Stylish Hijab Styles and Trendy Hijab Outfits to Flaunt In 2023

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Muslim women wrap their heads, necks, and chests with a headscarf known as the hijab. The hijab has evolved into a cultural symbol of Muslim women’s freedom of expression and personal style in recent years. In 2023, the hijab will be worn in various fashionable ways to appeal to a wide audience. In this post, we’ll look at the history of the hijab, the various ways it may be worn, the top hijab trends for 2023, how to properly accessorise a hijab, and more. There has been a rise in a variety of hijab styles.

Different Trendy Hijab Styles in 2023

  • The Basic Style

The Basic Style

The most frequent way to wear a hijab is the basic style, in which the scarf is draped over the head and fastened beneath the chin. This design is easy to maintain and perfect for casual wear.

Fashion Advice

  • If you want your scarf lightweight and breathable, go with that option.
  • Choose simple, solid colours that can be worn with various other pieces.
  • To keep your scarf in place beneath your chin, fasten it with a brooch or pin.

The Underscarf Style

The Underscarf Style

The under-scarf look is characterised by using a cap or under a scarf instead of the traditional hijab. This cut is perfect for a woman who values safety and comfort.

Fashion Advice

  • Pair your scarves with an under scarf or cap of the same hue to pull off a seamless ensemble.
  • Try switching to more lightweight and breathable fabrics like cotton or silk.
  • To keep the hijab in place over the under scarf, fasten it with pins or brooches.

The Infinity Scarf Style

The Infinity Scarf Style

A looping or circular scarf that may be wrapped around the head and neck multiple times constitutes the “infinity scarf” hijab style. Wrapping a scarf around one’s head in a looped infinity technique creates a sleek and sophisticated appearance. This look is perfect for any formal function or celebration.

Fashion Advice

  • Choose a soft, airy fabric like a chiffon that drapes beautifully for a soft, airy feel.
  • Try several hues and designs to see what works best with your attire.
  • Add some pizazz to your outfit with statement earrings and a necklace.

Turban Style

turban style hijab

Turban-style hijab involves wrapping the scarf over the wearer’s head like a turban. Wrapping the scarf around one’s head in a turban fashion is a great way to achieve a stylish and current look. This is a great option for women who want to try out a variety of hijab looks without committing to just one.

Fashion Advice

  • A striking print or pattern scarf might help you make a fashion statement.
  • Try a jersey or viscose if you’re looking for something soft and stretchy.
  • If you don’t want your turban falling off, keep it in place with a hairband or elastic band.

The Cap-Style

The Cap-Style

The scarf-wrapped cap is a staple of the cap style. Women who want a more laid-back appearance will love this design.

Fashion Advice

  • Select a cap in a basic colour like black or white so you can wear it with various clothes.
  • Try switching to a lighter, more breathable fabric for your scarf, like cotton or linen.
  • Pins or brooches can be used to keep the hijab in place on the head covering.

The 2023 Hijab Trends to Watch

  • Pashminas


A pashmina is a stylish and adaptable form of hijab that may be worn in various ways. You can find them in a wide variety of styles, colours, and levels of softness. Pashmina is the ideal accessory for a long coat or jacket this winter.

Fashion Advice

  • If you’re going for a sophisticated and ageless style, go for a solid-coloured pashmina.
  • Try out several drapes, like the shawl drape, to see what you like most.
  • Hijab oversize

Oversized hijabs

oversized hijabs

In 2023, oversized hijabs will be all the rage as a fresh take on the classic head covering. They’re adaptable, cosy, and easy to match with various ensembles.

Fashion Advice

  • To look put together and stylish, go for a neutral-coloured, large hijab.
  • Try new drapes like the turban or shawl to give your outfit a contemporary twist.
  • Add a pair of bold earrings and a necklace to complete your ensemble.

Hijabs with printed designs

printed hijabs

In 2023, printed hijabs will be popular because they allow wearers to stand out from the crowd while still covering their hair. They can be worn with many different ensembles because of the various styles and colours available.

Fashion Advice

  • Pick up a printed hijab that works with your wardrobe and complexion.
  • To highlight the hijab, keep the rest of your clothing understated and nondescript.
  • Create unique draping methods and add polish to your ensemble with the help of several pins or brooches.


Turbans for women

Turbans are a modern and flexible option for covering the head in the hijab. You can wear them all day long without discomfort or compromise in style.

