Different types of kurta for men

Top 15 Kurta and Jeans Combinations: Jeans And Kurta Style to Cop Today

Men’s kurtas and jeans are a common outfit choice for a casual look. Slit Kurtis with jeans is incredibly cosy ethnic and semi-casual clothing for guys. Their traditional clothing, simple, unadorned kurtas, exudes a relaxed air.

15 Best Mens Kurta with Jeans Style to Make People Fall Head Over Heels For You! 

The fact that men’s kurtas are so adaptable is one of their finest qualities. You may use it for both formal and informal attire. For instance, you may always pair your designer men’s kurtas with eye-catching Indian mojaris if you’re heading to a wedding.

Nothing says “chilled out” more than a vivid men’s Kurta and a pair of well-fitting denim jeans if you want a laid-back party vibe in this comfortable wear.

Choosing the Best Fabric for Men’s Kurta with Jeans: Denim Jeans and Kurta Style

Best Fabric for Men's Kurta

Every cloth has a unique texture, which affects how an outfit fits and the appropriateness of the event. Careful fabric selection is required if you seek a specific type of function. There are many different kinds of cloth available for Indian kurtas. For weddings and celebrations, you may choose textiles like cotton, silk, etc. You must choose this comfortable wear based on the fabric.

Cotton Fabric for Kurta

Cotton Fabric for Kurta

Cotton is consistently in style. These kurtas have a brief appearance and are cosy.

Silk Kurta for Men

Richness is added to kurtas by the shimmering silk gloss. Plain colours should be worn with only a small amount of embroidery on the neck or portion of the shoulder.

Silk Kurta for men

Men’s Raw Silk Kurta

Men's Raw Silk Kurta

Compared to regular silk fabric, raw silk has a more opulent feel. A raw silk kurta is ideal for weddings, cocktail parties, and night parties. While selecting a raw silk kurta for guys, go for dark hues.

Khaadi Men’s Kurta

Khaadi Men's Kurta

The khadi kurta has swept the fashion industry off its feet. Men, as well as fashion designers, adore this material. Khadi should be chosen over linen since it has an airy quality.

Jeans Kurta Design: Denim Jeans and Kurta Style

You can find varied designs and styles when it comes to this combination.

There are short, medium, and long kurtas. Not only that, comfortable wear denim kurtas with and without pockets. Also, they come with varied neck styles and embroideries and prints.

So, you see, the design doesn’t lack variety when it comes to denim kurta and jeans combination.

Long Kurti Design with Jeans

For instance, take a look at this jeans kurti design and colour combination.

Long kurti with jeans not only looks elegant but it’s also ideal for many occasions. Especially, if you’re someone who is quite tall, this jeans kurti design will accentuate your figure and give you a chic look.

Slit Kurti Jans Style for Men

  • White Kurta with Jeans:

White Kurta with Jeans

A classic combination that never goes out of style, the white Kurta with denim jeans is a versatile outfit that can be worn for both casual and formal events. This comfortable wear a timeless look that is perfect for any occasion. The white kurti with jeans is a great option for men who want to keep it simple yet elegant.

This white kurta with jeans style has this pure and elegant feeling that makes you feel comfortable and peaceful wearing this attire. The kurta with jeans style is also suitable for festivals like Eid and Raksha Bandhan.

Styling Tip:

 Add a chain brooch to this white kurti with jeans combo if you like a royal touch.

  • Pink Pathani Kurta with Jeans:

Pink Pathani Kurta with Jeans

A pink Pathani kurta with jeans style is a bold and vibrant outfit choice. This colourful combination is perfect for men who want to stand out from the crowd and make a fashion statement.

A short pink Patani-style kurta is paired with well-fitting jeans kurti design. It works for most skin tones if you are worried about it going well with pink undertones.

Styling Tip: 

The pink colour can be balanced by neutral accessories such as shoes and a watch.

  • Black Kurta with Jeans:

Black Kurta with Jeans

A black kurta with jeans style is a sleek, modern outfit that exudes sophistication. The kurta with jeans style a versatile look that can be worn for both casual and formal events.

With a dress like this, you will be ready for festivals like Eid, Raksha Bandhan, Diwali, or traditional festivals. Wearing a traditional outfit is sure to make you look attractive and charismatic.

Styling Tip: 

The black Kurta can be paired with black boots and a leather jacket for an edgy look or dressed up with dress shoes and a watch for a more formal occasion.

  • Maroon Short Kurta with Jeans:

Maroon Short Kurta with Jeans

A Maroon short kurta with jeans style is a trendy and fashionable outfit for men wanting to make a statement. They are for casual and semi-casual places.

This comfortable wear is found in many different colours, but if you want a combination of modernity and traditionality, you can go for Maroon.

Styling Tip:

 It’s a bold colour that can be paired with neutral accessories such as loafers and a leather bracelet.

  • Red Kurta Style with Jeans:

Red Kurta Style with Jeans

A red kurta style with jeans is a daring and bold outfit choice. This kurta with jeans style an excellent option for men who want to stand out and make a statement; ideal kurtas to wear with jeans.

Red also looks great with light black denim jeans. However, wear a red kurta in autumn and winter rather than in hot summer, and you get hot and sweat more in such dark fabrics.

Styling Tip:

 This kurta with jeans style can be accessorised with neutral shoes and accessories to balance out the bright colour of the Kurta.

