Latest and Trendy Banarasi Saree

Latest and Trendy Banarasi Saree Colors for 2023

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The traditional Indian garment, the Banarasi Saree, has been updated and modernised in 2023, which has resulted in the traditional Indian dress reaching an entirely new level of chicness and opulence. Banarasi sarees are currently a popular option for women who are fashion-forward all over the world. These sarees are known for their inventive techniques, contemporary designs, and strong colour choices. The Banarasi Saree is a type of hand-woven cloth that is famous across the world for its intricate patterns and high level of artistry. It is produced in the city of Varanasi in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. In recent years, fashion designers have given the traditional Banarasi saree a new lease on life by updating its appearance while preserving its timelessly elegant character. This flawless combination of antiquity and contemporaneity has resulted in the creation of a Banarasi saree that is both refined and edgy, making it an absolute must for women who are interested in fashion.

What’s the ideal shade for a Banarasi saree?

While we don’t favour any one hue, we can’t deny that certain tones work very well with Banarasi sarees. The red banarasi saree look, the black banarasi saree style, the pink banarasi saree look, and the green banarasi saree look are the pinnacle of fashion in our opinion. As we’ve already stated, we don’t like to pick favourites. To help you stand out, we’ve compiled a list of the best Banarasi sarees, along with styling recommendations. If you need us, we’ll be here. Listen up, gals!

Latest Banarasi Saree Colors to Look Out for in 2023

·        Blue-Cerulean Banarasi Saree

Blue-Cerulean Banarasi Saree

Wearing an elegant cerulean banarasi saree can make you the focus of any room. It is completely bedecked in pearls and sequins. This saree is guaranteed to elicit a “haaye, nazar na lage!” from your mum.

Pair it with

Pair the cerulean blue with a beige or gold blouse for a stunning effect. You’ll look beautiful with just a pair of golden platform heels.

Jewellery on Banarasi Saree

Light jewellery, like polki earrings and a ring, is what we recommend. A delicate rose-gold timepiece to finish off the ensemble.


Soft glam make-up.

·        Parrot Green Banarasi Saree 

Parrot Green Banarasi Saree 

The parrot green Banarasi saree is so unusual that it drew our eye right away. It’s a toss-up between the brocade and the pallu as far as our hearts go.

Pair it with

The same colour blouse can be a nice touch. It will have an understated beauty.

Jewellery on Banarasi Saree

Reduced adornment. Try some gold hoops, a bracelet, and a ring. A long, gold, temple necklace is an option as well. Don’t leave the house without your golden clutch!


What good is a Banarasi saree if you don’t go all out with your makeup? We humbly propose that you try nude lipstick, smokey eyes with dramatic eyelashes, and blush to bring out the best in your cheeks.

·        Hot Pink Banarasi Saree

Hot Pink Banarasi Saree

Don’t pretend you haven’t had a secret crush on a saree-clad Bollywood starlet. Shilpa Shetty is living proof that every child of the ’90s has her or his heart in their chest. She looks gorgeous in her bright pink Banarasi saree. The use of jewel tones gives the otherwise classic patterns a luxurious and regal air.

Pair it with 

The top can be a V-neck with a collar or a collarless top with gold embellishments on the sleeves. This pink saree looks great with either strappy flats or golden kitten heels. Perfecto!

Jewellery on Banarasi Saree

How can gajra complement a Banarasi saree? We had no idea a gajra could be so stunning on its own, but it simply taught us a lesson. Wear a stunning gajra in your hair; it’s quite acceptable. You may accomplish this with a pair of silver jhumkas and a large silver bracelet.


In terms of makeup, try to keep things as simple as possible.

·        Magenta Purple Banarasi Saree

Magenta Purple Banarasi Saree

Desi saree fans have a soft spot for floral patterns. Beautiful in its simplicity is this magenta-purple Banarasi silk saree embellished with gold flower designs, a gold border, and a heavy pallu. This wedding season, magenta-purple is going to be the ‘it’ hue for bridesmaids, so why not just add it to your list of shopping in India?

Pair it with

 This magenta-purple Banarasi saree pairs surprisingly well with the jade-blue velvet top.

Jewellery on Banarasi Saree

Choker necklaces in gold or silver, kanbalis, and a few bangles on one arm look great with a round neck shirt. You don’t need a million dollars to look like a million bucks, madam; only a pair of gold wedges and a clutch in white and gold.


