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Eid is a unique occasion that inspires and satisfies millions of people worldwide. It is a season of joy, family get-togethers, and feasting. Eid is also a time for many people to dress to the nines and display their sense of fashion and cultural heritage. This blog offers a wide range of outfit ideas for men and women, whether you’re seeking traditional or contemporary Eid attire. We’ve picked together some of the best Eid outfits to help you look and feel your best on this auspicious occasion, ranging from beautiful traditional ensembles to sleek contemporary trends. So, brace yourselves to draw attention to yourself and your Eid dress!

Women’s Newest Eid Outfits Collection

Waiting patiently for the blessed day of Eid is a challenging task. So why set aside time to shop for women in the latest styles? We are confident that you wish to raise the standard in terms of fashion during Ramadan 2023!

You won’t find anything better to wear for Eid than these gorgeous clothes, which we promise in honour of the holy holiday of Eid. Let’s look at some of the trendiest Eid attire you can wear this year.

Ideas for Pastel Shararas for Eid

Today, pastels are highly fashionable. Thus, a gorgeous Sharara with pastel embellishments should be a perfect choice to slay iftar events and Eid festivities.

Styling Tips

  • To capture the spirit of the auspicious occasions, look for the most up-to-date patterns and intricate work.

Eid attire: heavy work shararas for an elegant appearance

Get a heavy wrought or embroidered zardozi sharara outfit that appeals to your Eid look. It is a festival with a positive aura and alluring lighting.

Styling Tips

  • Choose the handcrafted heavy work shararas that best fit your personality.

Eid outfits with peplum-style shararas for a contemporary vibe

Adding a pair of peplum-style sharara suit types to your wardrobe and including them in the Eid celebration will give your traditional Eid costume a gracefully modern appearance.

Styling Tips

  • Wearing heels or wearing flats will both make you look attractive.
  • Try peplum-style shararas with gorgeous jewellery and stunning dupatta designs.

Comfortable palazzo suits can be enticing Eid attire

Modern designs and excellent embellishment techniques complement a variety of palazzo suits to provide a fantastic environment for you to be in during the Eid celebration. Even Indo-western ones function admirably.

Styling Tips

  • Choose printed, simple, and minimally done printed items, or choose those heavily worked to seem fabulous and intriguing.

Designer Jumpsuits and Jackets for Fashion Forward Movements

Adding a long jacket might make the traditional jumpsuit in your Eid wardrobe more contemporary! The most popular hues and those with alluring cuts and elaborate embroidery are both options. You will look stunning in a scoop neck jumpsuit, a fun opportunity for the holiday season!

Styling Tips

  • An indo-western jumpsuit is a fashionable option for the season. Still, you may also choose one with bell sleeves or a jacket.

Salwar Suit with Straight Cut Pants for Classic Eid Outfits

The best clothing choice for this Ramadan can once again be the straight-cut salwar suit because it has successfully established itself in every woman’s wardrobe. Such straight-cut salwar kameez look lovely even without a cover. Considering that a salwar suit lends the wearer a unique charm and ethnicity.

Styling Tips

  • Use some stylish gold or silver jewellery with this outfit if you want to go for a more detailed look.
  • Furthermore, try beautiful heels and minimal makeup to enhance your natural attractiveness.

Anarkali Ensembles Are Always Perfect for Eid Outfits

Throughout Ramadan and Eid, ever-classic Anarkalis are always the greatest choice. Dressing up for Eid is customary. The Anarkali salwar suit for women comes in various styles, and you must choose the option that best suits your features.

These are a few looks that you ought to wear on Eid.

  • Fashionable Anarkalis

Put on a fashionable Anarkali suit to exude flamboyance and unrivalled beauty with a pinch of elegance and a tonne of grace throughout the Eid holiday. Also, cover the incredible beauty of Anarkali outfits with a lovely dupatta to raise your style factor.

