The Ultimate Guide to look best in Cargo Pants

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Are you the one who always Googles for “cargo pants for men’s style”? And your love for the Cargo pants fashion is unconditional? If yes, this ultimate Guide to styling men’s cargo pants is all you need to check. Below tips mentioned will solve all your questions about cargo pants, how to wear cargo pants, what is cargo pants, and even what to wear with cargo pants.

Cargo pants are everyone’s, first love. There was a time when men had fewer options in cargo, but now the fashion era has changed. Today there are more and more options in cargo pants. First of all, we need to know what exactly cargo is. Cargo pants are a type of pants that are designed with multiple large pockets on the sides of the legs. These pockets are typically box-shaped with flap closures, providing extra storage space for carrying items such as tools, keys, wallets, and phones. Now the question is, how to style cargo pants? Scroll down to learn the ultimate Guide to styling cargo pants.

What To Wear With Cargo Pants?

Cargo pants are the most versatile kind of bottom wear, which is one reason they are making a great comeback in fashion trends. You can style cargo pants with various outfits like your regular bottom wear. On that note, indulge in these 5 cool ways to style your cargo pants.

Cargo Pants with Henley Shirt Outfit:

Cargo Pants with Henley Shirt Outfit


Nothing can beat this classy combination. Well, cargo pants look best with much top wear, but if you want to go with something unique but classy, then without a doubt, go with the cargo pants with the Henley shirt outfit. Now you don’t need to compromise because this outfit has the ideal blend of comfort and style.

Combination of Cargo Pants With Hoodie

Combination of Cargo Pants With Hoodie


Here comes the coolest style. If you are a fan of streetwear style, then you must try your cargo with the hoodie, but for the street look, go for the oversized hoodies and pants. However, you must also pay attention to the colour combination while styling cargo pants with a hoodie. Speaking of which, one can try matching outfits such as a black cargo black hoodie, army green pants with an army green hoodie and so on.

Polo T-shirts with Cargo Pants

Polo T-shirts with Cargo Pants


You must wonder if you can wear a polo t-shirt with cargo pants, and the answer is YES. A Polo t-shirt is another outfit everyone owns in different colours and patterns. A Polo t-shirt and cargo pants are one of the combinations that you can wear at work as well. The outfit will give you a royal look for sure. A polo t-shirt with cargo pants is recommended to achieve a comfortable and classy look.

Evergreen T-shirts And Cargo Pants


Evergreen T-shirts And Cargo Pants

T-shirts are the favourite and must-have, and pairing them with cargo pants makes them more stylish. When styling your favourite bottom wear, solid plain t-shirts are the safest choice. You can pair different types of tees with cargo pants. The combination is perfect for hiking, travelling, workouts and other casual events. Also, one can try graphic t-shirts with cargo pants for comfort and a boxy look.

Flannel Shirts with Cargo Pants

Flannel Shirts with Cargo Pants


Shirts and cargo pants are go-to wears, but if we talk about the specific flannel shirts, the style is undoubtedly good to go. This type of shirt can be a great match with your cargo pants for a casual and comfortable look. A T-shirt over a flannel shirt with cargo pants is ideal for a sporty and cool appearance. You must check the shirt’s fit, as it looks best when it is a perfect fit.

Footwear That Goes With Cargo Pants:

Now you know all about what type of shirts go with cargo? But knowing what kind of footwear goes with cargo pants is crucial. Let’s check out the perfect footwear to match your cargo pants.

  •   White sneakers

  White sneakers


Khaki cargo pants with white sneakers and shoes look great. It is indeed an excellent option to wear with cargo pants. The uber-cool combination is everyone’s favourite; every man loves white sneakers and cargo pants. Also, camouflage and dark navy blue cargo pants will look dope with your white sneaker. However, make sure you choose footwear that is clean and in good condition.

  • Military boots


Military boots

Here comes the beast! Military boots with cargo pants are a classic pairing. Go for this type of boot if you want to give yourself a very military feel. Military boots with cargo pants are ideal for hiking and other heavy activities. The best part about this combination is the colour options. One can pair their black military boots with olive green cargo pants and classic Henley t-shirts.

  •   Boat shoes

Boat shoes

If you dislike wearing uncomfortable heavy footwear with your cargo, boat shoes are for you. Boat shoes, also known as deck shoes and no sock shoes, are created for use on a boat with leather and canvas with non-marking rubber soles. These are light and comfy wear. Boat shoes are excellent footwear to wear with your favourite cargo pants. Brown boat shoes with Kakhi cargo pants are one of the ideal combinations.

