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Looking for a special gift for your best friend? Then you have come to the right place. Your friend has always been by your side in challenging or happier times. Whether it’s a shoulder to cry on, rejoicing in your accomplishments, or creating new memories, you and your bestie have been with you through it all.

So when thinking of gifts for friends, give a thoughtful, quality, and one-of-a-kind present. The sentimental gift will make your best friend feel cherished and memorable.

Occasions such as your friend’s birthday, a milestone celebration, or festivals require a gift that expresses your bond with your friend. That’s why; we have picked a few top 15 gifting ideas for friends that are not unique but also must-have essentials which will leave your BFF in awe.

We have got it all for long-distance friends, childhood BFFs, work pals, and close associates. Learn about the latest trending gifting ideas, such as electrical gadgets, customised home décor, personalised hampers, or items based on your friend’s passion or hobby.

Therefore, for your best friend’s special day, give him/her something exceptional which can convey how much you value their friendship. This article has covered a wide range of best friend gift ideas that are perfect for all types of friends and occasions. 


Gifting Ideas for Friends, JEWELLERY for girls

When it comes to gift ideas for friends, customised jewellery is a popular choice. It can be personalised rings, bracelets, or chains. A thoughtful gift such as this to your best friend will surely be remembered for years. 

You can customise the jewellery by engraving your BFF’s name, birthday day, star sign, or a memorable quote. This addition to the jewellery can make the gift more special and unique.

You can ensure that the jewellery is simple and elegant, which can be worn for everyday use. Jewellery makes an exceptional present for a long-distance friend or a close childhood pal. Getting matching friendship jewellery can also be a perfect way to celebrate the glorious years of your friendship.


Friends T shirts, Friends Quote T Shirt, T shirt for friend

Customised BFF t-shirts are popular gifting ideas that not only look cool to wear but can also convey depth of affection to your friend. You can customise the t-shirts by colour, printing funny BFF quotes, meaningful wordings, and pictures. To transform it into a more memorable gift, you can match the t-shirts by twinning them with your best friend.


Gifting ideas for friend, Scented candle, Candle in glass, Burning Candle, Red Burning Candle In Glass

Looking for a visually pleasing, as well as an aromatic gift? Then scented candles in glass jars are the perfect gift. They bring more aesthetics to an indoor space, whether it’s lit or not. And the gradual release of fragrance is both refreshing and calming.

The scented candles come in beautiful glass jars with various choices of fragrances and colours. You can pick the one that you feel best suits your friend. Though cost-friendly, scented candles in jars add a stylish and homely feel to any space.

It is said that light represents optimism. In that aspect, give your close friend a set of scented candles for a new beginning and a joyous year ahead.


If your friend is fond of yoga and exercise, then a yoga mat as a gift is sure to win your friend’s heart. They are one of the most essential items for doing yoga. It helps in cushioning your body against a hard surface and provides a firm grip when performing complicated yoga positions.

Yoga mats are cost-friendly and relatively cheaper than most gifts. But it doesn’t mean you cannot make it special for your close pal. You can personalise the gift according to your friend’s preferences. Pick your friend’s favourite colour for the mat, or look for any designs that you think suit your best friend.

If you’re on a budget and looking for a gift, then yoga mats can be a helpful present which does not put a hole in your wallet. It can be given on your friend’s birthday, to celebrate an important milestone, or for the holidays.


Gifting Ideas for Friends, Touch lamp gift, Circular Touch lamp, Auto Lamp

Having a long-distance friendship can be challenging. Though you talk to your friend daily on the phone, it can never be the same. So if you’re looking for a gift that will show him/her that you’re thinking about them, give them a touch lamp or telepathy friendship lamp.

Touch lamp or telepathy friendship lamp is a unique invention that lets you be in touch with your friend virtually in a creative way. All you have to do is buy a pair of touch lamps and gift one to your friend.

Whenever you touch the lamp screen or vice versa, your friend’s lamp will also be lit, no matter how far he/she is. Connected through the internet, the lamps, once touched, will light up. You can enter your secure Wi-Fi details to activate the touch lamps, which stay connected forever. You can also select different shades of colour through the lamp sensor screen.

A thoughtful and memorable gift such as the touch lamps to your friend will surely be remembered and cherished.


Gifting Ideas for Friends - Hangout Hub, Pillow, Personal designed pillow cover, Quoted pillow

 Don’t know what to get for your best friend’s birthday? Then try our next gifting idea of personalised BFF pillow covers. You can transform a regular-looking pillow cover into a personalised gift with unique designs, colours, and prints.

You can personalise the pillow cover in the form of printed pictures of you and your friend or a collage of all your memorable photos. It can also be a picture of your friend’s beloved pet or a favourite icon.

Favourite colours and designs are ideas you can try to make your gift more customised and unique. Whatever it is, make sure it’s related to something your friend loves and cherishes.


