Diwali Outfit Ideas for Both Men And Women This 2023

Indeed, it is finally that time of year when we can eat as much candy as we like, gamble heavily on cards, and wear our most lavish ethnic and traditional garb. Diwali is a vibrant celebration and one of the biggest holidays in India. It is also called Deepavali or Dhanteras, depending on where you are.

Even if a event is modest, it is crucial to dress to impress because many couples must enjoy Diwali for the first time in their new homes this year.

The closer Diwali gets, the more people think about their attire. But don’t stress over it! This blog piece will make it simpler for you to select a perfect look for Diwali attire. By scrolling down below, you can find out which fit is ideal for you.

Lovely Diwali outfit ideas for 2023 for both boys and girls

Lovely Diwali outfit ideas


Will you be at your office Diwali celebration this year? Do you need help to choose your outfit and feel out of place? These are some ideas we have for you. These Diwali outfit ideas can help you stand out at any gathering.

Girls, this is how you should plan your dress for Diwali

This article will examine a series of fantastic Diwali outfits for females, considering modern Indo-western fusion wear and traditional Indian apparel and offering a range of options to suit different tastes and preferences.

Indian outfit ideas for girls

  • A comfortable yet stylish patterned kurta and palazzo pants
  • Stunning Sarees with floral prints
  • Stunning Traditional Lehenga Choli
  • Sharara attire
  • The Salwar kameez

A Comfortable yet stylish patterned Kurta and Palazzo pants

patterned Kurta and Palazzo pants

A patterned kurti with palazzo is the perfect Diwali outfit to look calm and collected without sacrificing comfort. These ethnic clothing sets will complete your immaculate image with gorgeous colours and work patterns. Kurtis and Palazzos are so comfy when you have a lot to do on a joyful day makes them one of the most valuable options.

Styling Tip

You can pair this outfit with dupattas that are the same or a different colour to complete the look.

Stunning Sarees with floral prints

Stunning Sarees with floral prints

Floral print sarees are the ideal Diwali outfit idea when it comes to enhancing appeal while preserving a stunning and fierce appearance during the festival of lights. Choose a saree style from a range, such as a Banarasi, Bengali, Silk, or Chiffon Saree, to complete your festive look.

Styling Tip

To balance the special appearances at your event, wear lightweight sarees if wearing heavy ones makes you uncomfortable.

Stunning Traditional Lehenga Choli

Traditional Lehenga Choli

Using a traditional lehenga choli as your Diwali-specific garment will be a fantastic choice if you do not mind going the extra mile to appear your finest on special occasions with the best Diwali outfit ideas. In your traditional wardrobe, pick a light to heavy lehenga and dress in the most sensual way for a Diwali night that will inspire many images.

Styling Tip 

During Diwali, wearing a lehenga with eye-catching jewellery is a superb choice. Adding a lovely necklace, a gorgeous pair of earrings, or some bangles may enhance the elegance of your outfit and add a little glitter to your appearance.

Sharara attire

Sharara attire

For Diwali celebrations, a Sharara outfit comprising a shorter kurti, flared pants and a dupatta is a fashionable yet conventional option. Choose Sharara suits with intricate designs of opulent fabrics such as silk and georgette.

Styling Tip

Add beautiful rings and jhumkas for a polished appearance.

The salwar kameez

salwar kameez

A traditional and casual option for Diwali is a salwar kameez. Salwar Kameez come in various styling options, like Anarkali or regular cuts, and in fabrics like cotton and silk.

Styling Tip

Add a bracelet and a pair of sizable statement earrings for an elegant and timeless look.

Indo-Western outfit ideas for girls 

  • Pallazo pants with a crop top
  • Western-style jumpsuits
  • Maxi attire
  • Pallazo pants with a crop top

Crop tops and palazzo pants

Crop tops and palazzo pants

These are everyday Diwali outfits because they combine ease and elegance. A crop top can be halter-necked, sleeveless, off-the-shoulder, or any other style. Like skirts, palazzo trousers come in many fabrics and patterns, including florals and plain colours, and may be worn with heels or flats. You may go with a crop top with embroidery or mirror work for a more classic look.

Styling Tip

Accessorise with striking earrings and bangles for a classic look.

Western-style jumpsuits

Western-style jumpsuits

Although comfortable and practical, a Western jumpsuit could modernise your Diwali wardrobe. Jumpsuits can be paired with heels or flat shoes and come in several styles, such as strapless, halter neck etc. For a fusion look, select a jumpsuit having Indian style embroidery or motifs, and pair it with a pair of edgy earrings or a striking necklace.

Styling Tip

Add a vibrant scarf or dupatta to enhance colour and pay tribute to Indian traditions.

Maxi attire

Maxi attire

A maxi dress for Diwali is a fashionable and useful alternative perfect for a more formal or semi-formal occasion. A-line, slit, cape, and other cut styles are available in maxi dresses, which can be paired with either pumps or flats. Add a braid or ponytail to your hairstyle as an accessory to complete the look.

Styling Tip

Wear with bindiya and bangles for a festive and stylish look.

Boy wearing these ensembles on Diwali day would make You sparkle

For this occasion, we’ve chosen Diwali outfit ideas only for you dudes that will give you the focus of attention, from traditional embroidered kurtas to more edgy and stylish choices. Please go through our comprehensive selection to choose the perfect Diwali outfit for you.