Nude Make up.

·        Bridal Red Banarasi Saree

Bridal Red Banarasi Saree

This wedding crimson or red Banarasi saree with a golden border and vibrant pallu is another popular saree with floral designs. The hue has a calming effect while also sparking creativity. It’s a bridal outfit worthy of a Banarasi saree!

Pair it With

Wear a blouse of the same saree colour rather than one of a contrasting hue.

Jewellery on Banarasi Saree

This crimson banarasi silk saree is worthy of temple ornaments. A set of jhumkas and a necklace depicting the goddess Laxmi in ruby will turn heads.


Light makeup with shimmering eyeshadow, red lipstick if desired, and a strong highlighter game.

·        Mustard Yellow Banarasi Saree

Mustard Yellow Banarasi Saree

The mustard yellow banarasi saree is perfect for all ladies of all ages. You should include this saree in your wedding attire. Mustard yellow banarasi sarees are the standard dress for Indian wedding ceremonies including the haldi, mehendi, cocktail sangeet, and even day weddings.

Pair it with

Wear a blouse of a contrasting colour.

Jewellery on Banarasi Saree

If you pair it with flashy makeup or accessories, the whole outfit will be ruined. Choose some fine gold studs, a bracelet, and a choker instead if you want to seem classy. When donning this saree, a clutch is a must.


Makeup should be kept to a minimum, including minimal or no eye makeup, natural-looking lip colour, and a hint of blush.

·        Red Banarasi Saree

Red Banarasi Saree

You can’t go wrong with a stunning red Banarasi saree. The flowery jaal and elaborate border of this saree help. There is just enough pizzazz and drama in this saree! Wearing this saree could draw a lot of attention to you. You could potentially get 12-15 rishtas on the same day. Simply said, get ready!

Pair it with 

The ideal top to pair with this saree is a red sleeveless top with a scalloped V-neck.

Jewellery on Banarasi Saree

Choker or no necklace, giant circular studs, a kundan bracelet, and a massive ring are all great complements.


Nude makeup

·        Black Banarasi Saree 

Black Banarasi Saree 

Silver zari bootis and meenakari embroidery adorn a typical black banarasi saree. A simple black banarasi saree is impossible to reject. As soon as we laid eyes on the black stunning saree piece, we started begging our friends to get married just so we could wear it. The designers call the fabric “soft as butter,” which is a huge selling point for us.

Pair it with

We suggest a white silk top with puffy net sleeves. The list also includes a black silk blouse trimmed in silver zari.

Jewellery on Banarasi Saree

Add a bold necklace and earrings to finish off the ensemble.


Go for maroon lipstick and Kohled eyes.

·        Saffron Banarasi Saree 

Saffron Banarasi Saree

What a beautiful shade of saffron! We could all use a little bit of the colour’s reassuring warmth and vitality. Such sarees are distinguished by their rich zari pallu and diagonal floral ‘jangla’ or jaal.

Pair it with 

The saree requires a velvet top to complement it.

Jewellery on Banarasi Saree

Earrings and a necklace are required whereas a maang-tikka is not. This saree would look wonderful with a potli bag adorned with flower embroidery.


Glittery make-up.

·        Mint Blue Banarasi Saree 

Mint Blue Banarasi Saree 

When it comes to weddings, pastels are where it’s at. The stunning Banarasi saree in mint blue simply had to be cut.

Pair it with

Silk top in a deep blue hue, perhaps peacock blue. This saree demands strappy sandals.

Jewellery on Banarasi Saree

Add an expensive timepiece and a statement necklace to finish off the ensemble. The allure of a Banarasi saree can be amplified with the addition of polki and diamond jewellery. This saree would look fantastic with a matching set of earrings, a bracelet, and a ring.


Go for soft glam make-up.

·        Lilac Banarasi Saree

  Lilac Banarasi Saree

The colour lilac is timeless, much like a Banarasi saree. This saree looks even more luxurious because of the delicate motifs of plants and animals. You can’t go wrong with this saree for your sister’s wedding.

Pair it With 

In light of the saree’s lavish fabric, keep your accessories minimal. Make a matching blouse and accessorize with some round studs.

Jewellery on Banarasi Saree

No drama with the jewellery.


No-Make-Up look.

