Wedding Dresses for Men

Wedding Dresses for Men to Beat This Summer 2023

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The 2023 summer season is quickly approaching, and with it, the wedding season. Even though weddings are generally exciting events, males may find it difficult to dress appropriately due to the extreme heat.

Wedding attire for guys has advanced significantly with the development of the fashion industry. There are numerous alternatives, ranging from formal tuxedos to more informal suits. The designs of this year’s trends combine classic and modern elements, which makes it simpler for men to select an outfit that complements their individuality. You can therefore seem fashionable and at ease at the same time, whether you’re the bridegroom, the best man, or a guest.

In this post, we’ll look at the newest styles of wedding attire for guys and offer styling advice to help you pick the perfect outfit for the big day.

What Does The Dress Code Mean?

Paying great attention to what is written on the invitation is the most crucial factor to consider when choosing your summer wedding clothing. Typically, there will be a dress code specified, giving you a benchmark to compare what is proper and what is not. It can be challenging to understand what is what given the vast quantity of these codes. Maybe the invitation might not even specify a dress code. Therefore, before you show up in your dinner suit to a smart casual event, here’s a quick crash lesson in the fundamentals.

·        Black Tie

black tie

Except for probably white tie, black tie is the most formal attire. This is probably not going to be on a summer wedding invitation. Nonetheless, if you do, you should be aware that black tie refers to a dinner suit (or tuxedo, if you’re American). Never appear in anything else. The problem? You’re likely to perspire.

Styling Tip

In addition, you’ll need a black bow tie, a pair of Oxford shoes in patent leather, a pressed dress shirt with a bib front, and well-polished, well-coated black shoes.

·         Formal (Black Tie Optional)

formal dress


Among the more ambiguous dress regulations. Black Tie Optional simply says that although your hosts will be dressed in black tie, they are considerate enough to recognize that you may not want to. Going in a dinner suit is always a good idea just to be on the safe side.

If this isn’t possible for any reason, a regular two-piece suit with a tie is appropriate.

Styling Tip

Just make sure your suit is dark and as formal as you can get (think peak or shawl lapels).

·         Summer smart

  Summer smart

Thank goodness you’re not obligated to burn to a char when wearing a dark wool suit. Warm-weather weddings often include a “Summer Smart” dress code, which gives guests more flexibility to experiment with colours and textures.

Here, blue and other light, neutral, or pastel hues work well for tailoring. However, choosing a seersucker or linen suit rather than a wool or cotton one can help you stay cool and sophisticated throughout.

Styling Tip

Combine with a pair of complementary-coloured loafers.

·         Smart Casual

  Smart Casual


If you want to stay cool without wearing a jacket, feel free to do so. However, you could decide to wear separates if you feel like hiding the sweat patches might be important but don’t want to be the only guest in a full suit (you probably wouldn’t be anyway).

Styling Tip

You are not limited to wearing leather Oxfords, Derbies, or monk strap shoes; loafers, brogues, as well as suede or even canvas construction, are all equally appropriate.

·         Casual Attire

  Smart Casual

Although it’s uncommon, if your invitation specifies a casual dress code, you can essentially wear whatever suits you fancy. Yet, it’s best to maintain a calm atmosphere at all times. In other words, regardless of how hot it is outside, it’s probably not a good idea to come up in a T-shirt and flip-flops.

Instead, opt for chinos or smart pants paired with an Oxford shirt, a pair of desert boots, or simple leather trainers.

Styling Tip

Don’t forget your leather-strapped watch for an elegant look.

·         Cocktail Dress

Cocktail Dress

Cocktail costume entails tailored clothing with a modern twist. Wear the patterned two-piece suit, for instance, but perhaps replace the shirt with a white or printed tee.

Once more, separates will be just as effective as a suit.

Styling Tip

Try pairing a striking blazer with simple pants and a nondescript shirt. Always keep in mind that no two pieces of apparel should compete for attention.

Important Summer Wedding Outfits

You may be starting to realize that choosing clothes for a summer wedding can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. A select few timeless looks are always appropriate. These are the go-to combinations that will always work if you don’t feel like experimenting.

·         The Cloth Suit

  The Cloth Suit

Traditionalists who dislike tailoring may sneer, and it’s true that not everyone like it. Yet, linen is the ideal material to keep you sweat-free. The Navy is the most secure choice for those who lack adventure. If you wore it with a white shirt and black monk-strap shoes, no one would be able to tell the difference up close.

A beige or sand tone is the traditional colour for linen tailoring if you’re willing to attempt something different (and the dress code permits it).

Styling Tip

Use chambray in this situation, a white or light blue shirt, and brown leather loafers as your anchor pieces.

·         Summer Separates


Summer Separates

The combination of contrasting dark and bright separates is always a hit. Consider wearing lighter-coloured slacks (stone, white, or beige) and a darker-coloured blazer during the warmer months.