Indian Outfit Ideas for Boys

  • The Dhoti Kurta
  • Kurtas made of chikankari
  • A simple but essential Nehru jacket

The Dhoti Kurta

Dhoti Kurta

While thinking about the most fabulous Diwali outfit ideas, the best traditional Dhoti Kurta is usually the first option that comes to mind. This is one of the most accessible Diwali outfit for men, and what’s nice about them is how easy it is to find them. Pick a simple Kurta, pair it with a simple dhoti, and add Kolhapuri chappals to make a well-balanced outfit. This Diwali dress for men has the most appealing quality: it looks excellent on everybody, regardless of appearance or personality.

Styling Tip

A striking watch is a great fashion tip for men wearing a simple dhoti kurta during Diwali to add a touch of class and elevate an entire ensemble.

Chic kurtas made of chikankari 

Chic kurtas made of chikankari 

Chikankari kurtas never go out of style, no matter the occasion—whether it’s Diwali, another festival, a religious experience, or something else. You can realise your perfect Diwali outfit ideas if you already have the items in your inventory. Traditional white-coloured Chikankari kurta will portray you as incredibly chic and at ease when paired with white pants. Suppose you opt to wear a chikankari kurta on Diwali day. In that case, more options are available than just wearing white.

Styling Tip 

During Diwali, a Nehru jacket adds a touch of sophistication and tradition to kurtas.

A simple but essential Nehru jacket

Nehru jacket

Choosing a Nehru jacket is the only recommended fashion advice while ranking the best Diwali dress ideas. They maintain the tradition of traditional attire while looking fantastic. A Nehru Jacket can make you appear centred and adaptable thanks to its wild designs. Nehru Jackets can be helpful if you’re sick of shopping for Diwali attire and are still trying to decide your options. A benefit of wearing them with kurtas and fancy shirts is that they appear good.

Styling Tip

You may pair a fashionable yet traditional look for Diwali by selecting a crisp white kurta and churidar pants with your Nehru jacket.

Indo-western outfit ideas for Boys

  • Jodhpuri suits
  • Kurtas that are conventional but modern

Jodhpuri suits

Jodhpuri suits

Indian style can easily be incorporated into Western clothing by using a long, tight-fitting coat-type garment with a Chinese-style collar that is knee-length. Jodhpuris are a symbol of status and semi-traditional dress.

Styling Tip

You can accessorise your elegant Jodhpuri suits with a classic watch to give yourself a unique appearance.

Kurtas that are conventional but modern

modern kurta

Suppose you need more time to explore or look for a perfect Diwali outfit inspiration. In that case, these contemporary yet classic kurtas are among the best options. With this incredible Diwali dress, you may look fashionable while remaining at ease. Suppose you’re looking for traditional attire with a modern twist. An asymmetrical kurta paired with relaxed slacks, simple jutis, and sandals is a great choice for Diwali.

Styling Tip

Wearing them with churidar pants in a complementary or contrasting colour can help you achieve a classic yet festive style.

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Hangout hub family t-shirt

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Wrapping Up Diwali Outfit Ideas 2023

Finally, Diwali is a festival that encourages festive attire. Both girls and boys have various options, from modern Indo-western fusion to traditional Indian attire. The most crucial aspect of wearing any style, whether traditional or contemporary, is to feel and look beautiful. Diwali is an important reason why October seems much brighter and festive. The decking out bandwagon is for everyone, residence, dining tables, and locker, so we can’t forget about humans! This event is unquestionably everyone’s favourite. Being stylish is necessary for staying current in today’s world. So that was our list of some unusual diwali dress for teenage girls, men and ladies. Diwali is coming, and you must complete your holiday shopping. pick an outfit that embodies your style, accessorise it, and prepare to impress.


What are some ideas for traditional Diwali attire for both boys and girls?

Traditional Diwali costume for women includes sarees, Anarkali suits, Kurti pyjamas, and lehengas; for men, Salwar kameez, Sherwanis, and dhoti with kurta are appropriate choices. These outfits usually feature intricate embroidery, decorations, and vibrant colours, making them perfect for a happy occasion.

What are some stylish Diwali clothing suggestions for both boys and girls?

Fusion clothing options for both boys and girls that are appropriate for Diwali celebrations may include a Diwali look in kurti and palazzo pants or a crop top & skirt. These outfits are perfect for people who wish to experiment with their appearance because they can have both classic and modern elements.

How can I dress up my Diwali look with festive accessories?

Wear jewellery like rings, bangles, or a necklace to complement Diwali attire. Together with shoes such as mojaris, a potli bag or clutch can add a colourful touch to an entire look.

Are there certain colour combinations or patterns considered lucky for Diwali clothing?

Depending on the area and culture, many colour combinations and design patterns are seen as fortunate for Diwali clothing. Gold, red, and orange are common colour choices, and also occasionally employed are daisy, paisley, and geometric patterns.

What are some Western dresses for Diwali?

Opt for a velvet dress in deep, opulent colours for regal elegance, echoing the festival’s grandeur. If modern flair is your style, an off-shoulder maxi dress adds an enchanting twist. Adorned with intricate lace patterns, floral prints, or playful ruffles, these dresses are a Western ode to Diwali’s radiance.

What types of footwear are appropriate for my Diwali outfit?

The type of footwear that can be paired with a particular outfit for Diwali will depend on its design. While sandals or pumps could be suitable for fusion clothing, juttis or kolhapuri chappals can be worn with a traditional grab.


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