now. To cover the entire area, take one of the pleats and wrap it over the bust. Maintain a tight stretch on the fabric and pin it in place.

Discover How to Wear a South Indian Saree in Style: Step by Step

If you store your Kanjeevarams in your closet, they will look better. By following these simple instructions, you can wear sarees in a lovely south Indian manner. –

  1. For this style, a saree with 6 yards will do. Take one metre of the fabric, wrap it around your waist, and tie a knot in the middle.
  2. Make pleats with a shorter length of fabric. Place it between your legs and tuck the back border of the pleats only halfway. The final pleat must be tucked in at the front once the remaining width is transferred to the left side.
  3. The front saree should be bunched up again and taken behind the legs. The remainder of the saree should be brought to the front, while the border edge at the back end could be tucked in.
  4. Wrap the pallu over your left shoulder and across your right shoulder to allow it to be tucked in at the waist. Equal borders should be present on the saree’s right and left sides. You’re done now!

The modernised version of the functional saree: the newest fashion trend!

Modern saree draping styles are being researched more than ever, thanks to the saree’s growing popularity. It is safe to state that the Indian saree style is constantly changing.

Learn how to drape a saree in the butterfly fashion: Step by Step.

The butterfly saree draping style is a fantastic choice if you have curves. The choice of a silky fabric that might define your pleats, like the iridescent wings of a butterfly, will further enhance this look. The front pallu performs half the magic in this style.

The stages to mastering the butterfly saree draping style are as follows:

  1. Put on a petticoat, a blouse with embellishments, and your favourite sandals. Incorporate the petticoat into your saree. At the waist, create pleats and secure them in the middle. Spread the saree across your chest after draping it around you once. Take it now to the rear and rewrap it. On your blouse, tack the sari.
  2. Start pleating the pallu by bringing it forward. Make it brief in length.
  3. Pleated and pinned in the middle should be part of the saree that covers the breast. The end effect would be two front flaps that look like butterfly wings.

Discover How to Wear a Fish Cut Style Saree: Step by Step here

The petticoat of a fish-cut saree is one of its most unique features. This petticoat emphasises your figure by highlighting your waist while flaring out at the bottom. The petticoat steals the show, as you might have already surmised.

Cotton, silk, and satin are all viable options for the petticoat’s material, with no additional frills at the petticoat and an adjustable drawstring. This is why wearing a fish-cut style with a gorgeous chiffon saree would make you appear to be a beautiful mermaid.

Draping Styles for Indo-Western Sarees: Step-by-Step Instructions

Nowadays, numerous cutting-edge saree draping styles have gained attention. This is because fashionistas have long considered ways to reinvent the saree. The Indo-Western saree is an attractive option for farewell saree styles.

The following suggestions could help you make your saree appear Indo-Western:

  1. Put on a shirt and blouse. A striped shirt top with a sharp collar on a successful workday can keep you looking picture-perfect.
  2. If you choose a trendy saree fabric, a crop top might be a stylish addition.
  3. You could set your pallu aside when you put your saree on. It was also possible to wrap the pallu around the neck. Another technique involves draping your pallu from the rear to rest vertically on your blouse.

Tips for Wearing a Saree to Appear Thin

We are actual people, and real individuals have various body shapes. To look fantastic in a saree, you don’t need to trim down or reach the ideal height, and simply knowing how to wear a saree would make you look thin.

How? Sarees come in various materials and draping techniques to look slender.

We are here to inform you of precisely that! Let’s begin with how to look trim in a saree.

  1. The selection of the proper cloth should be your top priority. Avoid using difficult-to-manage fabrics.
  2. Tuck the saree in neatly and precisely at the waist to avoid adding volume.
  3. Avoid using too many pleats. Remember to wear a saree properly if you want to seem thin! Pleats look nice, but they also add a lot of extra volume to your appearance.
  4. Wrap your saree firmly to give yourself a tall, lean appearance. Also, let your saree’s palla hang loosely. Palla covers all the extra bulges and has an attractive appearance when it is allowed to fall from your shoulders.
  5. Another option is to wear all-black, which is always in style. Placing the pallu on the front, wearing a saree in the mermaid style, or using a double-layered pallu are other approaches to grasping how to wrap a saree to look tall and slim.

Saree Draping styles for a Slim Appearance

As we all know, draping a saree to seem to trim is difficult. And making it look presentable is equally harder. Your saree attire’s overall appearance might be altered by a drape. We must first decide which saree style can be included in our wardrobe staple before learning how to wrap a saree to seem slender. We’ve talked about how to drape a saree to appear slim in this article, and this will explain step-by-step instructions on how to drape a saree to seem slender.

