List of Famous Sweets in Surat

Surat Special Sweet: List of surat Famous Sweets

Surat, a city tucked away in Gujarat, is famous for its delightful selection of sweets and textile and diamond industries. A wide variety of classic and contemporary sweets that have become famous not only locally but also nationally are sprinkled throughout the city’s culinary landscape. Whether you have a sweet tooth or enjoy the artistic craftsmanship of confectionery, Surat’s well-known sweets like Kailash Sweets and Shah Jamnadas C Ghariwala will leave you wanting more. Surat Gujarat has something to sate any sweet tooth’s need, from melt-in-your-mouth mithais to creative fusions.

The city’s bakeries and sweet shops are genuine treasure troves, each offering special treats that have come to be associated with Surat Gujarat’s culinary legacy. Suratis have a particular place in their hearts for ancient favourites like the legendary Ghari Sweet or Surti Sweets, a sweet loaded with luscious khoya and dry fruits. The soft, syrup-drenched Jalebis, with their alluring aroma and golden hues, are a common sight at festive events and food carts. Remember the deliciously creamy, cardamom-infused Basundi, which is a must-try for anyone looking for a decadent dessert.

But the world-famous sweets of Surat Gujarat are wider than the traditional varieties. The city is renowned for its inventive takes on classic dishes that satisfy the changing tastes of both its citizens and visitors. Enjoy the combination of flavours in the Chocolate Ghevar, a classic Rajasthani treat that combines chocolate’s deliciousness. Enjoy the decadently creamy and rich Mango Rabri. This dessert masterfully combines the sweetness of ripe mangoes with the smoothness of rabri, leaving a lingering tropical flavour on your palate.

Why is Surat so famous for sweets?


The thriving Gujarati city of Surat has acquired its well-deserved reputation as a sanctuary for sweets and dry fruit. Places like Kailash Sweets and Shah Jamnadas C Ghariwala are the famous sweet shops in surat.

But why precisely is Surat known for its mouthwatering sweets? Let’s explore the factors that make Surat a haven for sugar lovers and a place to go for food exploring.

Rich Culinary Traditions 

Surat has a long and storied culinary tradition anchored in traditional Gujarati cooking. The city has a long history of baking sweets, with recipes passed down through the years. The art of making delectable mithais in Surat has been refined over time, leading to a mastery of flavours, textures, and methods, as is visible from spots like Kailash Sweets and Shah Jamnadas C Ghariwala.

Innovation & Fusion

While Surati cuisine specifically emphasises traditional sweets like Surti Sweets & dry fruits, the city is also renowned for its inventive and fusion dishes. Suratis enjoy experimenting with new flavours and blending them to create delicious combinations. Surat’s sweets have reached new heights thanks to mixing ancient recipes with modern ingredients and preparation methods, attracting locals and tourists looking for gastronomic adventures.

Quality Ingredients 

A cornerstone of Surat’s sweet-making history is its commitment to employing high-quality ingredients. The taste and texture of Surat’s sweet artisans’s creations are directly influenced by the quality of the ingredients, which range from premium-grade khoya (reduced milk) to aromatic spices. This dedication to quality distinguishes Surat’s sweets like Ghari sweet and dry fruits from the competition and guarantees a continuously enjoyable experience.

Skilled artisan in sweets

A skilful artisan who has mastered the art of confectionery is behind every well-known delicacy in Surat Gujarat. These gifted people have an in-depth understanding of flavours, proportions, and procedures, enabling them to make sweets that are aesthetically pleasing and flavorful to the brim. Surat’s success in sweets and dry fruits is mostly due to their enthusiasm, knowledge, and attention to detail.

Spots like Kailash Sweets and Shah Jamnadas C Ghariwala stand testament to this skillful mastery.

Celebratory culture

Surat is a city that knows how to rejoice, and sweets are essential to its festive culture. Sweets are widely shared and savoured during weddings, religious rituals, and social events because they represent happiness, good fortune, and community. Surat’s status as a centre for delightful delights has been cemented because of this joyful culture, increasing demand for the city’s sweets.

Bustling Street Food Culture 

Surat’s bustling street food scene would be lacking without its sweet offerings. Suratis take great pride in their street sweets, which can be found in lively food carts and well-known sweet stores dotting the streets. In addition to providing rapid gratification in the form of warm, freshly made jalebis, malpuas, and other sweet treats and Ghari sweet, these roadside gems provide an insight into Surat’s culinary traditions.

Surat Special Sweets

Gujarati sweets are on a level of their own. Some of these sweets are found only in Gujarati, or specifically in Surat. And even if you were to find them outside the city or State, let us assure you, it’s just not the same.

You can sweets like:

  • Ghari Sweet
  • Kesar Badam Pista Ghari with Pure Ghee
  • Kaju Cassata


Best sweet shops in Surat

Kailash Sweets

Kailash Sweets

Shri Kishanchand Gyanchand Ahuja established a small confectionery in Nanpura, Surat. As a result, Kailash Desserts at Kailash Sweets gained notoriety throughout the city. One of the most well-known sweet stores in Surat, Kailash Sweets, has four locations throughout the city.

