Wedding Lehenga For Bridesmaids In 2023

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Are you excited to be a bridesmaid and want to look your best on the big day? Look no further than the perfect wedding lehenga! With this traditional Indian attire, you’ll be sure to turn heads and feel confident as you stand by the bride’s side. Get ready to shine and make lasting memories with the perfect Lehenga. As a bridesmaid, you are responsible for bringing colour, style, and brightness to the wedding festivities. What could be a more impressive way to express oneself than wearing a beautiful lehenga? Bridal fashion has a wide variety of lehengas specifically designed for bridesmaids. These exquisite lehengas can make any bridesmaid look stunning on the big day. This allows you to showcase your style and contribute to the overall visual appeal of the wedding. Many options are available to suit your preferences, whether you lean towards bright and striking colours, soft and subtle pastels, or intricate and detailed embroidery. The possibilities are limitless. Prepare yourself to wear this stunning outfit and get ready to attract attention as you walk down the aisle with the bride. We will explore the enchanting realm of wedding lehengas designed for bridesmaids and help you find the ideal one that suits your taste and preferences.

Top wedding Lehenga for bridesmaids

Pink Lehenga

Indian weddings often use the colour pink, and it’s not as hard as hitting red, but it still leaves an impression on people.

The Zardosi work on this Lehenga is small, so you can focus on the wedding instead of just your Lehenga. You can add gold chandelier studs and bangles to accessorise it. Your sister can wear this dress for her Sangeet ceremony or wedding.

Styling Tips

  • Match the pink bridesmaids’ wedding lehenga with a contrasting choli to create an attractive look.
  • Wear bold jewellery like chandelier earrings or a statement necklace to add some sparkle.

Pastel Shade Lehenga

This light pastel lehenga is perfect for the bride’s sister on the wedding day. It is elegant and comfortable, and the colour is light and easy on the eyes.

The plan at the bottom of the Lehenga is included in the design, and even though the Lehenga is all one colour, the borders add variety. Pair pearl jewellery with colours like emerald or sapphire to enhance your look.

Styling Tips

  • Try loose waves or a braided updo for your hair to match the soft pastel colour.
  • Use small earrings or a slim bracelet as accessories.

Cape Style Lehenga Choli

The Cape-style lehenga is a great option for winter weddings. This style is a great choice for winter and looks very beautiful.

The cape has a basic lehenga charm with simple work on its Choli. Remember to pair it with silver Zardozi studs. The studs can transform to match the nighttime wedding session. Instead of carrying a bunch of gems, wear this type of Lehenga for your sister’s Mehndi or Sangeet events.

Styling Tips

  • To highlight the cape style, wear long, flowing earrings.
  • Try different ways of draping a cape to create a modern and distinctive look.

Off-shoulder lehenga

The brides wear this type of lehenga choli at weddings because it is always in style. However, since brides are now choosing other colours, why can’t the bride’s sister also wear this style? This off-shoulder Lehenga is trendy and stylish and makes you look amazing.

Remove the dupatta and wear some heavy stone jewellery with this Lehenga if you can. This type of Lehenga is good for parties or engagements.

Styling Tips

  • Try wearing your hair in an updo, such as a bun or braided style, to highlight your shoulders and neckline.
  • Select bold accessories, such as a big bracelet or a statement ring.

Sunshine Yellow Lehenga

This is perfect for wearing during daytime Haldi sessions. Additionally, it makes you shine and gives you a brighter appearance.

This colour always seems to be noticed. The yellow Lehenga looks fun and light.

The simple Lehenga and light net dupatta make a complete outfit. Choose a pair of small earrings and a matching accessory for your outfit. Wear it for your sister’s Haldi or Mehndi because the colour suits daytime events.

Styling Tips

  • Keep your accessories minimal for a fresh and vibrant look during the Haldi ceremony.
  • You can either braid your hair or curl it loosely to match the bright yellow colour.

Green Lehenga

Choosing a beautiful lehenga is important for a girl’s wedding and will help her look stunning at the event. The lime green lehenga is adorned with delicate mirrors that make it sparkle. This dress with a sheer tulle dupatta is a great choice for a bride’s sister.

