Holi Outfit Ideas For Men and Women

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Step into the colourful world of Holi with our handpicked list of the best clothes for men and women. Prepare for the upcoming festival by showing off your fashion sense and celebrating in style. Women wear stylish Anarkali suits and colourful maxis that mix traditional and modern styles. These outfits are perfect for Holi because they have pretty designs and decorations that match the happy atmosphere. Men can wear comfortable and fashionable clothes to make a bold statement. Wear light shirts with shorts or trousers in bright colours that match the festival’s lively atmosphere. Wear water-resistant jackets or hoodies to stay dry and look good. Add colourful sunglasses, water-resistant timepieces, and sturdy shoes to finish your Holi style. With our carefully chosen outfits, you’ll be ready to enjoy the celebrations confidently and joyfully. Explore Holi fashion and find the perfect outfits to make the occasion memorable.

Holi Outfit Ideas for Men and Women

Top Holi Outfits for Women

Sarees are great for Indian festivals, and women love them. Choose a pure white saree if you want to wear something lightweight and breathable. You can choose from chiffon, georgette, satin, or Chanderi fabrics, which are comfortable and playful.

What is a Holi celebration without wearing white?

Kameez and Churidaar

The kameez and churidar suit is perfect for a classic style and will give you a tight and timeless appearance. This suit looks good on all body types, whether tall and thin or short and curvy. You can choose a plain or embroidered kameez and wear it with cotton, Banarasi, or Chikankari churidar. Wear a chiffon dupatta to complete your look for Holi.

Anarkali Suits

Wear an elegant Anarkali suit to enjoy the colourful Holi festivities. This traditional outfit is perfect for celebrating the festival with its beautiful design and decorations. Wear an Anarkali bright-coloured suit for Holi to look beautiful and celebrate the festival’s spirit. Have an Anarkali suit in a bold or pastel shade to stand out while dancing at a festive occasion.

White Suit with Red Odhani

As it’s a time to cherish, you can spend time with your loved ones. Here’s how to make the most of this event. You can wear Indian ethnic attire for India’s biggest colourful festival, regardless of age. Wear a bright red Bandhej dupatta with a stylish white salwar suit.

Wear pretty silver-oxidised jewellery to enhance your appearance. Wear kolhapuri or flip-flop sandals to improve your appearance and comfort. Put your hair in a messy bun to protect it from colour and chemicals.

Western Wear

Do you want to try a new and trendy look instead of an ethnic one?

You don’t need to worry about what to wear for Holi because there is no specific dress code. Wearing a white top with denim or tie-dyed shirts can make you look chic without doing too much.

Cotton Palazzo Set

The Printed cotton palazzo set is a trendy outfit that will make you feel light and comfortable. This set has a simple, light feel with different prints like geometric, digital, stripes, or floral. You can wear a three-quarter-sleeved kurta with flared or straight-cut palazzo pants.

Maxi Dress

Spin to see the colours move! We love floral maxi dresses; you should include them in your Holi look this year. The adaptable Maxi dress comes in Boho, free-flowing, button-down, off-shoulder, and wrap-up designs.

Cape dress

A flowy cape dress is popular for Holi celebrations, and many girls love wearing it. If you want style and comfort, this dress is perfect.

Patiala Suit

The Patiala suit will make people notice you when you dance at night. People like these suits because they have nice thread, stone designs, and pretty embroidery like Zari and Resham. This outfit looks great with big, sparkly earrings and bangles.

Long Ethnic Skirt with a Tank Top

We wish we could be the main character, wearing a long ethnic skirt and spinning around. This outfit has pretty detailed designs and decorations that will impress everyone. The skirt can be straight, flared, layered, or netted. Pair it with a tank or crop top to give it a modern look and feel like a Gen-Z.

A White T-shirt with Jeans

If you don’t want to dress traditionally for this Holi, wear a white shirt with denim for a casual look and stand out at the celebration. Wear flip-flops and a bandana to finish your outfit.

Remember to wear plain earrings with a long necklace. Also, you can improve your appearance by choosing a Bandhej dupatta. Tie it around your waist, and it will make you look luxurious. You can protect your hair from chemical colouring by tying a scarf around your head.

Tips to Style Women’s Holi Outfits

Choose cotton or chiffon fabrics for Holi celebrations, as they are lightweight and comfortable.

Enjoy the beauty of traditional Indian clothing with a colourful Anarkali suit or a bright saree.

Add a fashionable light jacket or shrug to your Holi outfit for a trendy look.

Pick colourful bangles, jhumkas, and statement necklaces that are water-resistant and easy to clean.

Wear comfortable shoes like flats or sandals that can handle water and movement.

Tie your hair in a high bun or braids to protect it from water and colours.

Use a lot of oil or leave-in conditioner to shield your hair from the damaging impact of hair dyes.

Choose makeup that is waterproof and lasts a long time. Use bright eyeshadows and bold lip colour.

Use a fashionable and waterproof tote bag to carry important items such as sunscreen, wet wipes, and extra clothes.

