Dhoti Skirt Set Outfit Ideas & Styling Tips to Look Evergreen In Event

Dhoti Skirt Set Outfit Ideas & Styling Tips to Look Evergreen In Event

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Although fashion constantly changes, some styles endure and become timeless. The Dhoti skirt set attire is a trend that has returned in recent years. To achieve a fusion style that is both exquisite and trendy, this traditional Indian outfit has been given a modern twist. A dhoti skirt set is a versatile attire that may help you stand out from the crowd at a wedding, a formal function, or a party. In this article, we’ll look at some dhoti skirt set outfit suggestions and give you some styling advice so you can look great on any occasion.

How to Wear Dhoti Skirt Outfits: Styling Tips & Tricks

  • Any shirt will work with a dhoti skirt. Try a camisole, tube, or tank top for a more Western appearance. You can pair it with any of your favourite complementing blouses or cholis for an ethnic style.
  • To further accessorise your outfit, drape a dupatta or a chunni across your neck or shoulders. You can use techniques to create a dupatta drape from your dhoti. Additionally, it would have a cultural vibe and look respectable enough with your skirt.
  • Put on your dhoti bottoms with a dress or Kurti that ends below the knee. Try this one if you’re looking for a unique yet fashionable appearance with a long shirt during the day.
  • Wear a jacket over your choli or top after pulling it up. Choose a traditionally styled jacket, such as a saree jacket, for a fusion look for the day.
  • Accessorise your ensemble. Pair your dhoti petticoat with large jhumkas and a gorgeous choker to bring out your inner Eastern girl. If you’re heading to a fancy function, add some glitzy jewellery.

The 20 Best Dhoti Skirt Outfits You Should Try in 2023

  • Yellow cardigan and dhoti

Yellow cardigan and dhoti

This design is ideal if you want an Eastern appearance with a Western flair. Your dhoti skirt and accompanying embroidered top are ideal for a formal occasion.

If you want a more modest appearance and do not want to wear a dupatta, you can attempt a mix-and-match long yellow cape or cardigan to cover your shoulders.

Styling Tip

Add elegant silver jewellery to finish your ensemble that matches the embroidery on your blouse. It would be ideal for wearing heels or some yellow khussa.

  • White and yellow colour scheme

White and yellow colour scheme

Pale yellow often comes to the rescue when trying to achieve a softer, pastel-coloured style. Please put on your shirt and cover it with your yellow blazer. With the straight fit, a simple white dhoti petticoat would be perfect.

Styling Tip

Put on elaborate earrings and pastel-coloured heels that go with your outfit to enhance your bohemian style a little grander.

  • Dhoti skirt outfit for an ethnic Indian wedding guest

Dhoti skirt outfit for an ethnic Indian wedding guest

The best colours for any Mehendi or Mayon celebration are yellow and red. The day will undoubtedly be highlighted by the understated yet fashionable outfit.

  • A Green and Yellow Contrast

Green and Yellow Dhoti skirt outfit

This is your disguised angel if you attend a semi-formal occasion where you must dress appropriately, nothing too extra or too basic.

Archana Puran Singh wore a co-ord jacket with a flowing skirt in green and yellow. The outfit is comfy and elegant, with a straightforward camisole top underneath the jacket.

Styling Tip

You can accessorise with some green or yellow rings and matching necklaces. Either square-toed sandals or transparent heels, like Archana, are options for you.

  • The Green Wedding Dress

The Green Wedding Dress

Looking for a dress for a close friend’s or relative’s wedding that is elegant, classy, and comfortable? You can try on an outfit similar to this one.

The silk skirt in green has an exquisite fall and looks stunning on anyone who wears it. You will stand out from the crowd thanks to the embroidered net blouse and ruffled dupatta that will be draped around your arms.

Styling Tip

With minimal jewellery and makeup, this perfect outfit will enhance your natural beauty and poise.

