Long Skirt and Shirt Outfits for a Perfectly Chic Look

Long Skirt and Shirt Outfits for a Perfectly Chic Look

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Long skirts paired with shirts are a fashion option that is both versatile and stylish, and they are suitable for women of any age or body type. There are many ways to outfit this timeless combination, whether going for a dressier look for an official event or a more laid-back look for a day out. The possibilities are practically unlimited when it comes to putting together an ensemble consisting of a long skirt and a shirt. You can tuck your shirt in, add a belt, or layer on the clothing of varying textures.

Stylish long skirts and shirts outfits for you!

The Baggy Shirt and long skirts

The Baggy Shirt and long skirts

You can’t go wrong with a baggy shirt and a long, figure-hugging skirt. This ensemble is perfect for when you want to look casually chic. You may dress it down with a plain white shirt or jazz it with bold prints. You can dress it down with trainers or flat shoes or up with heels for a night out on the town.

Styling Tip

Big earrings and thick bracelets are great examples of statement jewellery that can be used as accessories.

Silk shirts and long skirts

Silk shirts and long skirts

A silk shirt with a long skirt is an ideal combination for a classy and feminine style. A long, flowing skirt looks especially graceful when paired with a silk shirt. You may create a statement with either a monochromatic outfit—a white silk shirt with a long black skirt—or with daring, eye-catching colours.

Styling Tip

Wear a leather belt and boots with your silk shirt to create visual interest in your ensemble.

Collared shirts and long skirts

Collared shirts and long skirts

A button-up shirt is your best bet for a classic look that will always stay in style. You can’t go wrong with this shirt and a voluminous skirt. Create a sophisticated and put-together style by matching a long black skirt with a white button-up shirt. Each component of this ensemble is understatedly chic.

Styling Tip

A change in appearance can be made with the simple addition of sky-high heels and bold jewellery.

Simple T-Shirts and long skirts

t-shirts and long skirts

T-shirt is a terrific choice to project an easygoing vibe. Combining a simple white T-shirt and a boldly coloured or printed skirt is a surefire way to turn heads. You can add visual appeal to your clothing by belting it or tucking the shirt into the skirt. This is a simple way to improve your appearance. This outfit is great for errands and lunch with pals.

Styling Tip

Remember the leather wristwatch to complete your outfit.

Crop tops and long skirts

Crop tops and long skirts

Wearing a crop top with a long skirt is a popular trend. When worn with a high-waisted skirt, this shirt cut is ideal for highlighting your waist without exposing too much skin. Wear a long floral skirt with a crop top cut loosely for a trendy feel.

Styling Tip

Put on a floppy hat and some sandals for a laid-back summer look.

Tops and long skirts

Tops with long skirt

A long skirt with a top can make a woman look elegant and refined. A well-coordinated outfit can be perfected with the addition of the correct blouse. If you want to appear ethereal and dreamlike, wear a blouse with a lot of flow. You may tailor and structure your blouse to create that put-together, professional look.

Styling Tip

Wearing a shirt with feminine decorations, such as lace or ruffles, will add dimension and texture to your outfit.

A denim shirt and a long skirt

Denim shirt with Long Skirts

Trying to find a way to incorporate both ease and edge into your outfit? A long skirt and a denim top would look great on you. This pair is for you if you want to come across as effortlessly chic. Denim shirts come in light and dark washes, so you may choose one that best suits your taste and the occasion. Instead of a top and jacket, a denim shirt tucked inside a skirt creates a more streamlined style.

Styling Tip

Put on a few different belts and scarves to determine what goes best with your outfit.

Graphic T-Shirts and a long skirt

Graphic T-Shirts and a long skirt

A long skirt and a graphic tee are a winning combination if you’re going for a laid-back yet edgy vibe. You can wear an old band tee or a graphic tee with a clever saying. Put together a stylish and hip outfit by tucking your graphic top inside your long skirt and wearing it with trainers or combat boots.

Styling Tip

Throw a denim jacket over your graphic tee for a more edgy look.

The Turtleneck and a long skirt

The Turtleneck and a long skirt

When paired with a long skirt, a turtleneck is a traditional and classic choice for a shirt. It pairs beautifully with a long skirt and a high waist to create a sophisticated style. The Turtleneck you select should reflect your taste and sense of style.

Styling Tip

Add some ankle boots and a handbag to your ensemble for an ultra-chic and refined finish.

Different styles of skirts that look well with shirts

Depending on your sense of style and the event at hand, a wide variety of long skirts can be worn with shirts. Several possibilities are listed below:

    The Maxi Dress:

    The skirt Maxi Dress

You may achieve a beautiful, bohemian style by wearing a maxi skirt with a tucked-in or cropped shirt. You may easily wear this together to a casual and formal event.