Styling Tips

  • Wear a contrasting choli or dupatta with a green lehenga to create a bold colour combination.
  • Use traditional jewellery such as jhumkas or a maang tikka to add elegance.

Printed Lehenga

A printed lehenga is great for a big Indian wedding if you want something to wear. This dress is a popular and stylish choice for the groom’s sister at a wedding, and you will match it with a Kantha dupatta.

This outfit can also be worn for non-wedding events if paired with simple accessories. Add a simple piece of jewellery and wear heels with your lehenga choli to complete your look.

Styling Tips

  • To highlight the printed design, choose simple accessories.
  • Select a hairstyle, such as a smooth ponytail or a fishtail braid, to display the detailed patterns.

Pleated skirt and Choli

This wedding season, a pleated lehenga is in fashion. A sister’s wedding is a great opportunity to show off your unique fashion style.

You can pair a simple, creased lehenga with a heavily adorned choli or a plain choli with a heavy dupatta. Choose appropriate jewellery to match your Indian outfit. Make your appearance more extravagant by styling your hair in funky ways.

Styling Tips

  • To look more sophisticated, tuck in your Choli and wear a waist belt as an accessory.
  • Choose a low bun or a half-up, half-down hairstyle to go well with the pleated skirt.

Beige Lehenga

Wear a beautiful beige lehenga choli to enhance your glamorous and old-world charm and create an enchanting look. This lehenga choli will make you look very graceful. Match or contrast the dupatta with the outfit.

Styling Tips

  • Wear statement jewellery such as a layered necklace or bold cocktail ring to add glamour.
  • To match the elegance of the beige Lehenga, style your hair in loose waves or a voluminous blowout.

Lehenga with a Shirt

It’s become fashionable to wear a lehenga with a contemporary shirt. It’s a great outfit to wear to your sibling’s wedding. Pick a pretty-coloured lehenga and pair it with a pastel choli.

If you wear a dark choli, it’s best to pair it with a pastel or printed skirt. Remember to wear traditional jewellery to enhance your look. Style your hair in a trendy, twisted way.

Styling Tips

  • Pair the Lehenga with a modern-style choli in contrasting colours.
  • Add modern accessories like geometric earrings or a stylish belt to finish the outfit.

Red Banarasi Lehenga

Wear a beautiful red Banarasi lehenga to look great as a bridesmaid. Banarasi fabric is a great choice for traditional occasions because of its rich texture and intricate weave. It is timeless. Wear a choli that is either a contrasting colour or gold with this Lehenga to make a bold statement. Wear jhumkas and a maang tikka to make your outfit look more royal.

Styling Tips

  • Choose a simple hairstyle like a tidy bun or curls swept to the side to draw attention to the detailed design of the Lehenga.
  • Add fancy heels and a small bag to make your outfit more glamorous.

Floral Banarasi Lehenga

The mix of pretty flower designs and fancy Banarasi fabric looks nice together. Match this Lehenga with a light-coloured choli to enhance the floral designs. Wear fewer accessories to highlight the Lehenga. Choose a gentle and romantic hairstyle, such as loose curls or a half-up, half-down style.

Styling Tips

  • Add small and delicate jewellery, such as earrings with floral designs and a thin bracelet, to finish your outfit.
  • Remember to wear comfortable shoes, like flats or low heels, so you can dance comfortably all night.

Chikankari Lehenga

Chikankari is a type of embroidery that uses white thread on light-coloured fabric. It looks very elegant and classic. Match or contrast this Lehenga with a chikankari choli to create a cohesive look. Choose simple silver or pearl jewellery to complement the delicate embroidery.

Styling Tips

  • To keep a gentle and romantic look, tie your hair in a simple updo or leave it in loose waves.
  • Wear comfortable shoes like flats or wedges to enjoy the festivities without any discomfort.