Styling Tip

When it comes to coordinating footwear with separates, there are no hard and fast rules. Nonetheless, in general, the majority of conventionally “smart” silhouettes will function.

·         Two-Piece Suit that is Breathable



Two-Piece Suit that is Breathable

You probably already have one of these in your closet, which is good. Nevertheless, if it’s made of wool, be aware that it will keep you warmer than something made of a cotton or linen blend. Here, beige, blue, or mid-to-light grey are your best bets in terms of colour. Avoid wearing black because you will be extremely hot and it may come off as morbid.

Your shirt options depend on the dress code, but anything save a black tie is covered by a white or light blue Oxford. Remember to keep your accessories simple and avoid matching your tie and pocket square, but feel free to show a little originality.

Styling Tip

Your footwear should be classy and sophisticated further south. You’re not going to a board meeting, so try a double monk strap or Derby shoe to keep things elegant but not too formal.

Key Materials for Summer Wedding Clothing

When your face has become a sort of beetroot colour and you’re sweating profusely, it’s quite difficult to seem slick and stylish. There is one thing you can do to relieve it, besides constantly dabbing yourself with your napkin and hoping none of the other visitors’ notice.

Planning, or choosing the appropriate materials for the work, is the key. Even David Gandy, a male model who swears by a navy wool suit, is aware of its limitations. Yet, regrettably, keeping you cool in temps of 30°C is not within its purview. The answer? Be astute in the fabrics you choose. How? Read on.

·         Linen

The ideal airy alternative is a linen suit, although some men may be turned off by the ageing hippy associations. Yet, if it is worn properly, the results will speak for themselves. The key is to get a flawless fit while incorporating modern elements with your choice of shirt and accessories.

A well-fitting, sand-coloured linen two-piece, for instance, might sound a little uninspired. You’ll quickly reconsider, though, if you pair it with a chambray shirt, a patterned pocket square, and a pair of casual suede shoes.

·         Seersucker

Seersucker is one of the quintessential warm-weather fabrics, right behind linen. It lends itself nicely to spring and summer wedding suits since it is airy, cool, and lightweight.

The fabric frequently has striped or checked designs that look fantastic with loose, unstructured tailoring. But there are also plain alternatives available, so it is still feasible to wear the traditional navy suit without catching fire.

·         Chambray

Currently, denim shirts are a major design trend and they can look excellent with casual tailoring or suit separates. The issue is that when the sun comes out, they’re not exactly the most breathable option. A little lighter alternative that offers a comparable style in a far more breathable fabric is chambray.

Styling Tips for Men’s summer wedding attire

·         Colours should be light and bright

Adieu, black! Choose suits with light grey, khaki, or tan tones for a light style this season, men. Use linen or another cooler fabric if possible. And don’t be scared to use a vibrant boutonniere to add a splash of colour!

·         Choose ties based on personality

Back in style are summery ties! Cool patterns and vibrant hues are the results. Have your guys choose ties with unique designs that go with the wedding’s main colour scheme to give your line-up appearance some flair.

·         Including summer accessories

Even men can accessorize! Hats are ideal for offering shade and a touch of antique fashion. Sunglasses are another enjoyable finishing touch; simply ask your girlfriend to select a pair for you that complements the rest of your grooming attire.

·         Suitable Shoes

Feel free to wear more casual shoes even if everyone else is wearing formal suits. Well, gentlemen, we’re not talking beach sandals here, but boat shoes are more comfortable than oxfords.

Conclusion on Most Trendy Summer Wedding Dresses for Men

In conclusion, 2023’s wedding season is going to be a huge event, therefore it’s critical to look your best while also feeling comfortable in the sweltering summer heat. The newest styles of wedding attire for men have been examined in this article, along with traditional and contemporary looks.

Additionally, we’ve offered styling advice so you can be as fashionable and comfortable as possible. You can be sure to make an impression at any wedding this summer by paying attention to the most recent trends as well as these pointers.


·         What are some of the newest styles for men’s wedding attire in 2023?

Traditional and contemporary fashions are combined in this year’s trends, which range from formal tuxedos to more relaxed and informal suits.

  • How can men make sure they are comfortable while wearing formal clothing in the summer heat?

Guys can beat the heat by wearing breathable fabrics, light colours, and accessories like hats and sunglasses.

  • A summer wedding allows males to wear shorts, right?

Shorts are normally not regarded as proper attire for weddings, however, if there is a casual dress code, males can choose to wear formal shorts with a button-down shirt.

  • What are some of the most popular hues for men’s wedding attire this summer?

Pale blue, beige, and grey hues are popular selections for the summer.

  • Do bow ties still have a place in wedding attire?

Indeed, bow ties are still a common addition to wedding apparel, particularly for more formal occasions.

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