·        Maroon Banarasi Saree

Maroon Banarasi Saree

Amazing golden bootis, animal and plant motifs, vines, and floral and faunal motifs adorn this maroon Banarasi saree. The deep crimson colour is striking. When we picture a bride in a traditional Banarasi saree, this is the sari we picture. This Banarasi saree style is perfect for a bride.

Pair it With 

Putting on a blouse with no sleeves or three-quarter-length sleeves to coordinate. Don’t forget a pair of glittering gold sandals.

Jewellery on Banarasi Saree

The maroon Banarasi saree calls for a stunning bridal jewellery ensemble. Add some gold bangles to your outfit.


Glittery make-up

Keep in mind that a Banarasi saree, once purchased, requires special care. It can only be dry cleaned, wrapped in muslin, and kept in the dark and cool. It’s also important to keep it away from any potential fabric pests.

You can’t go wrong with a Banarasi saree no matter the time of year, the occasion, or the weather. There are many varieties of saree, but none that can compare to the classic Banarasi!

Things to Avoid when Wearing a Banarasi Saree

When it comes to looking your best in a Banarasi saree, there are a few things that you should steer clear of doing to achieve this. When donning a Banarasi saree, five things should be avoided

  • It is vital to accessorize, but it is also important to avoid wearing too much jewellery. Wearing too much jewellery can take away from the beauty of the saree. To accentuate the look of the saree, choose a single piece of jewellery that draws attention to itself, such as a necklace or a set of earrings.
  • It is important to refrain from using heavy makeup because it has the potential to make you appear overdone and can take away from the elegance of the saree. Instead, opt for a look that is more natural by applying minimal makeup and choosing a bright lip colour.
  • Avoid wearing the incorrect undergarments because choosing the proper ones can make or break your overall appearance. Select knickers that have a good fit and are seamless if you want to steer clear of any unattractive bulges or lines.
  • It is important to avoid incorrectly draping the saree because how you drape your saree can have a significant impact on your entire appearance. Make sure that you correctly drape your saree and that it is done so neatly to prevent any creases or bunching from occurring.
  • If you want your Banarasi saree to look its best, you should steer clear of wearing footwear that isn’t appropriate for it. Avoid wearing sandals or shoes with a big heel or any footwear that doesn’t go well with the saree. Choose a pair of exquisite heels or sandals instead that are in keeping with the saree’s design and colour scheme.

Conclusion on Latest Banarasi Saree Looks

There is no question in anyone’s mind that the Banarasi saree will continue to be a timelessly elegant staple even as it continues to make waves in the world of fashion. The Banarasi saree is an investment piece that is a lifetime piece because of its ageless beauty, rich cultural tradition, and excellent craftsmanship. It is also a piece that will endure a lifetime. This timeless piece of clothing will always make you feel like a star, no matter where you wear it or what occasion you’re celebrating. You can anticipate that the most recent look for the Banarasi saree, which will be popular in 2023, will feature a wealth of possibilities to choose from, such as vivid and eye-catching hues, complex embroidery, and innovative draping ways. Why hold off then? It is time to appreciate the elegance of the Banarasi saree, so make it a priority to add one to your collection as soon as possible.


●         In what ways have Banarasi sarees evolved recently?

The most up-to-date Banarasi sarees feature unique details including geometric patterns, bright hues, and trendy themes. Banarasi sarees are also well-liked because of their elaborate embroidery, zari accents, and metallic borders.

●         Can I wear a Banarasi saree to a formal event?

Banarasi sarees are ideal for special events like weddings, parties, and other celebrations where elegance and grace are required. Banarasi sarees, with their luxurious fabric and elaborate embroidery, are perfect for formal events.

●         How do I give my Banarasi saree a modern twist?

A Banarasi saree can be updated for a modern look by teaming it with a chic top, bold accessories, and sleek shoes. You can also try out different draping techniques, like the pant-style drape, to give your saree a more contemporary look.

●         Can ladies of any age wear Banarasi sarees?

Banarasi sarees are appropriate for ladies of all ages, from young girls to grandmothers. Banarasi sarees are a favourite among ladies of all ages thanks to their adaptability and classic elegance.

●         What is the best way to maintain my Banarasi saree?

If you want to preserve your Banarasi saree, dry cleaning is the way to go. In addition, keep your saree out of the sun and in a cool, dry spot. Finally, your saree is a fragile fabric, therefore you should not wear it in extreme heat or cold.

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