Men’s Shirts : A Deep Dive into 11 Types of Shirts for Men

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Oh, the formal shirt. A staple of every man’s formalwear collection. Is that it, though?

Have you got any additional shirt types?

Perhaps you do. Maybe you don’t. Regardless, we’re going to discuss every variety of shirts available on the market with you.

Some of those will help you project a this-dude’s-too-cool-for-school attitude. In contrast, others will make you appear all serious and stylish, like a reporting manager.

Try to keep a few styles of each shirt in the closet, if only a few.

Never suggest that there aren’t enough clothes options for males. At least not when we’re showing you the full range of shirts you can choose from.

Different types of shirts for men

Whether you work as a barista or a CEO, there are certain types of shirts for men that he needs in their closet. Some styles, like Oxford button-down shirts and breezy chambray, are made for particular occasions and seasons but can be worn in any situation. Continue reading if you need assistance selecting the right shirt because we have already done the legwork.

We’re adding not only shirts but also flair to your daily life, so get a notepad out and start taking notes, fella!

Oxford Button-Down Shirt

Button-Down Shirt

With these traditional styles of shirts, you always go right.

The oxford material is heavier than just a formal shirt and is woven in a style of basket weave. Your collection must include an Oxford button-down shirt since it strikes the ideal blend between casual and professional. Additionally, most shirts have a hanging loop just at the back yoke to make it simple to store.

An adaptable shirt for men is the Oxford button-down shirt, distinguished by the buttons keeping the collar in place. It can be worn with chinos and brogues for having drinks and a meal with friends or family.

Styling Tip: Despite the Oxford shirt’s dapper appearance, we don’t recommend it for formal occasions like company meetings or job interviews.

Denim Shirt

Denim Shirt

Denim shirts, categorized as daily clothing, help you stand out in a crowd.

Who said jeans were only for wearing on the bottom? These shirts all have a very distinctive look. Denim is a durable fabric that could deteriorate over time but always looks sharp. You can match these shirts with chinos or a striking pair of jeans to avoid the denim-on-denim look made famous by Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake.

A denim shirt and white pants are very fashionable outfits. Denim shirts offer texture to your ensemble and are a great test piece for you to dress outside the lines in a fashionable way. You can create a lovely ensemble by layering your denim shirt over basic shirts.

Styling Tip: Denim can be worn all year round, although it looks best in the fall and winter. Add bracelets to these casual shirts as accessories for a touch of street flair.

Flannel Shirt

Flannel Shirt

The basic flannel shirt is necessary for a wardrobe full of varied styles, whether you’re sawing logs in a rural Canadian woodland or just dashing out for a cappuccino in mid-December. This heavy, soft flannel fabric is a must-have when the temperature drops. Whether you choose the plain or plaid style, it is equally flexible.

When the weather gets chilly, a thick or midweight flannel shirt is a need. These shirts are made from cotton or wool and incredibly soft and cosy. styling this shirt with a plain t shirt like a jacket added more advantage

Styling Tip: You’re ready to battle the weather in style if you match it with a pair of dark denim trousers and some sturdy boots.

Dress Shirt

Dress Shirt

Dress shirts are a requirement for gentlemen who value the word “elegant.” It never fails to wow, whether it’s your boss or a potential date.

It often has French cuffs, a pointed, wing, or cutaway collar, and is thicker than your regular shirt. The crispest dress shirts complement a tuxedo or three-piece suit the finest.

Styling Tip: Remember the cufflinks and bow tie if you’re a James Bond enthusiast.

Linen Shirt

Linen Shirt

It is one of the fantastic types of shirts for men. Everything is in the cloth, and a linen shirt must emerge from your closet as soon as the sun rises. Because it is so airy, linen is frequently worn in smart-casual settings.

Darker linen colours can be used for evening gatherings. In comparison, lighter colours will quickly make you feel and look more relaxed. They’ll make you feel cosy and fashionable.

Styling Tip: A white shirt is appropriate for a wedding on a summer day. One of the most excellent shirts to pair with just a blue suit for a unique holiday look.


As sophisticated as they sound, chambray shirts are one of the simple types for men.

Chambray is frequently confused for denim, yet its fabric is fundamentally different. Chambray is a favourite with dudes because of its lighter weight and basic weave. Chambray looks great when worn with virtually anything.

The Chambray shirt, typically worn informally, can be worn with a blazer for a more polished appearance.

Although chambray is simple to style, selecting different bottom wear colours takes work to enhance your look. Most Chambray shirts’ colour palettes are blues and greys, so choose complementary pants to complete your outfit and get set for the day.

Styling Tip:  To keep the tone of the suit consistent, use these casual shirt styles with loafers or slip-on shoes.