  • Elegant Anarkalis

Have a stunning layered ensemble for Ramadan Eid. A magnificent, exquisite Anarkali dress with layers of vibrant colours with your stunning appearance will make your heart skip a beat.

  • Anarkalis in a gown-style

All occasions and settings call for a floor-length Anarkali suit in the traditional gown design. To further showcase Indian flair, step up your game with this gorgeous combination and add some jazzy decorations.

  • Low and High Slitted Anarkalis

Your aura will be captivating at weddings if you wear another fashionable Anarkali design with front, back, and side slits with different higher and lower lengths.

With Evershinning Contemporary Gowns, Shine Like a Diva

If you like a more feminine appearance, you may choose Indo-western gowns. There is no doubt that some elegant gowns that will make you look like a diva.

Styling Tips

  • Choose more spectacular ones involving complex crafting techniques, like chicken Kari or stitching.

Abaya & Headscarf

Many ladies during Eid opt for an Abaya and a headscarf, one of the simple and traditional outfits. The outfit is stylish and fulfils the objective of avoiding unfavourable looks. Abayas are available in various designs and styles to keep up with current fashions. Also, because the abaya is a loose, full-length dress, it is enjoyable to wear during Eid in a desert-like environment.

Styling Tips

  • A bright abaya can be worn with a matching brooch, headpiece, and earrings for a contemporary appearance with an Arabian flair.

Full-length Kaftan dress

Kaftans have changed significantly to meet the most recent fashion trends since they were first made popular by the Ottomans of Turkey. In the 1970s, kaftans were very popular in Hollywood due to their grace. A free-flowing, cosy dress is typically made of silk or cotton. The basic design of the dresses is the same, but there are variances in the sleeves, patterns, and colours.

Styling Tips

  • Wear it with edgy jewellery and bright lip colour.

Resham Lehenga choli

The raw silk lehenga choli with resham embroidery and sequin work is a good option because it can be worn both during the day and at night. For your Eid celebrations and parties, the traditional lehenga in a vivid colour will appear elegant and traditional.

Styling Tips

  • To draw attention to your waistline, embellish it with a belt.


By enabling you to dress up or down depending on the weather, a cardigan may provide variety to your Women’s Eid attire. Use a striking pendant or earrings to add a touch of glam and match it with a basic dress or pair of slacks.

Styling Tips

  • For a fashionable and cosy style, use it with sandals or ankle boots.

Eid Outfits for Men

One of the most significant religious celebrations for Muslims worldwide, Eid is marked by intense zeal and passion. Men also want to dress to the nines for this event to appear their best. Finding the ideal Eid dress for guys can be difficult. Still, with some preparation and work, you can create a chic and relaxed ensemble that expresses your individuality and sense of style. As we move further in this post, we’ll look at some trendy Eid clothes for guys to help them stand out and feel more confident on this crucial day.

Traditional Kurta Pajamas

An enduringly fashionable attire, the traditional Kurta pyjama is a staple in Indian culture. Choose a light pastel colour like beige, light blue, or light green for your Kurta Pajama for Eid.

Styling Tips

  • Simple leather sandals and a gold or silver watch are all you need to complete the look.


For Eid, a sherwani is the ideal formal attire. You can select a vibrant sherwani, such as one in crimson, maroon, or blue, and wear it with a matching churidar pyjama.

Styling Tips

  • For a fully authentic appearance, add a pair of juttis or mojaris.

Western Suit

You can choose a western suit in a neutral colour like black, grey, or navy blue if you want to appear more contemporary. It goes well with black shoes, a tie, and a white dress shirt. This dress is ideal for Eid celebrations or other events requiring a more formal appearance.

Styling Tips

  • Don’t forget to add a classic watch with your western suit.

Dressy Casual Outfit

For a dressy casual Eid outfit, wear a plain t-shirt with formal pants and a blazer. Choose a simple t-shirt in a hue that goes well with the jacket, like navy blue with a grey blazer.

