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Black Blazer Combination Ideas for Men To Cop In 2023

Today, we share a short fashion lesson for people who want to wear formal black blazer combinations. This blazer style is popular among men, and black is an all-time favourite colour.

Read on to find out the best styles and to know how to style a black blazer with other clothing items.

10+ Black Blazer Combination For Men

A stylish black blazer for men is a must, as it can be combined with every outfit to create the perfect outfit. This simple elegance is ageless and versatile, making any outfit look stylish.

While other clothing is not so versatile, they only sometimes go along with every new outfit for an impressive look. Instead, it would help if you chose an ensemble that complements your attire, and black blazer combination outfits can do that for you.

Black blazer outfits.

Black blazer outfits.

Black blazers have an attractive, classic style that makes them a good investment. By selecting a design that fits many occasions, your jacket is ideal for stylish casual, semi-formal or formal events.

Looking for a black blazer combination for wedding? Nothing greater than this: Chic, elegant, and classic.

You can choose just the outfit’s clothes, shirt and footwear. When choosing a blazer, you should wear something that matches your wardrobe.

But how do I choose my perfect black blazer shirt combination?

So, to reduce confusion and help you find your ideal match, we have listed some black blazer outfit ideas.

Black Blazer with round neck T-Shirt.

Black Blazer with round neck T-Shirt.

With the black blazer and a round-neck t-shirt, this two-piece set will surely add sophistication and edge to any outfit, no matter the occasion. These black blazer combination outfits with white tee are comfortable enough for everyday wear and stylish enough for special occasions.

Add it to your closet today and see how much better your wardrobe can get. Wear a plain t-shirt on black jeans and throw a black blazer above that for a formal event.

Black blazer with a blue/white shirt.

A black blazer matching with a blue shirt gives a more formal look. The blue/white shirt provides the blazer with a pop of colour and helps to break up the monotony of the black clothing. The white button-up underneath provides contrast and makes the outfit appear more polished.

Wear a black blazer with a blue or white shirt to get a simple yet neat look.

The black blazer with white or blue shirt makes it the perfect go-to piece for any occasion. You can wear it to work or a formal party, which will look great both ways. The blazer is also comfortable and weather-resistant, making it the perfect choice for fall and winter days.

Thus, quality black blazers combination ideas, such as with a blue colour shirt and a Jeans combination such as ripped jeans or regular jeans, can be your best attire choice for any outing. So, you must invest in black blazer matching combos today

Black Blazer with Beige Trousers.

Black Blazer with Beige Trousers.

Looking sharp in a black blazer matching with beige trousers? It’s a colour that is going to complement the black colour greatly.

Try teaming it up with killer brown suede loafers and a matching bowtie for an effortlessly stylish outfit.

The beige trousers are a great way to add contrast and edge to your look. They come in various styles and colours, so you’ll find the perfect pair

If you feel extra polished, consider selecting a white shirt and classic black dress shoes to complete the look

Black blazer with chinos.

Black blazer with chinos.

Wearing a chino below a black blazer adds a casual look. So try a perfect black shirt with blazers in plain or light prints. You can also go for black blazer with white shirt underneath.

Choose boots, shoes, or Derby shoes and ensure the perfect fit of the shirt and remember the chinos. Lastly, brown or black belts are suitable for enhancing appearance.

Black Blazer with a striped T-Shirt.

Black Blazer with a striped T-Shirt.

This black blazer outfit ideas combo is plain, with no pattern. Pick t-shirts with great prints or stripes if your height is average or horizontal stripes if your height is high.

Check the blazer and jeans together for a great fit. This black blazer matching outfit looks simple and ideal for casual day outs rather than a typical work environment. Black blazer with white shirt are great options.

Match Your Black Blazer With Blue Jeans.

Match Your Black Blazer With Blue Jeans.

The black blazer combination with jeans are yet another casual outfit. Although casual, it doesn’t mean that you can’t don this blazer combination with jeans to other occasions.

Blazer combination with jeans do come off as a little sophiticated. But if you have light-shade blue jeans with a loafer, blazer combination with jeans look can also be a work look.

You can also wear monotone pants with a black blazer to work.

Lounge pants with black blazers.

Lounge pants with black blazers.

This look is for confident folks because wearing such loose-fit pants will give them a distinctive look. Buy a light colour contrasting with the black blazer to carry this look. And below, you can pair it with high-ankle sneakers.

Wear a black blazer with loose pants and a casual Tee and you’re street ready.

Black Blazer With Printed Shirt.

Black Blazer With Printed Shirt.

For the guy who enjoys his looks and is bold, one can experiment with floral, printed, and more designs in shirts and T-shirts.Ensure you keep a pair of black pants for an exquisite black blazer outfit look.

Moreover, if you’re looking for black blazer combination for wedding, this is it, or perhaps one among the many we’ve already mentioned.

Black Shirt Blazer Combination

Black Shirts are versatile and are ideal for many occasions. But what happens when you pair two versatile and chic clothing together? That’s right! You get the perfect Black Shirt Blazer combination.

You can opt for a monotone Blazer with Black shirt and a simply yet classy monotone pants.

Black Pant Black Shirt With Blazer

Yet another option is for you to go for a Black Pant Black Shirt with Blazer combination. Although this pairing might be a little too sad or depressing for happy occasions but nonetheless, this combo remains a dashing look for formal events.


When it comes to dressing up a simple black blazer with a classic round-neck t-shirt, there are a few options as versatile and stylish as this one.

In the colder months, layer up the shirt with leggings or jeans for extra warmth. Whether hitting the office or going out on a date night, these black blazer matching outfits will have you looking sharp no matter what.

Remember: wear a black blazer with confidence and sass.

So, these black blazer combination shirt ideas will make you stand out from the rest, so try these combinations.


Which combination is best to style a black blazer?

A white/blue shirt with black blazers is an obvious choice from all the outfit combinations. It is hard to say enough about having a white shirt with black pants. If you want an extra touch, you can add accessories to your black blazer shirt combination, such as ties or pocket squares.

What colours can I wear with a black blazer?

You can wear excellent black trousers and dark colours if you want fewer colours. And if you want to go for contrast colours, you may select between white cream, pastel colours, sky blue, a sombre pink shirt, etc.

How can I make my black blazer look good?

Show some creativity and add a personal touch to your blazer combination. For, e.g. use bright colour pocket scarves, wear customised shoes, wear black rings, etc.

What type of t-shirt do I wear under a black blazer?

The best way to outfit a black blazer is to pair it with a contrasting plain t-shirt combination such as white or blue. To try something unique than ordinary, you can go for dusky colours out there. And lastly, you can wear customised printed t-shirts.

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