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Want to give your clothing a traditionally elegant touch? The kurta is the most popular or essential ethnic attire for males. Looking back at the history and origins of Indian clothing, we can observe the prominence of kurtas as daily comfort clothing, whether it be the extravagant or opulent designer kurta for men or the most basic men’s kurta designs that are made to order by your neighbourhood tailor. The men’s kurta set is constantly in style because it is cosy, fashionable, and up-to-date.

Designs and styles for men’s kurtas provide a versatile and fashionable solution for any event. For any style and desire, a kurta design is available in various fabrics, cuts, and embellishments.

Men’s Kurta Designs That Never Go Out of Style

The alternatives are endless when you consider how adaptable the traditional man’s kurta is. There are some basic looks that you may wear wherever and anywhere without giving them much consideration, which we will discuss in this blog.

  • 2023 Men’s Kurta Embroidery Designs

Men’s kurta embroidery styles are perfect for weddings and other special occasions. The Lucknowi Chikan Kurta is fashionable and timeless and may be worn throughout the year. Threadwork on kurtas can look elegant and stylish.

This style is perfect for those who don’t like to wear Indian kurtas with heavy embellishments but still want a heavy kurta set.

Styling Tip

  • Try to choose kurtas having mirror work on them.

Kurta with Floral Print for Men

Floral is fashionable right now, and kurtas can also feature this pattern. Floral-printed kurtas go well with light-coloured churidars. For daytime functions, these kurtas are perfect.

Styling Tip

Geometrical Patterns on Men’s Kurtas

Kurtas with geometric designs have a contemporary feel. When it involves this specific print, contrast hues are another option. Either aligned prints or random geometric prints are options. Choose from hues like rust, olive green, dark blue, pinkish, lemon yellow, and others.

Styling Tip

  • Choose from colours like peach, mint green, baby pink, and baby blue, among others.
  • You can add a shimmering border to your kurta if it’s too plain.

Latest Men’s Short Kurta Designs for 2023

Kurtas come in various sizes and are worn for various situations. The atmosphere of the ensembles is also determined by the length of the kurta.

Short kurtas for men come in two different lengths. Both styles of men’s kurtas are one of the simplest ways to pull off your casual look with a traditional touch. The first is longer than a shirt but less than a kurta length, meaning till your thighs, while the second is till your waist.

Styling Tip

  • A men’s short kurta with jeans and denim is ideal for a festive and relaxed occasion.

Men’s collarless kurta that is fashionable

Men’s Kurtas without collars have an appealing appearance. Their waist-length length makes them ideal for celebrations or college freshmen parties.

Young lads, especially those who are attending college, demand it more. It adds its historic beauty to your Indo-Fusion style, enhancing it.

Styling Tip

  • Put it into your routine by pairing it with jeans and mojris for warm days.

Evergreen Kurta for men with Koti

Men’s kotis can make any outfit traditional. A Koti is the best way to add originality to your plain, uncomplicated kurta. At weddings and sangeet rituals, the koti or waistcoat is most popular among the younger generation.

Styling Tip

  • Depending on the occasion, choose a plain or embroidered koti.
  • You can colour-block with the same colour family, but remember that the koti should blend seamlessly with your clothing and not stand out as a separate item.

Get a solid-coloured kurta with tucked-in fashionable and fancy buttons if you prefer to explore less with your appearance but still want your kurta to be basic and elegant.

Style Your Kurta with the Correct Bottoms

With so many options available in this day of innovation, we can experiment with our fashion choices. The bottom also plays a significant role in giving you a stylish and elegant appearance. There are more ways to style your kurta besides pairing it with pyjamas. To carry off your ethnic look, you must have confidence. Here are several popular Kurta bottoms.

  • Men’s Kurta and Jeans

Try out your new casual and fashionable look with a kurta and jeans; this avatar is ready to turn heads. For males, a traditional outfit is a kurta and trousers combo, and Kurtas with denim look perfect and fashionable.

If your kurta is light in colour, it is advised that you choose dark-toned jeans and vice versa.

  • A men’s kurta with dhoti pants

Traditional attire, like kurtas and dhoti pants, is perfect for weddings and other festive occasions. By all means, dhoti pants and an Indian kurta are ethnic. For festivals, cultural gatherings, etc., this costume works well.

Carefully choose the dhoti pants colour while keeping the kurta’s pattern in mind.

  • Harem pants and a Kurta

Harem is currently very in style and looks great paired with a kurta for a festive look that is both chic and classy. Another fashion trend that has done wonders for giving kurtas a completely new look for festive and wedding occasions is this one.

  • Men’s kurta and Aligarh pyjamas

Aligarh pyjamas are undoubtedly the newest and most fashionable bottom style to match a kurta. They are also undoubtedly cosy and simple to wear.

These pyjamas have the same straight cut and flared bottom as the matching women’s palazzo, giving your look on a form-fitting kurta the right finishing touch.

  • Kurta with Jodhpuri Pants

A kurta and a pair of jodhpuri trousers make the ultimate Indo-western outfit. Pair a kurta in a dark tone with a bottom in a muted colour. Try contrasting the outfit’s style as well. