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Mens Fashion Styles That Women Hate

Now that summer is upon us, I’ve noticed more and more men wearing their pants so loose they’re practically falling off their butt. And while there are many things I appreciate about this look (it’s hot! ), a few things have got us women cursing.

Women have been the gatekeepers of fashion for centuries. So maybe listen up if your sartorial preferences are not to get you ostracized. Women have an eye for detail and sometimes know what works on men much better than men themselves. They appreciate clean lines, simple cuts, subtle patterns, and neutral palettes. Anything else is likely to get you a lukewarm reception at best. 

If your wardrobe is teeming with out-of-fashion trends or ill-advised experiments, it’s time to make some changes pronto! Women hate certain things about men because they’re just not their thing – at all! But they don’t really mind some nice printed t-shirts for men. Here are 9 trends women hate on men–

Blocky Sneakers

Blocky Sneakers













Men’s fashion and style trends are often fickle, changing every few years with no discernible reason or pattern. What started as a new way to dress has quickly become a tired classic that everyone is expected to wear at least once in their lifetime.

The most recent example of this trend is blocky sneakers—the kind you can buy at your local sporting goods store and wear when walking around town during the summer (or any time). These shoes are comfortable enough for everyday use. Still, they’re also so bland and uninteresting that there isn’t much point in having them in your wardrobe if you wear anything besides flip-flops on weekends or flip-flop-compatible sandals on weekdays when it’s raining outside (which it probably will be).

Mismatched Socks

Mismatched Socks













The fashion faux pas of mismatched socks is hard to ignore. It’s not just a look you’d see on some random guy in the street, but rather a fashion statement made by many men who don’t know how to dress and are lazy about their appearance. If you have to wear mismatched socks, then at least match them up with your shoes or other accessories (like belts).

The reason why this trend should be avoided is that it makes your outfit look messy and unprofessional; in addition, if you’re wearing two different colours, then it will be difficult for people around you (and especially women) to differentiate between each pair of shoes/socks because they look so similar!

Snakeskin Patterns

Snakeskin Patterns













Snakeskin patterns are a long-standing trend that has been around for years, but there’s a reason why they’re not popular with most women– it reminds them of snakes. This may seem like an odd association for such a seemingly modern-looking fabric. Still, the truth is that reptile skin patterns are often made to look reptilian. 

It’s an unfortunate coincidence that men love these clothes because they can look very masculine while also feeling extraordinarily sexy and sexy-ish—but if you’re not into this type of look, then maybe go ahead and stay away!

Tightly Fitted Suit Jackets

Tightly Fitted Suit Jackets













Tightly fitted suit jackets are a faux pas for men and women alike.

They’re too snug on the body, which makes them look like they belong in a museum display case. They don’t flatter men as much as women (or children). And if you’ve ever owned one of these tightly fitted jackets, then you know how uncomfortable it is to wear—even just walking down the street!

V-necks instead of crew necks

You might have seen this trend on the red carpet, but it will not be a good look for you. V-necks are too revealing and don’t hide anything, whereas crew necks provide a more flattering fit for your neck and chest area. A crew neck will also keep you warmer in winter when there are fewer layers of clothing worn by men and women alike (this is true even if you’re wearing tights underneath).

If you want something stylish but can still be worn with casual attire—without looking like an out-of-touch hipster—then opt for a v-neck sweater instead of one with buttons down the front or cuffs at the end of sleeves like many men do now!

Cargo Shorts

Cargo Shorts













If you’re a man, cargo shorts are probably the worst fashion trend for men to be wearing. They’re not appropriate in the office, and they’re not suitable for a first date. Cargo shorts are inappropriate at job interviews, funerals and weddings too!

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog posts over the past few months (and if not, why haven’t you?), then chances are good that by now, you know that men’s fashion trends can range from being very stylish to downright tacky depending on what celebrity is wearing them right now or what kind of mood he’s in when he puts them on his body as well as how much money he thinks those clothes cost him so far today!

Man Buns and Ponytails

Man Buns and Ponytails













Man buns and ponytails are the latest fashion trends that women hate, but it has a caveat– we hate them only when they look unkempt and, maybe, downright dirty. They’re so trendy and look so good on guys—but it’s not just the style that bothers women. It’s the fact that these hairstyles don’t suit many men at all– mainly because to carry off man buns and ponytails in style, you need to be inherently super cool and not pretend to be excellent.

Matching your clothes to your shoes

Matching your clothes to your shoes is a classic style mistake, but it’s not just a look that women hate. And it’s also a sign of poor fashion sense, poor grooming and poor self-esteem.

To begin with the obvious: matching clothes to shoes is an insult to high fashion. It’s like wearing someone else’s favourite pair of jeans or t-shirt when you could be wearing something better—and at least you’re not borrowing someone else’s shoes!

The problem with this trend is that it suggests either that people are too lazy to choose what they want out there; or they have so little taste in their wardrobe that no matter how hard they try, they can never pull off anything stylish enough for their own satisfaction—they just end up looking like clones of each other all day long. Jimmy, just chuck it already!

Checkered Pants

Checkered Pants













Checkered pants are a terrible idea for many reasons. First, they’re not cute; second, they don’t look good on anyone, especially the guy who wears them; and most importantly, checkered pants make women feel bad about themselves.

You see why? Women love to wear clothes that make them feel good about themselves (and also look good). Checkered pants are a huge no-no because they make women feel unattractive or silly in some way—or both! Maybe not much sense here, but when did love or hate ever need logic?

Women Love it when Men Dress Well

Now that you know what not to follow you must also be aware of what to do and how to go ahead with your fashion sense as a man, so here are some basic principles for men’s fashion which you must follow.

It’s not just about the clothes, either—it’s about how you wear them and carry yourself. Women are attracted to confident men who feel comfortable with themselves and their appearance, so if you’re a man who wears a suit every day, that can only be good news for your dating life!

We hope we’ve given you a better idea of what to avoid when it comes to men’s fashion. Check out some plain solids t-shirts, forget about all the fashion yays and nays, and just chill with them. Also, if any trends have us scratching our heads, please let us know in the comments below!


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