  • Indian dhoti and a modern embroidered jacket

Indian dhoti and a modern embroidered jacket

It would help if you made this combination of a futuristic jacket and a traditional dhoti petticoat your go-to holiday outfit for the entire year.

These two polar opposite styles could be combined in a way that is fashionable and appropriate for the times.

Your outfit can be combined in seconds by pairing your dhoti pants with an embroidered jacket and matching cropped top. There is no need to exert any further effort in a situation like this.

Styling Tip

The ideal way to complete your style is with your favourite matched earrings and contrasting white or brown khussas or heels.

  • Boho Chic and Modern Indian Clothing

Boho Chic and Modern Indian Clothing

The modernistic cropped shirt and cape dupatta look great with the draped skirt. It fits perfectly, so you can wear it to your own Mehendi or one with your closest friends.

The spectators’ attention is drawn to the colours’ vivid tones. You will blend in well with the others while looking much more sophisticated than everyone else if you wear blue, red, and yellow, which are ideal for a Mehendi event.

The jewellery in bronze or golden hues, which would look wonderful with your outfit, is the cherry on top.

Styling Tip

Don matching shoes. You can also experiment with yellow or beige for your heels or sandals.

  • Dhoti Jacket Set

Dhoti Jacket Set

Winter calls for something warm and inviting. Contrarily, a dhoti can occasionally be airy and light. To wear these bottoms in the cooler months, you must pick the proper style and materials, such as velvet.

You can try on a set with a flowing skirt and jacket like this one. You will remain cosy and toasty all day thanks to the thick fabric of the skirt. The jacket on top will also protect you from the chilly winter winds.

Styling Tip

To increase the appearance of your waist, wear a belt around it. You can complete the look by donning heels coordinating with your outfit to make you appear more professional.

  • Co-Ord Dhoti Set

Co-Ord Dhoti skirt set

These days, matching sets that include a shirt and skirt are very popular. You want to make sure to take advantage of this fashion trend.

You have a huge selection of styles, colours, and designs. If you are hesitant to wear anything like this or if this is your first time trying on a dhoti petticoat, the co-ord dhoti set is a safer and better option for you to attempt.

Styling Tip

You can experiment with any appearance you desire, from Indo-Western to entirely Eastern, based on your preferences and what best suits your style. Both look great, and therefore, many women choose to wear both.

  • Brides’ Banarsi Mehndi Outfit Ideas

Brides' Banarsi Mehndi Outfit Ideas

Everyone wants to appear unique, colourful, and stunning in their wedding gowns. Particularly during Mehendi, you can show off your culture by donning vibrantly coloured clothing similar to somewhat banarsi bright pink clothing.

For your big occasion, a one-shoulder blouse and a dress with a matching drape skirt are the way to go. You will appear lovely and feminine in the pink banarsi cloth with golden embroidery.

Styling Tip

To keep comfortable during the day, put on a matching pair of khussas, and for everyone, go with simple jewellery. On D-day, avoid wearing bracelets, rings, or bangles for a smoother application of henna.

  • Crop top with an embellished dhoti drape skirt

Crop top with an embellished dhoti drape skirt

You can wear these dhoti-style skirts to any occasion or holiday. Your wedding clothing will be straightforward for you if you wear this outfit.

You only need to wear this pink crop top with embellishments and a drape-wrapped skirt that fits you well to look stunning. Carry a similar dupatta to complete the look and make it more wedding-appropriate.

With the simplicity of the fit and your accessories, the timeless and lovely pink aesthetic will make you appear as adorable as ever.

Styling Tip

With all those sparkling outfits and your luminous makeup, you’ll sparkle even more in the daylight.

  • Ivory Satin Skirts

Ivory Satin Skirts

There are many ways to wear a satin drape-wrapped skirt, especially at wedding festivities. Anything, from a crop top to a jacket on top, will look fantastic with it.

A basic pink crop top with ivory embroidery and an ivory satin skirt will look elegant and classy together. Alternatively, choose a blouse with golden embroidery like this one. Your elegance and beauty will shine through with the minimalist style.