  •   Desert boots

Desert boots

Desert boots are comfortable and good grip shoes that are best to wear in rough places. Desert boots look fantastic with different outfits, and you must pair them with cargo pants or joggers. Cargo pants are known for their comfort, but what is the point of wearing comfy pants when you are wearing uncomfortable shoes? Desert boots and cargo pants are good combinations for a cool and stylish look.

  •   Sandals

 Sandals with cargo pants

If you love to wear sandals and other relaxed footwear, you can pair your sandals with cargo pants. It is not commonly used footwear with cargo pants, but as you know, fashion doesn’t have any rules. You can wear whatever you want until you are okay with it. You can wear sandals and cargo pants in multiple places, like beaches, brunch day, and while hanging out with your friends.

What Not To Wear With Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are a versatile kind of outfit, and you can try various styles with them, but there is some attire that you should avoid wearing with cargo pants.

Formal shoes

Formal shoes can give you a formal office look, but you should never wear them with cargo pants as they will look weird and dull. Cargo pants are loose and boxy, whereas proper shoes are for formal fitted pants.


We have seen people experimenting with fashion trends and styles in the last few years. Still, tuxedos and cargo are not a good idea. The reason is apparent: a formal tuxedo and cargo pants are casual. The combination doesn’t look good and is apt.

Dress shirts

The dress shirt is one of the office wear that makes you look classy and perfect for a meeting or office event, but is it a good idea to wear a dress shirt with cargo pants? The answer is no. A BIG NO! The combination is recommended by only a few fashion influencers and experts.

Cargo Pants Outfit Ideas

After reading this cargo pant styling guide, you will need a wardrobe filled with cargo pants. The bottom wear is available at online and offline stores in different varieties of colours, designs, patterns and styles. Here are the cargo pants outfits that you can try this fashion season.

The Military Man

If we talk about the most popular type or pattern of cargo pants, then it would be army cargo or camouflage pants. The style comes into the trend in the 20s and is still everyone’s favourite. You can layer a camouflage jacket over a white shirt with cargo pants and army boots for the military man look.

The 90s Cargo

There is some good news for you, now you can relive the 90s era. How? All you need is the best cargo pants from the 90s trend. 90s fashion styles never go out of trend, and cargo pants are one of them. The outfit was famous in the 90s with the old name called combat pants. You will find these types of outfits with a modern touch that makes them iconic.

The Cali-Cargo

The style is inspired by the California streetwear look. Cali cargo pants style is commonly used in the fashion world to achieve the boxy and streetwear look. The Cali cargo looks apt in black, blue and navy colour. These types of cargo come with multiple pockets and extra strips.

The Athlete

These cargo pants are perfect for sports and other activities as they come with cool and comfy fabric. These cargo pants may have moisture-wicking fabrics, stretchy materials, and strategic ventilation to help keep the wearer cool and comfortable during physical activity. Athlete cargo is designed for athletic or active individuals. It may have additional features that make them more functional for this purpose.

What To Accessorize Cargo Pants:


Cargo pants mostly come with a drawstring; however, one can accessorize it with the belt to adjust the tightness of the waistband according to your size. Black leather belts with cargo pants are mainly used, yet double-ring belt also looks best with cargo pants.


What Type of Watch to Wear with Cargo Pants? Well, the real question is, what’s your favourite watch? You can wear smart, digital and analogue-type watches with your cargo pants. While shopping for watches for your cargo pants, you will come across rough military watches that go perfectly well.


Sunglasses are a mandatory accessory to wear with stylish cargo pants. This is the perfect addition to your cargo pant outfits. Classic aviator sunglasses are recommended as the outfit gives the military a rough look. You can also wear travel sunglasses, round, square and so on.


It is incomplete if you still need to get different cargo pants in your wardrobe complete. You must replete your closet with comfortable and colourful cargo pants. The outfit has become quite popular in recent years due to its multi-pocket styles and comfy and rough fabric.


Is it okay to wear cargo pants?

Yes, bottom wear has become the classic alternative to your jeans, and you must try cargo pants to change your style and seek comfort.

What are cargo pants?

Cargo pants are multi-pocket loose-fitting trousers that come with rough but comfy fabric.

Should cargo pants be loose or tight?

Cargo pants should be loose and created to provide the utmost comfort. However, you can try fitted cargo, but never only buy tight cargo pants.

Are cargo pants still trendy?

Cargo pants made a great comeback in fashion trends. Although you will find cargo pants in trendy patterns and colours these days.



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