This shop has all you need to make your wedding a delightful endeavour, including Ghari sweet, Surti Sweets, Mathura Peda, Kaju Katri, Motichur Laddu, Pista Ghari, malai Sandwich, Jalebi, and dry fruits.

Kailash Sweets Surat Menu

kailash sweet surat menu

As mentioned above, Kailash Sweets is among the hotspots in Surat Gujarat if you are looking for a sugary time. Take a look at their menu: Kailash Sweets Surat offers a variety of options. From traditional Indian sweets like Ghari sweet, Rasgulla, Rabdi, Kulfi, all the way to conventional food items like Pizza and Patice.

Make sure to visit Kailash Sweets when you visit Surat next time.

Kailash Sweets Address

Shrinathji Apartment is located in Timaliawad, Nanpura, Surat, 395001.

Shiv Shakti Sweets

Shiv Shakti Sweets

One of the top stores in Namkeen Retailers is Shiv Shakti Desserts & Snacks in Surat. They include a broad range of products and administrators to meet their customers’ various needs.

The foundation’s personnel is capable of offering any assistance. Customer satisfaction is as crucial to their business as their products and services. Furthermore, they have impacted this foundation, which has amassed a sizable clientele base and continues to grow every day.


Ghod Dod Road, Indoor Stadium, Athwa, Surat, Gujarat 395001.

Maakhan Bhog

Maakhan Bhog

Maakhan Bhog has been a well-known sweet shop selling savoury and sweet treats in Surat Gujarat for three decades. Their strengths include traditional taste and the best service, and the tastiest sweets like Ghari sweet, Surti Sweets, and dry fruits are constantly available to satisfy their customers.

In 2017, after honing their talents for clients, they started providing catering administrations, and the response from clients has been overwhelming.


Nanpura, Timaliawad, 4, Amar Shilp, Surat.

Mohan Mithai

Mohan Mithai

Make sure your guests are enjoying some delectable treats from Mohan Mithai, such as Ghari sweet, Sutterfeni, Ice Halva, Kaju Katli, Chebar, Mava Desserts, and Motichur Laddu, to make your amazing day memorable.

Mohan Mithai, regarded as one of Surat’s finest sweet and dry fruits stores, will impress your guests with its desserts’ standard of excellence and flavour.


Station Square Complex, Opp. Railway Station, Surat.

P (+0261) 2401011, M(+91)-9586560606

Shah Jamnadas C. Ghariwala

Shah Jamnadas C. Ghariwala

The family’s third, fourth, and fifth generations are currently in charge of Jamnadas Ghariwala, founded in 1899 by the late Shri Shah Jamnadas C Ghariwala. The Ghari sweet was originally composed of sooji or rava but was later modified to discharge sediments, here at Shah Jamnadas C Ghariwala

The founder of Shah Jamnadas C Ghariwala acquired observable quality during the Stopped India Development, and the family makes a valiant effort to establish without any shadow of a doubt that the quality is preserved.

Shah Jamnadas C Ghariwala Address

You can visit Shah Jamnadas C Ghariwala at 11/47, Chauta Bazar, Surat Gujarat, 395 003.

Thakor’s Sweets

Thakor's Sweets

Built-in 1900, “Thakor Sweets” is one of the leading distributors of Namkeens, Desserts, and Dry Natural Products. Their products are handled carefully to ensure their health-conscious customers can use them without worrying. Their professionals are committed to promoting the premium goods of our customers.

These are one of the specialities that are well-liked in Surat. Their extensive experience over a long period has helped them amass a large clientele nationwide, and they aim to maintain their trust. Additionally, they box their products according to their specifications to support customers.


12/3177, Bhajiwali pole, Bhagal, Surat 395 003,.

24 Carats Mithai

24 Carats Mithai

24 Carat Desserts, synonymous with desserts in Surat, has made a name in the city’s sweets industry. This shop’s nicest foods include Ghari sweet, Sweet Kesar, Kaju dessert, Surti Sweets, and dry natural goods.

If you ever find yourself in Surat, stop by this place to satisfy your sweet taste.


Ghod Dod Rd , Parle Point, Athwa,, Surat, Gujarat 395007

Babubhai’s Sweets

Babubhai's Sweets

One of the most well-known sweet stores in Surat is Babubhai’s. It has excellent amenities and is best known for the Tirangi Mithai, a three-colour sweet.

It also contains desserts made from dry natural products that taste like dried fruit, which is wonderful.


Adajan Patiya, Surat 395009.

Mudita Ni Mathai 

Mudita Ni Mathai 

Best Bengali & True Surti Sweets are its speciality. Mudita Ni Mithaio in Nanpura, founded in 1985, is one of the top producers of Bengali sweets in Surat.

This well-known store serves as a one-stop shop for clients from the local community and other areas of Surat. During its journey, this trade has established a solid, trustworthy balance in sweets like Surti Sweets and dry fruits.