  1. Suppose you tend to be heavier than average. In that case, we advise choosing lighter materials like chiffon, crepe, georgette, or a light combination of silk. While learning how to knot a saree to seem slim is a crucial technique. Making a clear saree material choice will go a long way toward solving the problem.
  2. Avoid wearing a saree with heavy borders or embellishments because they make you appear overweight. Among the most crucial saree draping advice for looking slender is to do this.
  3. Instead of giving up on prints, go with smaller prints or embroidery.
  4. Lighter hues will only help a little if you want to look thinner. Use darker hues because they create the impression that you are leaner to those looking at you.
  5. Put on a straight-fitting petticoat rather than one flared or loose for a flattering look. If you want to look slim and tall while having a saree that highlights your contours or body shape, choosing a material that attractively elongates your body would be of assistance.
  6. Have you ever considered what to wear beneath a saree to look skinny? Choosing a blouse style that flatters your body shape is crucial. To comprehend various saree draping styles, you must grasp how to look thin in a saree blouse. Bandhgala blouses might be a nice choice if your breast is large. The bandhgala appears highly sophisticated. Try donning a net-sleeve blouse if you’re worried about flabby arms. Not bad at all.

How to Appear Slender in a Cotton Saree

Every woman is a fan of cotton as a fabric. Cotton may be worn at any moment of the day without difficulty, whether it’s the sweltering summers or the freezing winters.

So, how can you style a cotton saree to look slim?

  1. A lightweight cotton fabric that falls wonderfully is simple to carry, and doesn’t become constrictive too soon would be a good option.
  2. Avoid spending money on a pure or thick south cotton saree. Use mixed cotton textiles instead to complete your outfit and make you appear thin, beautiful, and stunning.

How to Properly Dress a Silk Saree to look slim

A silk saree does look extremely gorgeous, yet the stiff fabric creates volume because of the pleats and rigid fall.

So how may a silk saree be worn to appear tall and slim?

  1. Wear a cotton-silk, silk-georgette, or Italian silk saree if you genuinely adore silk saris. Your body will be balanced, and people’s focus will be diverted from your trouble regions if you choose the proper silk saree.
  2. You can emphasise your appearance by picking a colour with a darker hue and a narrower border.

Wedding Saree Draping Guide for the bride 

Although sarees can be worn regularly, they can be your secret weapon for wearing the perfect wedding appearance while you dress up.

Knowing how to wear a wedding silk saree would be helpful for the major wedding celebration. Any lavish event can benefit greatly from a silk saree’s glitz. These pricey but incredibly beautiful sarees are useful throughout the year, especially during the wedding season.

Saree draping Styles for Wedding Reception for wedding guests

Advice that will liven up a lavish wedding celebration.

  1. You may rest easy knowing that as a wedding guest, you don’t have to act like the bride! Make sure you choose opulent wedding attire because the occasion is quite formal.
  2. Your blouse can include intricate sequins. That undoubtedly appears very upscale and elegant.
  3. In addition, you can wear your saree’s pallu in various ways for stunning effects. The pallu can be pulled over your back and secured lengthwise over your shoulder to reveal your blouse.
  4. You might put a jewelled belt around your waist to enhance your saree outfit. This may add a refined touch.

How To Wear A Saree To A Party

  1. You could leave the “safe zone” for parties! Your saree can bring out your inner diva. This works well if you’re trying to decide how to wear a saree in various ways for a party.
  2. Attempt the lovely mermaid saree look. Choose a saree fabric with subtle, muted colours that shimmer. You might experiment with net fabric to achieve a translucent look. Knowing how to style a net saree to make you look slender would be useful.
  3. You can try an off-the-shoulder puffy top and will like the look with a sheer saree draped across your shoulder.
  4. Use smokey eyes if the event is in the evening! It’ll be a hit if your eyes have the same smouldering appearance as your saree, which is bold.

We hope you enjoy this wonderful saree draping tutorial.


  • What do you wear underneath a sari?

The majority of Indians still dress in saris with a blouse and petticoat. However, only some local sari drapes truly call for petticoats, and several can be sleeveless.

  • What variations of saree drapery are there?

There are numerous ways to wrap a saree, such as the Bengali, Gujarati, Maharashtrian, and other styles.

  • How do I pick the best body type-appropriate draping style?

Pick a draping style that flatters your body type; for example, the Bengali saree draping style can accentuate a curvier form, while the Nivi style works well for various body types.

  • What are some typical saree draping errors that should be avoided?

Avoid common blunders, including wearing the saree too high or low on the waist, not fastening the saree securely, and not correcting the pleats.

  • Can I try different fusion saree draping techniques?

Indeed, you can try fusion saree draping techniques to give yourself a fresh look. For example, you could wear a saree with a crop top or jacket. Ensuring that the fusion saree draping style preserves the traditional saree’s grace and elegance is essential.


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