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Whether you’re looking for tips on how to style ripped jeans for men or ladies, we’ve got you covered!

Learning a little about ripped jeans can be helpful before moving on to styling advice and outfit ideas.

Pants or jeans that have been intentionally ripped or destroyed are known as ripped jeans. The fabric can be ripped, torn, or frayed to achieve this. As a result of the punk fashion craze in the 1980s, these jeans gained popularity. People of various ages and fashions can be seen wearing ripped jeans today.

Do not be concerned; it does not imply that you are less sophisticated or that you are no longer considered “sanskari” in India. You can wear ripped jeans in a variety of methods, settings, and settings. Depending on the situation, you can dress them formally or casually.

You can pair ripped jeans with anything from t-shirts to blouses. They can also be worn with cardigans and jackets.

Here are some of the best-ripped jeans looks that are always in style. Scroll down now.

 Top ways to style ripped jeans for girls this 2023

Top ways to style ripped jeans for girls this 2023

Every girl should have a pair of trendy, multipurpose ripped jeans in her closet since they offer countless styling options for every situation. There are numerous ways to flaunt this trend, whether you’re striving for a more casual or formal appearance. The best methods to wear ripped jeans for females are covered in this post, providing ideas for you to put together your distinctive look.

●     Team White T-Shirt and Ripped Jeans

Team White T-Shirt and Ripped Jeans

Wear a white t-shirt when nothing goes well. For women, the casual uniform is a white t-shirt paired with stylishly ripped jeans. Because, according to a wise guy once, you can’t go wrong with a good white t-shirt.

Styling Tips

You can dress it up with a blazer and high heels.

●     Stylish ripped jeans and a large-sized shirt

Stylish ripped jeans and a large-sized shirt

Simply give this fashion trend a shot. Girls should wear ripped jeans with an oversized top for a casual yet classy look.

Styling Tips

Add heels and half-tuck it for a polished yet edgy style.

●     Simple T-shirts with ripped jeans

Simple T-shirts with ripped jeans

Sometimes, simplicity appears to be more appealing. Simple t-shirts are the ideal illustration. Pair a plain t-shirt with your blue ripped jeans for women for a simple yet stylish style.

Styling Tips

For a casual-cool look, pair it with shoes and a special accessory item.

●     Crop Tops with ripped jeans

Crop Tops with ripped jeans

Let’s now discuss women’s wardrobe essential crop tops. Add a blazer or jacket to a basic crop top and a jeans combination to make it more stylish.

Styling Tips

For a stylish finish, pair your midriff-baring crop top with high-waisted torn jeans and a denim or leather jacket.

●     Printed jackets with Ripped jeans

Printed jackets with Ripped jeans

Your weekend appearance will shine more if you pair the printed jacket with sophisticated, fashionable jeans for girls.

Styling Tips

Keep things simple with a solid-coloured top, ankle boots, and sneakers when wearing printed coats.

●     Pair ripped jeans with heels

Pair ripped jeans with heels

We can assume that practically all ladies have worn ripped jeans and high heels. It gives off a glitzy appearance. This is a fantastic alternative for a special event or date night.

Styling Tips

For a more daring style, choose coloured ripped jeans and patterned heels instead of the more conservative black ripped jeans and nude heels.

●     Ripped jeans with flats

Ripped jeans with flats

Flats go well with ripped jeans if you want to maintain your look informal. This is a fantastic alternative for going on errands or exploring the city.

Styling Tips

By selecting ripped jeans with a dark wash and teaming them with black flats, you may also wear this style to work.

·         Pair ripped jeans with prints.

Wear your ripped jeans with a printed blouse, whether floral or tribal, for a look that is both stylish and practical. Finish this outfit off with a pair of wide-toe shoes or stilettos to prevent it from looking overly polished.

Styling Tips

Combine patterns by mixing hues that go well together or those with comparable styles.

·         Combine ripped jeans with a Shirtdress.

This outfit combination of ripped jeans and a shirtdress is the ideal way to add some refinement to your casual wardrobe. Do you feel more formal today? Choose a pair of open sandals or sequined stilettos to complete this ensemble.

Styling Tips

To add interest, wear classic pieces like a bright blazer or necklace.

·         Put on a structured blazer with ripped jeans to dress up

A stylish jacket is a great addition to casual jeans if you want to give them the appearance of formality.

Styling Tips

Try out blazers in a variety of lengths and styles.