  • Modern Pathani Kurta with Jeans:

Modern Pathani Kurta with Jeans

A modern Pathani kurta with jeans is a fusion of traditional and contemporary styles. You will surely look attractive and very attractive.

However, when choosing the length of the Kurta, make sure it fits your height perfectly, for example. If you are short, raise the Kurta to your knees. However, if you are tall, you can also wear a medium to long Kurta.

Styling Tip:

 You can wear with jeans and accessorise with leather sandals and a leather wristband for a more modern feel.

  • Party Wear Kurta with Jeans:

A party-wear kurta with jeans style is a stylish outfit for a night out. It’s a great way to make a fashion statement and stand out.

A medium-length kurta is suitable for men of all body types. Depending on the occasion, a party kurta can be combined with different Jeans. The dark grey colour makes it suitable for any skin tone.

Styling Tip:

This slit kurta look can be accessorised with black or light blue leather shoes and a statement watch for an elevated look.

  • Denim Pathani Style Kurta:

A denim Pathani-style kurta with jeans style is a unique and stylish choice. It’s a great way to incorporate denim into traditional attire, a look that can be dressed up or down.

It can be paired with white or black salwar churidar or dhotis.

Styling Tip: 

This outfit can be accessorised with white sneakers and a black or light blue leather bracelet for a modern touch.

  1. Black Pathani Kurta with Jeans:

A black Pathani kurta with jeans style is a classic and timeless outfit choice. This black pathani short kurtis for jeans is a versatile look that can be worn for both casual and formal occasions. A black Pathani kurta paired with jeans is a classic, timeless outfit choice.

Plain Chinese collared patani is also perfect for your college, with fold-down sleeves for a casual and stylish look. This slit kurta a breathable fabric, so you won’t be overwhelmed by black, even in the hot summer.

Styling Tip:

 To keep the outfit looking sharp, pair it with black leather dress shoes and a black leather belt.

  1. Long Denim Men’s Kurta with pyjama:

A long denim men’s Kurta paired with pyjamas is a comfortable, laid-back outfit choice.

Denim style kurta combined with denim gives off an overwhelming presence from the colour of the Kurta. It looks like a trendy denim kurtas pattern. You can combine this long kurta with jeans style with evening and winter, which will be very difficult in the summer.

Styling Tip: 

Add a pair of chappals or sandals with straps and a simple watch to complete this look.

  1. Long Punjabi Kurta with Jeans is a very Excellent Combo

The long Punjabi Kurta looks great with jeans. The dark grey Kurta has a very elegant design.

This long kurta with jeans can also be worn with black churidar and denim. It will surely make you look smart and attractive.

Styling Tip:

It’s a bold colour that can be paired with neutral accessories such as loafers and a leather bracelet.

  1. Simple Cotton Kurta with Jeans:

Jeans and a simple cotton kurta are very nice combinations that many men prefer for comfort and style. When you wear cotton clothes, your skin breathes well.

Styling Tip: 

Add a pair of white sneakers and a simple bracelet to access this look.

  1. Stylish Men Short Kurta with Jeans:

A stylish men’s short Kurta paired with jeans is a fashionable choice. This short kurtis for jeans style has a drawstring kind of neckline and foldable sleeves.

If you are someone who’s looking for kurtis to wear and would like to experiment with different colours, this mauve purple colour is for you.

Styling Tip:

 Add a pair of brown leather sandals and a wristband to complete this look.

  1. Long Designer Kurta for Jeans:

A long designer kurta paired with denim jeans is a high-end and fashionable outfit. This long kurta with jeans can have a geometric print and Anglaka pattern on one side.

The bright sky-blue Kurta also looks great with dark bottoms and white pyjamas. Try a design that brings out your charm to the fullest, such as a friend’s visit, a ring ceremony, or an engagement.

 Styling Tip:

To accessorise access this comfortable wear look, add a pair of black leather dress shoes and a silver watch.

  1. Kurta with Harem Pants:

A kurta paired with harem pants is a comfortable and trendy outfit choice. This kurta with ripped jeans combo is a perfect partner for all your ethnic and wedding wear needs.

Styling Tip: 

Add a pair of sandals and a simple bracelet to complete this look.

Conclusion on Best Men’s Kurta Jeans Style

Having the coolest outfits gives a sense of fashion to newbies. Wearing a kurta with jeans has been in fashion for decades, and it isn’t going away.

Therefore, these were the newest denim kurtas for men and long Kurta for wearing with jeans. For a casual appearance, pair up a short denim Kurtas with jeans. The short kurtis for jeans look is most popular among college students since it combines comfort and fashion. Styling the Kurta denim jeans is entirely up to you. Still, the information you have gasped here will give you enough ideas to pair your ripped jeans with different kurtas designs and traditional clothing.


Which type of Kurta is best for jeans? 

  • Straight-cut or slim-fit kurtas are best for wearing with jeans.

Can men wear a kurta with jeans? 

  • Yes, men can wear kurtas with jeans for a fusion look.

Does Kurta look good with jeans? 

  • Kurta and jeans can look good if paired correctly and matched in colour and style.

What pants to wear with kurta men?

  • Men can wear churidar pants, pyjama pants, or jeans with kurtas, depending on the occasion and personal preference.

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