Gifting Ideas for Friends - Hangout Hub, Portrait frame, Photot frame

Gift your best friend a customised friendship portrait for special occasions such as birthdays or holidays. A meaningful and customised gift such as this will surely be unique among all the gifts your friend will receive.

The customised friendship portrait can be a picture of the two of you or a single one of your friends. You can even add various designs and colours to the frame and the portrait to make them unique. 


Gifting Ideas for Friends, mens accessories

Are you looking for a gift that’s special as well as useful? Then a grooming hamper as a gift for your friend will surely come in handy. It comes in a wide range of products, neatly placed in a gift basket or a gift box.

If you’re looking for gift ideas for your male friend, go for grooming hampers for men. You can find various products specially designed for men’s grooming, such as beard oil, shaving kit, men’s perfume, shampoo, etc. You can give your friend multiple hamper options with different products as a luxurious and unique gift.

When it comes to women’s grooming hampers, you can find essential oils, bathing kits, spa treatment products, eye masks, facial cleansers, and many more. This gifting idea for friends is excellent in making your close pal feel pampered and special.


Gifting Ideas for Friends - Hangout Hub, House plant gift, Best House plants

Plants bring luck and good fortune to a home, and their lush evergreen can transform any dull place into a vibrant paradise. And that’s why our next gifting idea for friends consists of potted houseplants you can give your special friend as a gesture for a new beginning.

Potted house plants require less maintenance and are pet friendly. Therefore, it makes for a great gifting idea for all kinds of occasions. Plants can bring a new lease of life into an indoor space for a birthday, auspicious events, or the holidays.


● Chinese money plant

● Jade plant

● Lucky bamboo

● Aloe Vera

● Peace lily

● Snake plant

● Ponytail palm


Gifting Ideas for Friends - Hangout Hub

Is your friend fond of baking? Then gifting a bakeware set on her special day would be a dream come true. It can be used to bake delicious cakes, desserts, mouth-watering cuisines, and much more. A gift carefully chosen to represent your friend’s passion and hobby can be a top contender among other gifts.

If you’re looking for a bakeware set to gift your friend, you can ensure it consists of all essential baking items. They include baking sheets, trays, round pans, muffin tins, loaf pans, sheet pans, etc.


● Non-stick bakeware set

● Metallic bakeware set

● Aluminum bakeware set

● Glass bakeware set

● Silicon mould bakeware set

● Cast-iron bakeware set

● Stoneware set


Gifting Ideas for Friends, Aroma Diffuser, Aroma spreader, Dhup Cover

An aroma diffuser is an excellent idea for gifting your friend. The essential oils in the diffuser release fragrances that benefit the body and mind. It is beneficial when you come home from a stressful day.

As a gift to your close friend, an aroma diffuser is cost-efficient. But it’s a gift that your friend can enjoy while doing yoga, exercising, relaxing on the weekends, and much more.

All you have to do is add any type of essential oil to the diffuser and plug in the cord. Your whole space will be filled with a fresh, calming aroma to soothe the weary mind and body.


Gifting Ideas for Friends - Hangout Hub, coffee maker

A friend who cannot start a morning without a cup of coffee? Then gift a coffee maker to your best friend as a birthday present. It will leave your friend in awe and a gift that will be reminded you of every time it’s been used.

A freshly made coffee is so much better than a store-bought one. And a mini coffee maker at home would be a luxurious and thoughtful gift.

But it should be noted that coffee makers are expensive. If you don’t mind the cost, you should take up the opportunity of a special occasion to give your friend this memorable gift.


Makeup storage boxes can be used to prevent makeup items from getting cluttered. It helps keep things organised, where they can be reached and used efficiently. A makeup storage box can be a great choice if you still haven’t found an ideal gift for your best friend.

Makeup storage boxes include various additions, such as a built-in mirror, appropriate placing for makeup items, and more. Give this delightful gift to your friend on her birthday, the festival, or the holidays.


Gifting Ideas for Friends - Hangout Hub, E-Reader, E-book reader, Mini E-book Reader

If you’re thinking of gifting a friend who loves reading, then a kindle black and white e-reader can be a perfect present. It is economical and contains all the modern features that make up a great digital reading device.

You can download an ample number of books onto the e-reader and read to your heart’s content. Your friend will surely treasure a gift such as this for years to come.


Gifting Ideas for Friends, Simple perse, Cosmetic perse, Cloth Perse

Bags are always valuable and necessary when carrying essential items. Therefore, our following gifting ideas on the list are tote bags or cosmetic bags.

Tote bags have larger space than purses or handbags and are efficient when carrying many items. While cosmetic bags help segregate makeup items from other products. Gift your friend a high-quality tote bag or cosmetic bag which is durable for a long time.



Gifting your best friend a perfect present that represents your friendship but is also unique and sentimental can be difficult. With our carefully put-together top gifting ideas for friends, you can pick an exceptional gift, but also one of a kind. And now that we have covered what we can gift our friends, you can also check our blog on exceptional gifting ideas as a couple and find simple ways to make your partner’s day with those gifts.


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