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What are some best combinations of pairing a crop top with a skirt? Keep scrolling to get the ultimate guide to pulling off the perfect crop top & skirt look.

Fashion and trends come and go, but if there is one outfit that is ruling the fashion world, then without a doubt, it would be Crop top. Undoubtedly short top is the most versatile outfit that has become a wardrobe staple. It goes perfectly well with every kind of outfit.

To make everyone’s head turn, trendsetters wear a crop tops with skirts. While choosing any outfit, we all look for something attractive and comfortable. After all, comfort is also essential, and a Women’s Crop Top with a skirt is one of the outfit combinations that come with a blend of style and comfort.

What is a Crop Top and How To Style It With a Skirt this 2023?

Crop Top

You must live under a rock if you are unaware of the crop top. This style is every fashionista’s first choice when wearing comfy yet stylish clothes. The crop top is a woman’s casual sleeveless or short-sleeved outfit that one can wear throughout the year.

However, the crop top is everyone’s favourite outfit in the summer season. You can pair your chic Women’s Crop Top with different types of skirts. Whether you have a long skirt, high-waisted skirt, or short skirt, you can easily showcase your wise choice in fashion. You need to select the perfect type of skirt for your crop top as multiple options are available in the market, online and offline. With a crop top and skirt combinations, the possibilities are endless!

On that note, check out the most amazing crop top and skirt combination below that will help you achieve the perfect balance of the crop top & skirt look.

Crop Top With A Long Skirt

Crop Top With A Long Skirt

Crop tops are fun, chic, sexy, and the boldest women’s wear and unbeatable combinations like a crop top with a long skirt are the cherry on the cake. The combo is perfect for every occasion. Indeed, one can look gorgeous with this crop top and skirt combination. Go for the perfect crop top with a long skirt for weddings, birthdays, outings, and parties, and steal all the attention effortlessly.

Cape Style-Crop Tops & Skirt

Cape Style-Crop Tops & Skirt

There are two types of fashionistas in this world: one who follows all the trends and the other who starts the trends. If you are the one who loves to wear Cape-style crop tops with a skirt, then congratulations, you are the trendsetter. Although Cape style crop tops with skirts go perfectly well on all body types, however, for leaner than regular-sized women, the cape-style tops will add pizzazz to their look. So, try this killer crop top and skirt combination without any further ado.

Crop Tops And High Waisted Skirts

Crop Tops And High Waisted Skirts

What about your OOTD, aka outfit of the day? Just go with the stunning crop top and high-waisted skirts. The combination comes with an array of flattering shapes and fabrics. The best part is that crop tops and high-waisted skirts are great for hiding belly fat. One can look stunning with this crop top and skirt combo and feel comfortable. As mentioned above, there are different types of high-waist skirts in different colours, which makes crop tops and high-waisted skirts a combination of formal and casual. So what are you looking for?

Short Crop Top with the Flared Skirt

Short Crop Top with the Flared Skirt

Caution: This Crop top with skirt combination is only for those ladies who want to look sexy all the time.

We all know that there are different kinds of body types, and for all those body types, various brands offer different types of skirts and crop tops. Speaking of which, for the hourglass body type, the short crop top with the flared skirt is the ideal one. A mermaid style or flaring skirt goes seamlessly with a short crop top.

Crop Top And Short Skirt

Crop Top And Short Skirt

And here comes the boldest crop top and skirt outfit, yes, you guessed it right. For all the fashion-forward women, crop tops and short skirts have become the first choice for parties, events, nightclubs, and birthdays. Just imagine a picture of yours on social media on a beach wearing a sexy crop top and short skirt. Feeling great already, correct? The good news is, summer is around the corner, and what can be the best thing to wear on sunny days than a crop top and short skirt combination? So stop looking for the perfect summer outfit and explore the vast collection of various kinds of crop tops and short skirts.

Pencil Skirt And Crop Top

Pencil Skirt And Crop Top

If you love trying something different from monotonous style, go with the pencil skirt and crop top combinations. Yes, you read that right. This combination exists. We cannot deny the fashion fact that this combination of these crop tops and skirt styles is ideal office attire that will make you look more confident in your office presentations and meetings. This beautiful fashion style is perfect for those “formal days” at work. You can try different styles with it as it is versatile.

Conclusion on How to Wear a Crop Top with a Skirt & look Perfectly Fashionable in that Outfit

The crop top and skirt fashion combination started in the late 90s, and still, people admire this retro style. Crop tops are a great way to add style and flair to any outfit. Combining them with flawless skirts allows you to easily take an outfit from “everyday” to “extraordinary”. In conclusion, crop tops with skirts are an outfit that has been popular for any age and is a great way to show off your style. From formal skirts for special occasions to more casual skirts for everyday wear, you can create unique and beautiful looks that show off your personality and sense of fashion.


Is crop top formal wear?

Yes a Crop Top can be used in formal occasions, but it depends on how you wear it.

Is crop top smart casual?

Crop tops are considered as smart casual based on the way they are styled.

Is a crop top good for summer?

Crop tops are the perfect outfit for summer. Pair it with a pair of cotton shorts to look chic.

What to do when the crop top is too short?

One can layer a crop top under a blazer or a jacket for a formal look.

Can you wear a skirt with a crop top?

Yes, the combination is ideal for both casual & formal occasions & you can look amazing with the outfit combinations which are mentioned above in all seasons.


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