Mahek Apartment, Hira Manek Street, in front of Hill’s Nursery School on Nanpura Main Road in Surat, Gujarat 395001

Thakkar MotiHarji Mithaiwala

Thakkar MotiHarji Mithaiwala

This is one of Surat’s most well-known and important sweet stores for the ghari. The shop was founded by Shri Moti Harji in 1830, and today it is run by his great-grandsons Yogesh, Ajay, and Mukesh Thakkar.

They also do business with clients worldwide and are particularly well known for their pista ghari, mawa Ghari sweet, and badam-kesar-pista ghari. Among the delicacies you’ll savour when trying desserts on the wedding day are doodhi and chikoo halwa.


Bhagal Cross Road, Baranpuri, Surat, Gujarat 395003

Things to consider when you order sweets for your occasion

Some Things To Keep in Mind

Here are a few key things to consider while ordering sweets for your special occasion. After all, delectable sweets can bring any celebration to a new level. Therefore, give the following important factors some thought before placing that order.

Dietary Requirements 

Dietary preferences and limits are ubiquitous in today’s society. It’s critical to consider dietary requirements like vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or nut-free options to accommodate everyone’s needs. Ensure the desserts and dry fruits you choose are accessible to all guests so they can indulge without restraint or concern.

Presentation and aesthetics 

Keep in mind that sweets gratify both the taste and the eye. The desserts’ aesthetic appeal can improve the overall setting and make the event more memorable. Think about the dessert arrangement, ornamental features, and presentation manner. Rich colours, artful displays, and intricately created goodies can give a touch of class and improve the overall experience.

Freshness and Quality 

When it comes to sweets, quality is crucial. Make sure the confections you order are created with premium, fresh ingredients. This will guarantee a delicious flavour and that your guests will savour every bite. By doing your research, choose reputed bakeries or sweet like Surti Sweets or and dry fruits stores known for their dedication to quality.

Delivery time 

Time is the key when ordering sweets for your occasion, both in terms of delivery and timing. Organise with the bakery or sweet store to ensure prompt delivery so you can concentrate on other event planning details. Confirm the delivery location, date, and time to minimise any last-minute surprises or delays.


While it may be tempting to overindulge in desserts, setting a budget and sticking to its limitations is crucial. Plan ahead and let the bakery or sweet store know your spending limit so they may recommend options that will satisfy your taste preferences and financial requirements.


In conclusion, Surat’s reputation goes beyond its skill with textiles because its sweets are the star of the culinary show. The city’s sweets display the rich cultural tapestry and culinary innovation of Suratis, from the classic Ghari Sweet and Jalebi to the creative Chocolate Ghevar and Mango Rabri. These well-known sweets are a monument to the culinary prowess passed down through the years and the unwavering dedication to quality and flavour in every bite. Surat’s legendary sweet shops like Shah Jamnadas C Ghariwala and Kailash Sweets and bakeries draw locals and visitors looking for a spectacular dessert experience.

Be sure to discover the varied and tempting world of Surat’s famed sweets whether you are strolling the busy streets of Surat or want to go on a virtual culinary tour. Allow the flavours to dance on your tongue and take you to a place of unadulterated indulgence and bliss. More than just desserts, Surat’s sweets represent the city’s culture, customs, and undying enthusiasm for bringing sweetness and joy into people’s lives. So indulge in a snack while exploring the tantalising world of Surat’s well-known sweets.


Do these confectioneries have a wide selection of sweets?

Yes, these Surat sweet shops have a vast selection of sweets to suit all tastes and preferences. Along with fusion sweets and contemporary innovations like Chocolate Ghevar, Mango Rabri, and Dry Fruit Biscuits, you may get traditional Gujarati sweets like Ghari, Basundi, Jalebi, and Mohanthal.

Do these shops sell unique sweets for holidays and special occasions?

Absolutely! Surat’s sweet shops are well-equipped to fulfil demand during holidays and special events. They provide a wide variety of sweets for occasions like Diwali, Raksha Bandhan, Navratri, and weddings. You may find a lovely selection to commemorate any occasion, from colourful gift boxes to special mithai assortments.

Can dietary preferences and limitations be accommodated?

Many sweet shops in Surat know how important it is to accommodate customers’ dietary needs and preferences. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free diets provide a variety of possibilities. To be sure they can meet your needs, it’s always a good idea to ask about specific dietary restrictions when purchasing.

Can I order sweets online or have them delivered?

Most of Surat’s sweet shops now provide online ordering and delivery options. You may order sweets, have them delivered to your house, and peruse their selection conveniently thanks to this. You may frequently take advantage of the delicacy of Surat’s sweets with just a few clicks, regardless of where you are.

Are customised or personalised sweets available at these confectioneries for special occasions?

Yes, many sweet shops in Surat provide customised and unique solutions for special occasions. You may frequently order bespoke sweets with personalised inscriptions, names, or patterns, whether it’s for a wedding, anniversary, or birthday celebration. Your sweet delicacies gain a distinctive touch from this, which increases their memorable quality for the event. It is advisable to inquire in advance with the sweet shop about their customising possibilities, specifications, and any applicable extra fees.

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