Fashion Advice

  • Make a fashion statement with a turban in a striking hue or print.
  • Try a jersey or viscose if you’re looking for something soft and stretchy.
  • Add a pair of sunglasses or a bold necklace to complete your ensemble.

Hijab Cap

Hijab Cap

Wearing a hijab cap is a contemporary and fashionable option. They are adaptable to various hijab designs and offer a snug, pleasant fit.

Fashion Advice

  • Select a neutral hue for your hijab cap to make it easier to match with other garments.
  • Try out new ways of wearing the hijab, such as the turban or the cap style, to find one that works best for you.
  • Create unique draping methods and add polish to your ensemble with the help of several pins or brooches.

Tips for Donning a Hijab

Putting on a hijab for the first time might be nerve-wracking. How to properly don a hijab is discussed below.

  • Pick a cut that complements your features

It’s possible to choose a hijab that complements your face shape among the many available options. Women with round faces, for instance, can slim their appearance by wearing their hair in a turban or cap style.

  • Try on a variety of scarves made from various materials

Scarfs can be made from a variety of fabrics to suit individual tastes. For instance, a chiffon or silk scarf is a great choice for ladies who want something airy and lightweight.

  • Experiment with various hijab looks

Various forms of the hijab are available to meet the needs of various situations and personal tastes. Try on many looks until you discover one that works for you, from the most basic to the infinity scarf.

  • Wear brooches and pins as jewellery

The hijab can be fastened and made more attractive with the help of pins or brooches. Pick pins or brooches that add to the overall look of your ensemble.

  • Choose patterns and hues that enhance your ensemble

Changing your appearance drastically is as simple as picking the proper colour and pattern. Choose accessories and clothing in complementary hues and patterns.

How to style a hijab?

Hijab fashion is all about putting together a well-balanced ensemble.

How to wear a hijab? Here are some suggestions.

  • Accessorise properly with a hijab

The way you dress can have a significant impact on how you are perceived. Complement the hijab’s colour with the rest of your ensemble.

  • Put on some bold jewellery

The overall effect of a hijab can be improved by adding accessories. Add some glitz to your ensemble with statement earrings, a necklace, or a bracelet.

  • Alternate between several hijab designs

Combining multiple hijab designs might help you stand out in a crowd. For a laid-back but put-together look, try teaming an oversized shirt and trousers with a hijab in the shape of a turban.

  • Put on several layers

Putting on multiple layers can make your outfit appear more complex and interesting. For instance, a long coat or cardigan can be worn over a dress or skirt to create an elegant and refined look.

  • Use different textures

Changing your style with various textures is a fun way to spice things up. For a chic and unexpected combination, try wearing a leather jacket with a chiffon hijab.

Conclusion on Stunning Hijab Styles to Make You Stand Out in a Crowd

Finally, there is a plethora of gorgeous hijab designs that may make you stand out in a crowd. Many alternatives, whether you want big and adventurous patterns or basic and delicate appearances, are available. You may design a distinctive appearance that expresses your style and personality by playing with various materials, colours, and accessories.

So the next time you don your hijab and go out into the world, remember to embrace your uniqueness and self-assurance. You’ll stand out wherever you go if you take your cue from these gorgeous hijab looks!


What is the basic hijab style?

The fundamental hijab covers the hair and neck with a rectangle or square-shaped scarf while leaving the face uncovered. It is a straightforward and traditional look that Muslim women frequently don.

What does the turban hijab look like?

When wearing a hijab in the turban style, the scarf is wrapped around the head to resemble a turban. Fashion-forward Muslim women frequently wear this look with big jewellery and huge sunglasses.

What kind of hijab is a cap style?

The cap form of hijab entails covering the hair with a tight-fitting cap or under-scarf before covering it with a scarf. Muslim women who desire a tighter, more comfortable fit are drawn to this style.

What type of hijab is an infinity scarf?

The hijab style, known as the “infinity scarf”, entails donning a looped or circular scarf that may be wrapped around the head and neck numerous times. Muslim ladies who favour a basic, elegant appearance are fond of this trend.

What does the under-scarf hijab look like?

The under-scarf style of hijab entails covering the hair with a cap or under a scarf before covering it with a scarf. This design is preferred by Muslim women who want a tighter, more comfortable fit, and it also helps to keep the scarf in place all day.

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