Non-Dupatta Lehenga

This outfit doesn’t include the traditional dupatta, so you can show off the beautiful details of the skirt. Pick a choli that fits well, has a loose flow, and matches the design and colours of the Lehenga. Use fewer accessories to keep a simple and minimalist style. You can style your hair in a ponytail or a braided updo or leave it down for a simple look.

Styling Tips

  • Add some personality to your outfit by wearing statement earrings and carrying a clutch.
  • Wear comfortable heels or flats with the Lehenga, depending on your preference and the occasion.

How to choose the right accessories for a bridesmaid’s Lehenga

  • Pick accessories that match the colour and style of your Lehenga to make it look better.
  • Wear bold jewellery like chandelier earrings, maang tikka, or a statement necklace to look more glamorous and shiny.
  • Choose a clutch or potli bag with the same or similar colours as your Lehenga.
  • Try different hairstyles like braids, updos, or loose curls to find a style that matches the neckline and design of your Lehenga.
  • Try wearing fancy shoes like embroidered juttis or heels to look more elegant and complete your outfit.

Things to avoid when donning a lehenga for bridesmaids

  • Use only a few accessories with your Lehenga. Choose a few bold pieces instead of too many.
  • Only wear a heavy dupatta if it matches Lehenga’s style or design or limits your movement.
  • Don’t wear uncomfortable or mismatched shoes with your Lehenga.
  • Choose simple hairstyles that don’t take away from the beauty of your Lehenga.
  • Put only a little heavy embroidery or decoration on your Lehenga. It could make it heavy and uncomfortable to wear.

How to keep your Lehenga clean?

  • Keep your Lehenga in a cool and dry place. It’s best to use a muslin or cotton cover to protect it from dust and moisture.
  • Please don’t hang your Lehenga too long; it can stretch the fabric. Store it in a box or drawer without folding or bending it.
  • Clean stains or spills immediately by gently dabbing them to prevent them from becoming permanent.
  • Don’t iron your Lehenga directly. Use a thin cotton cloth or steamer to remove wrinkles and keep the fabric in shape.
  • If your Lehenga is delicate, ask a professional dry cleaner who handles delicate fabrics to take care of it.

Wrapping Up

As the wedding celebrations close, you will always cherish the memories of being a bridesmaid. These memories will stay with you forever, reminding you of the joy and happiness you experienced during this special occasion. As a bridesmaid, your responsibility extends beyond being there for the bride. It also involved ensuring that you presented yourself best regarding appearance and confidence. Your Lehenga’s elaborate embellishments, breathtaking patterns, and vivid hues created a regal aura around you. Your Lehenga was a beautiful addition to the entire wedding celebration, from the pre-wedding ceremonies to the grand wedding day. It added a touch of elegance and beauty that enhanced the overall atmosphere of the festivities. As you say goodbye to this lovely chapter, please take a moment to reflect on the joy and happiness you brought to the bride’s special day. Remember that although your time as a bridesmaid may have concluded, the wedding lehenga’s memories and elegance will always be treasured.


What does a bridesmaid’s wedding lehenga look like?

A bridesmaid’s traditional Indian outfit is called a wedding lehenga, worn by female attendants to the bride. It usually includes a long skirt, a choli or Choli, and a long dupatta scarf.

How can I choose the best bridesmaid wedding lehenga?

To select the perfect wedding lehenga, think about the bride’s colour scheme, the wedding theme, and your style. Find a lehenga that matches the bride’s outfit and reflects your style.

Can bridesmaids wear lehengas of different colours?

Bridesmaids can wear different coloured lehengas if the bride wants a variety of colours. Work with the bride and other bridesmaids to ensure everyone looks coordinated and visually pleasing.

What styles are currently popular for bridesmaid lehengas?

Bridesmaid lehengas are currently popular in pastel colours with floral embroidery, mix-and-match patterns, and modern styles. Fashion trends can change based on the season and what people like.

What are some ways to add accessories to my bridesmaid lehenga?

Choose jewellery that matches the colour and style of your bridesmaid lehenga. You can look more elegant by wearing statement earrings, necklaces, bangles, and hair accessories. Choose shoes that are both comfortable and match the style of your Lehenga.

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