Polo T Shirt

Polo t Shirt

A polo t shirt is an all-purpose piece of clothing that goes with anything.

The recognizable brand has carved out a niche for its shirts in the fashion world. You can pick your favourite colours from a wide range that are offered. Although these shirts are informal, they can nonetheless look elegant during gatherings like parties or small celebrations.

The comfort of a Polo t shirt is embroidered into everything from shorts to sweatpants. A basic polo t shirt is one of the most versatile apparel items for guys, and it will always make you look good no matter how you style it.

You may easily wear a polo t shirt outside your house since its woven fabric and pointed collar make it different from casual shirts.

Styling Tip: To live your best old-money Jetsetter life, wear an open-collar polo t shirt with chinos and loafers.

Cuban Collar Shirt

Collar Shirt

Since the fifties fashion renaissance is currently popular, this breezy summer favourite continues to look excellent and is currently in style. The “Cuban” aspect of the shirt’s name refers to its open collar, perfect for puffing out your chest like your inner hairy-chested Colombian drug lord. The classic Cuban collar shirt has a button-up front, a fairly boxy cut, and a straight hem.

These summer shirts are available in a wide variety of hues and designs. Cuban collar shirts can be daring, so don’t be afraid to try, but avoid anything that would make your uncle look like he’s going to the casino.

Styling Tip: This look is inappropriate for men with broader necks. Always make short sleeves fit the arm; loose sleeves make arms look slimmer and slender arms make a chest look smaller, which is not good.

Mandarin Collar

This one is particularly classy and an intelligent decision for formal occasions. You will always be satisfied with it by purchasing a shirt with a band or Mandarin collar. You can always rely on it for formal occasions like weddings and engagement parties.

The finest aspect is that it does away with the fuss of tying or bow-tying. Mandarin collar shirts offer a polished appearance without any embellishments.

Styling Tip: A pro tip is to roll up your sleeves at the end of the party, and you’ll thank us afterwards.

Henley Shirt

Henley Shirt

A last-minute scheme? Having a road trip with buddies, at last? Spending the day in your room?

Your Henley shirt has a solution for every situation, no matter the occasion.

The attractive Henley shirt, a cross between a polo shirt, a pullover, and a t-shirt, appears too alluring to not have hanging in your closet. The best option for the fall and winter months is a Henley shirt, and you’ll look great wearing it with jeans, joggers, shorts, or anything else under the sun.

Styling tip: Henley shirts are also fantastic to layer under sweatshirts and jackets for added warmth. You can choose from a large selection of Henley shirts to add colour, style, and diversity to your wardrobe!

Camp Collared Short Sleeve Shirt

Short Sleeve Shirt

In a traditional short sleeve shirt, roll up the sleeves with style. This shirt type has an open, pointed collar, just like the traditional button-down. It’s a chic choice for a laid-back day at the seaside or in a café. You have a vast selection of colours and designs to choose from, so you may style it however you wish.

Styling Tip: These types of shirts for men look excellent with jeans, chinos, or shorts and without a tie.


The task is yours now that we have revealed all there is to know about shirts. You must discover the ideal suit for your physical characteristics, personal preferences, and attitude. While shopping, all these varied shirt titles could be confusing. Instead, pay attention to what fits you the best.

We have equipped you with the knowledge and style needed to navigate the world of different types of shirts for men. After all your recent purchases, we won’t teach you how to organize your closet anymore! By the way, think about something other than saving money while purchasing cool and classic shirts.


What variations exist in shirt fits?

Men’s shirts come in various fits, including classic or standard, tailored, slim, slender, and athletic.

What are the different types of shirts for men called?

Each design has a unique name; for instance, the Oxford button-down shirt is a more laid-back variation on formal attire, whereas a dress shirt is something you wear to formal occasions and with suits. The Cuban collar shirt, flannel shirt, chambray, linen shirt, office shirt, denim shirt, traditional short sleeve, and polo shirt are a few other well-known brands.

What do you name a shirt with half sleeves?

A camp shirt is another name for a shirt with partial sleeves. It has a full-length front button fastening comparable to the traditional button-down. Because they are informal, these shirts are frequently worn untucked.

What do you name shirts with long sleeves?

A shirt with long sleeves, also known as a full-sleeve shirt, covers the whole arm. The designs can vary; occasionally, they are long-sleeved, casual T-shirts, and in other instances, they are sophisticated outfits appropriate for formal occasions.

What type of shirts looks best on men?

Understand your body type because it is the key. The fact is that not all males look well in a particular kind of men’s shirt. Try trying a few different sorts, and be careful to get the sizing right. The most flattering fit is typically one that is slim. The shirt shouldn’t be too tight across the arms and chest because it would limit your range of motion. To look your best, choose something well-tailored and sophisticated.


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