Navy blue is versatile and can be adapted to fit most colour schemes and design styles. It is appreciated for its dominant presence and vintage appeal. It remains a constant in our wardrobe all year, whether lounging on the beach in a white and navy striped swimsuit or wrapping up in a knit navy sweater.

Colours that go well with Blue & Colour Coordinated Outfit Ideas 

After black and white, navy blue is considered the safest bet for pulling off any look, thanks to its adaptability. Although navy blue is such a timeless neutral, choosing colours that mix well with it may occasionally be challenging.

This article will stress how to create a navy blue-based colour scheme and the best colour combinations.



White and navy blue outfit

White is a classic, high-contrast complement that enhances the navy’s rich tone and gives it an emotional lift.

Crisp, clean, and extremely elegant, it is one of the most well-liked combinations out there.

Suitable Outfit Combination:

⮚ You can’t go wrong with a structured navy blazer over a white top or a navy sweatshirt with a white tennis skirt.


Navy blue and orange outfit

Navy blue may be more cheerful by adding brilliant and bright hues like an orange that complement your style and create a positive atmosphere.

On the colour wheel, orange is technically blue’s opposite. Thus, when combined in styling, they have a significant influence.

Suitable Outfit Combination:

⮚ A dress with no sleeves or perhaps an orange turtleneck worn over a blue blazer. Pair a vivid orange corset top with blue shorts when things become hot.


navy blue with Beige

Beige is the ideal choice if you want to keep your colour scheme neutral. They both fall under the category of “universal” colours, which makes pairing them very simple.

When worn together, these two neutrals take on a stunning appearance. Additionally, you may spice up your outfit with vivid footwear or accessories.

Suitable Outfit Combination:

⮚ A Navy-Blue sweater and a pair of beige pants. Add a scarf and a cute pair of Ballerina flats, and you are set!


red and navy blue outfit

The navy-blue clothing’s neutral tone complements the red’s boldness effectively.

Wearing this colour scheme would portray an air of sophistication and refinement.

Suitable Outfit Combination:

⮚ A cropped red top would look amazing if paired with Navy Blue trousers. A red jacket over a navy top or a red dress with a navy hat.


Yellow and navy blue outfit

You would stand out in the crowd due to the contrast between the Navy Blue’s darkness and the Yellow’s brightness. You should think about wearing it this summer.

On the colour wheel, yellow is technically blue’s opposite. Thus, when combined with styling, it has a significant influence.

Suitable Outfit Combination:

⮚ A navy sweater with yellow cargo trousers or a navy dress with a yellow purse. Pair a vivid yellow corset top with blue shorts when things become hot.


Black and navy blue

Black and blue appear beautiful and classy when paired, whether worn separately or as a whole outfit.

It is essential to vary the materials and textures when pairing navy blue with black, which is one of the vital things to remember.

Suitable Outfit Combination:

⮚ Add a navy scarf to a black suit or a pair of black shoes to a dark blue outfit. Try a piece of dark blue knitwear or a full-sleeve blouse with a sleek, black vegan leather skirt.

Baby Blue

Baby Blue and navy blue outfit

You may give your navy blue attire some intrigue by including things in a lighter shade of blue.

The colour-blocked ensemble will appear stylish, conveying ease, coolness, effortlessness, and a delicate aesthetic.

Suitable Outfit Combination:

⮚ Either a light blue dress with navy boots or a navy suit with a baby blue T-shirt.


green and navy blue outfit

Since many plaid patterns are similar, navy and green give off a fresh, elegant vibe.

Naval blue with a highly vibrant colour may be a classy combination. The green brightens the navy, giving it a more youthful and vibrant appearance.

Suitable Outfit Combination:

⮚ A green suit is worn with a navy top or a pullover with a navy and green design. Consider pairing Navy Blue jeans with something close to Bottega Veneta’s signature green.


Burgundy and navy blue

Add a subtle touch of colour with burgundy, which will give you a royal and vintage feel.

Navy blue and burgundy are both warm, rich hues. They go well together, but if used in excess, they may become overbearing.

Suitable Outfit Combination:

⮚ Dress your navy trousers with burgundy corset tops and bright red booties to complete this classic look.


Grey and navy blue outfit

This pair always looks great whether you’re wearing it formally for business or in casual attire. To provide some contrast, we advise keeping with a lighter hue of grey.

You can rely on its straightforward yet sophisticated appearance. This outfit combination will come to your rescue if you’re looking for what to wear.

Suitable Outfit Combination:

⮚ Wear a blue vest with grey pants to contrast your grey sweatpants.


brown and navy blue outfit

Navy blue and brown is among the most straightforward colour combos, as both are equally effective and neutral.

These two combined appear straightforward and valuable. Nonetheless, pairing these two hues together exudes elegance and maturity.

Suitable Outfit Combination:

⮚ A brown bag or boots with a navy dress (or a navy dress made of denim) looks perfect.


Pink and navy blue outfit

The pink’s sweetness and liveliness would go well with navy blue’s boldness. Use vivid hues like Barbie pink that stand out against this deep neutral.

By utilising this, you may still appear pretty and feminine while adding more edge! Your personality and sense of style come across in many ways.

Suitable Outfit Combination:

⮚ A navy jacket over a pink dress or a pink jacket over a dress in navy with pink boots.

Navy Blue

Navy Blue

Going monochrome is a simple clothing choice if everything else fails. Everything in the same colour family will appear sleek and purposeful even if the colours aren’t a perfect match.

With this outfit, you are sporting two classic colours—denim and blue—that will never go out of style!

Suitable Outfit Combination:

⮚ A navy outfit with an oversized navy cardigan or a navy outfit with matching navy sneakers.

Conclusion on best colours to wear with Navy Blue & Outfit Ideas

Remove all the pretty navy-blue clothing in your wardrobe and start playing with it! It takes some research to determine which hues complement navy blue clothing the best on you.

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What is the best combination for navy blue?

⮚ You’ll find many colours, including mustard yellow, bright pink, cherry red, and even light grey, that match beautifully with navy blue.

What accessories go best with a navy blue dress?

⮚ The finest jewellery to match a navy-blue dress is neutral-coloured jewellery that pops the garment’s stunning blue colour.

Which lipstick colour suits a navy-blue gown?

⮚ Use neutral colours since light complements dark colours, making a light lip look amazing with a dark outfit. If you are fair, choose a deep burgundy shade; if you are whitish to dark, consider a rose-pink shade.

What colour nail polish to wear with a navy-blue dress?

⮚ Warm silver colours like copper or rose gold blend well with navy blue. Since both hues are at opposing extremities of the colour wheel, it also complements burgundy reds beautifully.

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