It is best to use a graphic t-shirt with a subtle pattern or religious statement. This look is ideal for an Eid event where you want to appear sophisticated but not overly formal.

Styling Tips

  • Dress shoes and a basic watch should be worn to complete the outfit.

Thawb (Arabic Tradition)

Consider donning a Thawb, a long, loose-fitting gown often made of lightweight cotton and embellished with elaborate embroidery, for a conventional and upscale Men’s Eid attire. Choose a tailored Thawb with a fitting neckline and cuffs to offer a sense of class, and accessorise with a straightforward watch or cufflinks.

Styling Tips

  • Put on with a pair of comfortable yet fashionable leather dress shoes or sandals, and accessorise with a matching headpiece or scarf.

Pathani suits

All men occasionally need to dress in traditional men’s attire. The Pathani Dress is regarded as the ideal Eid outfit for males. The Pathani garment also provides the wearer with a macho appearance. Also, it is the cosiest outfit for the entire festival day.

During this Eid, you can choose from various of the newest types of pathani suits. For this, you can dress in a Denim Pathani Suit, a Pakistani Pathani Suit, Solids, or an SRK Pathani Suit in the King Khan fashion.

Styling Tips

  • Choose comfy yet fashionable leather sandals and complement them with a contrasting shawl or pocket square.

Achkan set in embroidery

On Eid-ul-Fitr, we are confident you will dress to impress, feel exceptional, and be joyful. This is your chance to dress sharply in an achkan. To show off this ethnic clothing, however, the appropriate styling is essential. The dress is even more eye-catching and magnificent for Eid parties and religious functions thanks to the velvet elements, the brilliant colour, and the rose embroidery.

Styling Tips

  • Put it together with coordinating trousers and classic leather shoes.

Trendy Eid Garments for Sibs: Brother Sister T-Shirts at Hangout Hub

What better way to celebrate Eid with family and friends than by dressing in complementary Brother Sister T-Shirts from Hangout Hub? These chic and cosy tees are the ideal way to showcase your sibling bond while still looking your best if you’re hosting a family event or going out to enjoy the festivities.

For men, Hangout Hub has a selection of Brother T-Shirts in classic hues and patterns that go well with Thawb or Pathani suits. These t-shirts are constructed using premium fabrics to keep you cool and cosy all day.

With matching Sister T-Shirts from Hangout Hub, women may also benefit from the Brother Sister T-Shirt craze. These chic and feminine tees are available in various hues and patterns. They look great with a Resham Lehenga Choli or a flowy Kaftan dress.

Conclusion on Best Outfits for Eid 2023

In conclusion, Eid is a unique holiday that brings joy and happiness worldwide. A crucial component of the Eid celebration is dressing appropriately. Therefore it’s crucial to pick an outfit that fits the occasion and expresses your personality and sense of style. Many options are available for men and women to make the most of this Eid season, whether you favour conventional or trendy trends. Thus, embrace the holiday spirit and enjoy spending Eid with your loved ones while looking your best.


What do men traditionally wear on Eid?

Men wear a Kurta pyjama, Shalwar kameez, or sherwani on Eid. These clothes often consist of cotton, silk, or linen and are available in various hues and patterns.

What should women wear on Eid according to tradition?

Women typically wear a Salwar Kameez, Saree Choli, or Lehenga on Eid. These clothes often consist of silk, cotton, or chiffon and are available in various hues and patterns.

Can males dress in Western-inspired attire during Eid?

Men can dress in Western-inspired attire on Eid, such as a suit or a dress shirt and pants.

Can women dress in Western-inspired attire on Eid?

On Eid, ladies can dress in Western-style attire such as a skirt or shirt. However, it’s crucial to ensure the attire is appropriate for the setting and not too exposing.

Can kids dress in traditional attire for Eid?

Kids can dress in traditional Eid attire like a Kurta Pajama or Salwar Kameez. These clothes usually come in children’s sizes and are offered in various hues and patterns.



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