Styling Tip

Try pairing it with similar pink or white heels, a lightweight jhumka, and earrings. If you want to improve the appearance of your exposed ankles, try wearing an anklet on your feet.

  • The classic casual look

The classic casual look

You can locate some of the many draped skirts you can wear regularly. Pull off a look akin to this for a casual day out with your friends or any last-minute plans.

In contrast, your go-to outfit should feature the lovely dhoti skirt design and a checkered blouse.

Styling Tip

Add a dupatta and matching khussa shoes to your attire to make it look more oriental. It would be best if you also considered wearing simple, adorable jewellery, such as anklets or bracelets, to finish off your style.

  • Blue Bridesmaid Outfit

Blue Bridesmaid Outfit

Although we have all seen bridesmaids attend their best friend’s wedding in long gowns or even suits, we have rarely or never seen them do so while wearing a dhoti skirt. It the time to experiment with this growing trend for your bridesmaid ensemble.

Sky blue is ideal for a daytime wedding with a pastel theme. You wouldn’t feel like you were missing out on the dresses because of the graceful appearance of the bottom wear and the matching, subtly created choli.

Styling Tip

Wear an upper that reaches the floor for a more sophisticated appearance. Along with silver shoes and long silver earrings to fit the wedding theme, you are prepared.

  • Cape Dupatta and Choli with Draped Skirt

Cape Dupatta and Choli with Draped Skirt

Are you looking for an Indo-Western outfit for a formal event? Don’t look elsewhere. This suit is perfect for weddings held while on a beach vacation.

Try pairing a dhoti dress with an embroidered choli and cape dupatta. Even though it is modern, there are certain ethnic components. Though challenging, experimenting with different patterns and styles may be enjoyable.

This ensemble embodies a carefree aesthetic. It is quite well-liked due to its comfort and ease, making you stand out and look fantastic.

Styling Tip

You would find it simpler to wear delicate jewellery that contrasts with your clothing because of the fit’s embellishments.

  • A black dhoti and embroidered cape

A black dhoti and embroidered cape

Try wearing this attire if you want to feel nothing less than royalty.

The simple yet beautiful colour blending of black and white pleases the eye. If you enjoy wearing outfits like this in black and white, you will adore this one.

You’ll feel strong and self-assured wearing an embroidered cloak or shawl with a crop top made of the same material and an all-black draped skirt.

Styling Tip

You might try accessorising with white or black. A white pearl necklace will also significantly improve your royal appearance.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the dhoti skirt set is a long-lasting fashion fad that has recently regained popularity. Create a distinctive and fashionable look with the appropriate styling ideal for any occasion. Find the ideal dhoti skirt set clothing that complements your personality, makes you feel beautiful, and makes you confident by experimenting with various styles, fabrics, and accessories. Always remember that fashion is about more than just adhering to trends; it’s also about expressing yourself and exhibiting your uniqueness via your clothing. Therefore, try these dhoti skirts, set outfit ideas out and turn heads wherever you go!


What is a dhoti skirt, exactly?

The draped shape of a dhoti skirt gives a fresh spin on conventional skirts. This timeless yet fashionable option is highly versatile. It may be worn with a crop top, Bandi, short tunic, or stylish asymmetrical jacket.

What complements a dhoti skirt?

Any blouse or top, such as tank tops, tube tops, jackets, and uppers, looks wonderful with dhoti skirts. Moreover, they look fantastic with white kurta shirts. Coordinating dhoti sets and coloured silk kurta shirts are currently in style.

How Should Dhoti Skirts Be Worn?

Many women are dressed in dhoti lehenga and top cape ensembles. Centre pleats, cowls, and the appearance of a cowl wrapped around the waist are all appealing design elements.

How cosy is a dhoti skirt?

It is among the most comfortable bottom clothing for Indians because it is made to fall away from the body and allow for movement. Because of their comfortable material and lose fittings, dhotis make great summer clothes.


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