Top ways to style ripped jeans for boys this 2023

For years, males have worn ripped jeans as a must-have item of clothing because they add a cool, edgy vibe to any ensemble. But dressing them can be difficult. To help you flaunt this classic trend, we’ll look at the best ways to style ripped jeans for guys, from casual to elegant.

●     Wearing a trendy full-sleeve t-shirt with ripped jeans

Men’s classy ripped jeans can dress up a simple attire awesome. You can easily pull off the look by wearing it with a smart pair of sneakers and a full-sleeved t-shirt.

Styling Tips

Wear it casually with sneakers and a leather jacket for a cool look.

●     Ripped jeans combined with a stylish sweatshirt

Try pairing a pair of men’s stylish ripped jeans with an oversized, stylish sweatshirt for a laid-back winter look. It is a simple but powerful look.

Styling Tips

Choose a sweatshirt in a neutral hue and sneakers for a monochromatic style, or create contrast with a bold pair of shoes.

●     Graphic T-shirt with ripped jeans

Graphic T-shirt with ripped jeans

Graphic tees are the cutest thing ever. It is fashionable, appealing, and, most of all, it looks well with any type of attire. So why not pair your torn jeans with t-shirts that have graphic prints?

Styling Tips

Enjoy the edgy feel by teaming a graphic t-shirt with a denim or bomber jacket, boots, or sneakers.

·         Distressed jeans with an overcoat

The time to bundle up is when winter arrives. You could be asking yourself, “But why am I wearing jeans with holes?” To which we would reply, “Fashion.” So, take it.

Both the blue denim and black overcoat and the black denim and camel overcoat are good choices. Keep your colour scheme simple, and let your overcoat speak for itself. Whether it’s rain, hail, or shine, be prepared.

Styling Tips

Pick your boots properly.

·         Distressed jeans with a blazer

The ripped jeans and blazer look is flattering with t-shirts, dress shirts, and high-end sneakers in maybe white or black. Instead, a straightforward brown Chelsea boot would do the trick. The blazer and ripped jeans look great together and are ideal for a night out, concert hopping, or cocktails at a posh bar. Do it for a date night, by all means.

Styling Tips

The most popular colour to wear in a blazer is black. If you’re feeling braver, a tuxedo jacket in burgundy or maybe even green will do. If possible, coordinate your shoes and blazer. Just make sure the jacket fits properly.

·         Ripped Jeans & a Leather Jacket

Imagine Justin Theroux going out for a night of fun and revelry in New York City. At that point, don your leather or suede jacket to pair with your ripped jeans. A motorcycle jacket would be the typical style. Anything with a hood or that is excessively lengthy would be avoided in leather only.

Styling Tips

Black often complements all shades of denim, but darker denim looks better with brown suede or leather.

Conclusion on Stylish ways to style your Jeans this 2023

Avoid going for any more than three and a half rips or one major rip in ripped jeans to keep the look stylish. Anything over can be annoying. Try the fashionable items mentioned above to be prepared for a date. This attire is ideal for the summer and is always in style. Stay tuned for more updates on fashion.


How can I dress up my ripped jeans?

Try putting on a flowy blouse, heels, and your favourite pair of ripped jeans. Alternatively, dress up your ripped jeans appearance with a blazer and some boots. Another fun option to wear your ripped jeans is with a faux leather jacket and sneakers.

How do you make shredded jeans look good?

The finest tools to use are a cheese grater, steel wool, sandpaper, and a pumice stone or foot file to give your jeans the most realistically torn appearance imaginable. Use a pair of tiny, razor-sharp nail scissors to cut holes.

Can you dress up in ripped jeans?

There are lots of ripped jeans available that nevertheless have a professional appearance, such as darker jeans with a few rips or ones with smaller holes and a few protruding threads. Ripped jeans can be dressed in stylish footwear, such as Oxfords, or a button-up shirt.

What footwear should you pair with ripped jeans?

Go for more polished footwear that can counterbalance the casual jeans since chunkier shoe types are best avoided when wearing ripped jeans. For the evening, choose a pair of classic nude pumps or a pair of heeled sandals; during the day, wear a white high-top or ordinary sneakers.

What do your ripped jeans have to say about you?

Ripped jeans instantly convey to everyone that you’re cool, informal, and unpretentious. They say you’re always up for the next experience and open to whatever comes your way.



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