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Cargo pants carry on the not-so-cool 90s image of “dads in their 30s on vacation or working in their garage” for many people who despise them. But cargo pants have risen from the dust, and after having been resurrected, Cargo pants have returned. And recently, they have become – dare I say it – legendary?

Cargo pants are available in various designs that will take a lifetime to navigate. From a pair of cotton cargo pants to wide-leg cargo pants to cargo joggers, all the way to denim cargo pants, the possibilities are endless, and this is the best. You can wear these and become the “IT Girl” of 2023, like Hailey Bieber or Maddison beer.

What are Cargo Pants Anyways?

Cargo Pants

Before getting into the fun part of styling Cargo pants, let’s get a brief history lesson of what these pants are anyways. Cargo pants or Combat trousers originated in the 90s, originally intended to allow freedom of walking and were multi-functional.

Cargo pants were usually designed for men who could do any activity. Still, they were not popular among women who wore dresses in that era. But nowadays, it is well known that cargo pants have become a statement piece with all the models and celebs walking runways left and right wearing them, making them a luxury item.

Best Cargo pants for women

Cargo pants

There are thousands of ways to style cargo pants, you can layer ’em on the classic black crop top, or a simple t-shirt. Or go wild and layer ’em with graphic jackets, combat boots, and many chains for a grunge look.

But which of these statement pieces of cargo pants will work for your body and style? How can you style them? I know it’s nothing but a hassle to find out. But you need not worry, as we have worked on the quest of finding all of you girlies with different body types and skin tones the right pair of cargo pants.

So, check out which one of these cargo pants you can sport or, more so, slay!

Classic Cargo Pants:

Classic Cargo Pants

You know the drill, just like skinny jeans, you can always go right with a classic pair of baggy cargo pants. Classic wide-leg Cargo pants emerged as a symbol of freedom and tomboyish-ness for many women in the 2000s to express their true selves. They are made from soft materials like plain cotton blend or wool cotton blend.

  • Why they are the best Cargo Pants:

Recently, Cargo pants have been associated with the “tomboy/goth girls” and have elevated their status to being an e-girl closet essential.

Wear these baggy pants with a graphic t-shirt, and add on a sleeveless sweater and some Goth chokers to achieve the “Goth Girl” look everyone is wild over.

Denim Cargo Pants for Girls:

Denim Cargo Pants for Girls

The next big thing in the world is denim cargo pants, just like wide-leg cargo pants, especially in k-pop due to their being available in such a variety. No k-pop tomboy look is complete without denim cargo pants with large chains hanging over them.

Many 4th gen groups like Le seraphim and G-idle have been spotted wearing high-waisted Cargo pants and showing us how it’s done.

  • Business Casual done right!

According to Korea, these pants are business casual, and women wear them with blazers and rose-tinted sunglasses.

And denim Cargo pants are readily available in many high-fashion brands like Balenciaga. They will soon replace entirely wide-legged jeans and become the new hot topic in town!

Silk/Satin Cargo Pants for Girls:

Satin Cargo Pants for Girls

You know that comfort is a girl’s best friend, and no other cargo pants encapsulate comfort more than these silk cargo pants. These Cargo pants feel like soft and comfy pj’s that are flowy and allow movement while also being stylish.

Silk or Satin Cargo Pants perfectly capture the “soft girl” meets “Y2K” aesthetic as these pants seem covertly feminine with a touch of the Y2 K’s. They are way better than plain cotton cargo pants. These are the perfect mid-rise cargo jeans, and you will love these.

  • They are comfortable, and we love these:

And if anyone says they are nothing but a pair of pj’s in front of us, they will face the consequences. There are available in various styles, and they can be worn in any one.

Wearing these pants with a heavy men’s blazer or jacket will create a nice juxtaposition between the feminine and masculine look and make one hell of a statement look.

They give a soft and androgynous touch to your personality. Or you can also go the power puff girls route and wear an all-silk monochrome look with these pants to show your uniqueness.

White Cargo Pants for Girls:

White Cargo Pants for Girls

People have different tastes in fashion, but everyone should have a few staples in their wardrobe to make it trendy and alluring.

Just like a solid pair of wide-leg cargo pants or a white button-up shirt is a must-have for us, this pair of white Cargo pants are also a staple. They ought to be present in the wardrobe of your house to make it classy and diverse.

  • A pair of Must haves:

You must have these pairs as they can easily spice up a simple t-shirt or black crop top and make it visually stunning.

High-rise white cargo jeans scream “Minimal aesthetic”.

Pairing these with a simple sweater and some golden statement jewellery will elevate your look.

Nylon Cargo Pants for Girls:

Nylon Cargo Pants for Girls

Nylon Cargo pants belong to the “Baddie Girl Aesthetic” due to their crumpled-up texture. Unfortunately, many people do not appreciate Nylon Cargo pants due to their unique appearance, but they are iconic.

Wearing these eccentric yet stylish cargo pants with a bandana and some graphic tee will raise your look from basic to classic. They will make your outfit a solid statement.

They are available in many styles and the good thing is that they are cosy enough to doze off just like cotton cargo pants and are stylish enough to run some errands, and according to us, these are a match made in heaven!

Conclusion on the Best Cargo Pants for Women

Love ’em or Hate ’em, it’s sure that Cargo pants will stay in trend for a while, so why not try cargo pants instead of loathing them every time you spot someone wearing them? Which one of the following cargo pants did you fall in love with?

FAQS on Cargo Pants for Women

Which of the Cargo Pants are the most comfortable?

A pair of Baggy Cargo pants, without a doubt, is the most comfortable for several reasons. They feel like night pyjamas with their loose fabric. And you have to give them a try.

Which types of shoes would work with Cargo Pants?

Stiletto heels would work best with Cargo Pants and chunky boots if you want a military-inspired look.

Can I wear Cargo Pants to work?

Yes, absolutely. You could pair Cargo Pants or cargo jeans with a plain black crop top or a graphic t-shirt for women to tone it down and make it look presentable.

Are Cargo Pants still trendy?

Cargo pants first became popular in the 2000s for being comfortable and classy. As trends recycle every few years, Cargo Pants came back in style due to many celebs wearing them, and Cargo pants will stay in direction for a while now.

Which Cargo Pants would work for my body?

Majorly, baggy cargo pants look best for an hourglass or slender figure. Cargo pants can also look good on pear and inverted triangle body types. Wide-leg cargo pants would look perfect with a slim figure, and cargo joggers will accentuate healthy girlies’ curves.


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