    Long pleated skirts:

  Long pleated skirts

can be dressed in a blouse or button-down shirt for a more formal occasion. A cardigan or blazer would round out the ensemble nicely.

    Wrap Skirt:

    Wrap Skirt

Wear a long wrap skirt with a plain shirt or top for a boho-inspired appearance. A belt might help you do this by drawing attention to your waistline.

    Mermaid skirt:

  Mermaid skirt

a long skirt fitted at the waist and hips and flares at the bottom. Put on a fitted shirt with it to tame the proportions and get a dapper look.

    Tiered skirt:

  Tiered skirt

A skirt with numerous layers of fabric that cascade gracefully to the ground. The skirt should be your ensemble’s focus, so wear something basic to complement it, such as a plain shirt or blouse.

Dress up your shirts and skirts with accessories

Your long skirt and a button-down shirt are exciting with the right accessories.

    Accessorize with a bold necklace –

skirt with bold necklace

Even the most basic attire, like a skirt and shirt, can be instantly transformed with a bold necklace. A heavy metallic necklace will give you an edgier style. In contrast, a necklace with bright primary colours will offer a splash of colour to your outfit.


skirt with  Bracelets

Stacking bracelets creates a lively and flirty style. Wear several bangles on each hand. Create a stack of uniquely your bracelets by mixing and matching different colours, materials, and designs.


  Earrings with skirt

Choose a pair of unique earrings to inject some whimsy and originality into your ensemble. Earrings are a great way to spice up your style, and you may do so by selecting a pair with a unique form, vibrant colour, or intriguing texture. Keep the rest of your accessories understated to let the attention focus on your earrings.



Go for a pair of interesting statement shoes instead of the tried-and-true black or beige footwear option. Add some whimsy to your ensemble with brightly coloured flats, trendy patterned trainers, or quirky wedges.

    Try on various hats-

skirt with various hats

They are a great way to express individuality through clothing. Create a one-of-a-kind and fun ensemble by topping off your skirt and shirt with a colourful sun hat, a boho-inspired floppy hat, or a sleek fedora.

Skirt and Shirt Outfits: Styling Tips

Other possibilities for the shirt and long skirt combinations are as follows:

Other combinations for the shirt and long skirt

  • Adjust the scales by trying on skirts and shirts of all lengths and styles to find a combination that works for you. Try a fitted shirt with a flowy maxi skirt or a crop top with a high-waisted midi skirt.
  • Define your waist and add visual intrigue by wearing a belt with your skirt and shirt. Pick a belt that works with your outfit by trying on various widths and fabrics.
  • Mixing and combining textures can give dimension and aesthetic intrigue to an outfit. Try a denim shirt with a floaty chiffon skirt or a silk blouse with a leather skirt.
  • Layering is a terrific method to give a basic skirt and shirt ensemble depth and visual intrigue. Try wearing a statement collared shirt under a sleeveless dress, or a jumper, cardigan or blazer over your shirt.

Conclusion on the Ultimate Guide to Wearing Long Skirts and Shirts Together

In conclusion, ensembles consisting of a long skirt and a shirt are classic and stylish fashion statements that can be dressed up or down according to the event’s requirements. You can make this timeless pairing appropriate for any occasion or time of year by appropriately adjusting your styling and accessorizing. If you find yourself trying to decide what to wear the next time, one fashionable and comfortable option is to wear a long skirt with a shirt.


Can you recommend a shirt style that would look good with a long skirt? 

Both the skirt’s cut and the event’s formality play a role. A button-down shirt or blouse is the right choice for a black tie occasion, and T-shirts and tank tops are great for a laid-back vibe. Try on various cuts and colours to find the perfect match for your skirt.

What footwear would complement a long skirt and a button-down shirt? 

Once again, the answer is context and clothing choice dependent. Heels or fancy flats would complement a classy outfit nicely. Wear sandals or trainers for a more laid-back look. Long skirts and ankle boots are a classic combination.

Can I put a long skirt over a short top?

A long skirt and a crop top do go together; in fact, they look great together. Ensure the crop top is not too revealing and that it goes well with the skirt in terms of style and colour.

Any suggestions for finishing off a long skirt and button-down shirt? 

Jewellery, scarves, hats, belts, and purses can be accessories. Pick out accessories that match your outfit’s colour scheme and design. Putting on a bold necklace or earrings can elevate your outfit to a more formal level. You can dress down a suit by accessorizing it with a hat or scarf.

What footwear would complement a long skirt and a button-down shirt? 

The event and your sense of style determine the shoes you pair with a long skirt and shirt. Heels or fancy flats are the way for a more formal occasion and put on some sandals or ankle boots for a more laid-back vibe.

How can I know what length skirt would look good on me? 

Your height and body type will determine the ideal skirt length. Midi skirts are universally flattering because they rest at a proportionately attractive location on the leg of most women. Try on various cuts and lengths to discover the one that complements your figure and sense of style.

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