Smile brightly to match your outfit and celebrate the spirit of Holi.

Top Holi Outfits for Men

Basic White Tee with Jeans

This look is foolproof. Wear a basic or graphic white T-shirt with blue jeans to project freshness and sophistication. Wear white trainers and cool shades with the outfit to complete the look.

Kurta Pyjama Set

Wearing collared kurtas with button-downs and full or three-quarter sleeves can make you look like a fashionable male lead from a Bollywood movie. Roll up your sleeves to become more attractive.

Tropical Print Co-ords

Spice up your Holi outfit with a tropical print co-ord that matches the colourful festival vibe. To enhance this outfit, wear a wristwatch or a hat.

Indo-Western set

Celebrities like Kartik Aaryan, Shahrukh Khan, and Ayushmann Khurrana often wear Indo-Western outfits combining Indian and Western styles. This outfit is designed to make you look sharp and bold. You can wear it with trousers, pyjamas, or Patiala-style dhotis. It is cut and tailored using unique techniques.

Kurta with Printed Jackets

Why can’t boys have fun too? Men! Wear a printed jacket to stand out during the Holi season. Choose a jacket with different colours and patterns, and add a brooch to your simple kurta to make it look fancy.

All white set

Wearing all-white clothes is a great way to show you are ready for Holi. Wear a white shirt with white trousers or shorts to get this look. Wear a colourful scarf or bandana to make the outfit look better.

Cotton Kurta with Jeans

Both men and women value comfort, and a cotton kurta is a great choice for a busy day. You can wear a plain kurta or try different designs and patterns for a classy look. Wear it with skinny jeans and add a shawl to make the outfit more interesting.

Printed T-shirt and Denim Shorts

This outfit is stylish and comfortable, making it a great choice for the fun celebrations of Holi. The printed t-shirt is the star of this look, offering a splash of colour and character. Choose bright colours such as blue, red, or yellow to match the happy mood of Holi. Search for t-shirts with playful prints like abstract patterns, geometric patterns, or Holi-inspired motifs such as splashes of colours or water balloons. Use your t-shirt to celebrate the festival by adding colourful designs that match the happy atmosphere around you.

Tips to Style Men’s Holi Outfits

For a comfortable Holi look, wear cotton or linen shirts with shorts or lightweight trousers that allow your skin to breathe.

Choose bright colours like yellow, orange, or blue that represent the lively spirit of Holi.

Wear a light and waterproof jacket or hoodie over your clothes to stay safe during the celebrations.

Wear flip-flops or canvas shoes that can get wet and are strong. They should also be easy to wash.

Wear colourful sunglasses and a waterproof watch to make your Holi outfit look stylish.

You can protect your hair from water and colour by tying it in a ponytail or wearing a cap.

Put on a little oil or sunscreen to shield your skin from the harmful effects of colour.

Choose a sunscreen or tinted moisturiser that is waterproof and lasts a long time to simplify your grooming routine.

Bring a small, waterproof bag to keep important items like your phone, wallet, and sunscreen safe and dry.

Finally, have fun during Holi with a happy and positive attitude that matches your colourful clothes.


We say goodbye to another memorable Holi as the colours fade and the laughter ends. Our best outfits for men and women have let us dress up and get into the spirit of this happy event. Women love Anarkali suits and maxis because they make them look graceful and elegant in various colours. These outfits combine traditional and modern styles, showing how Indian fashion can be beautiful in any era. In contrast, men wear comfortable, stylish clothes that show confidence and a relaxed attitude. They chose lightweight shirts and colourful bottoms that are both comfortable and festive. Their fashion sense made a lasting impression. We celebrated Holi by wearing colourful clothes representing happiness, togetherness, and joy. As we say goodbye to this exciting festival, let’s remember the fun times and the fashion ideas it gave us. Let’s remember the happy moments, the friendship, and the unique outfits from this year’s Holi celebration until next year.


What clothes do women commonly wear for Holi?

Women wear Anarkali suits, sarees, or colourful ethnic dresses for Holi. These clothes are perfect for celebrating because they are festive and comfortable to move in.

Can guys wear traditional clothes for Holi?

Men can wear traditional clothes for Holi and light shirts with shorts or pants in bright colours. They can also wear water-resistant jackets or hoodies for style and practicality.

What fabrics are good for Holi clothes?

It’s best to use lightweight and breathable fabrics such as cotton, chiffon, or linen for Holi outfits. These fabrics are comfortable and allow for easy movement during the festivities.

How do I keep my Holi clothes from getting stained with colours?

Wear a water-resistant jacket or hoodie over your Holi outfit to keep the colours from staining. You can add oil to your skin and hair to help remove colour after the celebrations.

What accessories can be worn with Holi outfits?

Wear colourful sunglasses, waterproof watches, and durable footwear such as flip-flops or canvas shoes to complete your Holi outfit. These accessories work well for both men and women. Women can wear bangles, earrings, and necklaces to look more attractive.

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