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Are you trying to find the perfect wedding outfit for the groom? Look no further than Sherwani! Spending money shopping for a wedding outfit can be daunting, especially when you have to make sure it looks perfect and stands out. Luckily, various types of sherwanis available can help you achieve just that! From luxurious fabrics and intricate designs to more subtle accents and muted tones, our list has something for everyone.

Sherwani is a traditional Indian clothing style that originated in the Central Asian region. It is usually worn in formal settings such as weddings, parties, and corporate events. Sherwani is made from lightweight fabric such as silk and chiffon and can feature intricate embroidery and ornamental details for an extra luxurious look. So, it’s time to stay and take a closer look into the facts and figure out which types of Sherwani suit your personality best!

Best Types Of Sherwani Wedding Outfit Styles For Men to look Elegant

Sherwani is for more than just the groom to wear. In fact, it is designed for any man who wants to glance at traditional and indigenous at a wedding. Traditional Sherwanis have fallen out of favour with time, and men are looking for new Sherwani styles.

Today’s market offers different sherwani styles with intricate threadwork and eye-catching colour combinations. Thus, regardless of your design, a Sherwani is made especially for you among the varying types of Sherwani.

Achkan Sherwani – a unique and effortless wedding look!

We’re sure you’re itching to grab your hands on an achkan outfit right now! If you haven’t already, we recommend slowly accumulating a few achkans for your wardrobe. Because it isn’t too heavy, you can dress it up all year.

  • Exquisite appearance

Achkan Sherwani can be worn with Jackets, Dhoti Pajamas, and Churidars to create an eye-catching look.

  • Dapper look

Achkan style dresses are a good option because this Sherwani will render you dapper on the wedding day.

Jodhpuri Sherwani – the Royal wedding look!

Nonetheless, the jodhpurs style’s vibrancy and refined appearance have created it a favourite of almost every man. A royal jodhpurs sherwani is frequently crafted by expert designers to make the finished product look magnificent.

  • Royle look

You can wear cufflinks, a jacket, or a stole with a Jodhpuri sherwani to give it more edge. Dress up with all the royal-style accessories.

Sherwani Jacket- A princely addition to the elegant Sherwani

Jacket Style Sherwanis, or with jackets, are designed for men who desire to dress formally. The Sherwanis are adorned with antique-style sequins, motifs, and a matte gold finish.

  • Modern juttis

The Sherwani jacket works best with long pajamas and modern juttis.

Pakistani Sherwani- Taking inspiration from the other side

Would you like to dress up like Prince Charming for the wedding? Then don’t let anything distract you because Pakistani Sherwani styles are ideal for you. With its colour schemes, bodywork, and charm, this outstanding Sherwani has entered Indian weddings.

  • Prince Charming inspiration

Mehendi, Haldi, Sangeet, Reception; you name it, a Pakistani Sherwani for men could be worn on any wedding-related occasion. Churidars go well with Pakistani Sherwani. If you want to avoid looking drab, avoid wearing any other form of bottom wear.

Indo-Western Sherwani-Modern with an Indian flair

What if you don’t like the elaborate threadwork and extremely traditional appearance? Could you put on your Sherwani? Have you considered looking into indo western sherwani styles for a special occasion?

  • Satisfying and modern 

Indian-Western Sherwani designs are adorned with gems, buttons, cuffs, stones, beads, and royal-styled motifs to satisfy you completely. Slip into an elegant bottom wear to let the spirit of these Sherwanis flow.

Angrakha Sherwani- Elegance is in the drape!

If you have a hued upper body, you should show it off at a wedding. Wear the Angrakha Sherwani to glance like the Angrakha men. This Sherwani is in high demand, so you may visit several boutiques to find the perfect fit.

  • Elegance and style

Enough accessories should add a hint of class and style, but only a few. Be self-assured, style your hair appropriately, and prepare to impress everyone at the event. If your decisions are mild and classic, you will undoubtedly draw all eyes to yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions – Types of Sherwani Wedding Outfit Styles for Men

What are the different types of Sherwani?

Sherwanis come in various styles, including Jodhpuri, Angrakha, Achkan Style, Pakistani, Indo-western, and Chipkan Styles. They differ in style, cut, and pattern. The coat is worn with appropriate bottom wear.

Which colour of Sherwani is the best?

Dark-coloured sherwanis are more popular these days. Because it gives the groom the best appearance. Instead of the skin or white sherwanis, maroon and black sherwanis are more popular. Dark colour sherwanis give a bolder glance to the groom.

Do Indian’s dress in Sherwani till date?

In Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, sherwanis are commonly worn. These garments are usually embellished with intricate embroidery or patterns.

How to style for your pre wedding shoot?

Wear printed couple t shirts, pre wedding couple t shirt for your pre wedding shoot to make it interesting, try theme based outfits varying for each location as well.

Can we pair a sherwani with jeans?

The Sherwani is a versatile outfit that can be styled for formal and informal settings. The Sherwani can be worn with a dupatta and a churidar for a more traditional look. The Sherwani can wear trousers or jeans for a more casual look.

When it comes to traditional wedding attire for men, sherwanis are among the most timeless and elegant outfits. Some of the best types of Sherwani include the Jodhpuri, the Achkan, and the Indo-Western. Each style stands out thanks to its own unique features. When choosing a sherwani for a wedding, it is crucial to consider the style of the wedding and the groom’s personal preferences.

What exactly is an Indo-Western sherwani?

A long coat-like garment known as an “Indo Western Sherwani” is worn in India over a kurta with a combination of churidar, salwar, or dhoti as a lower garment.



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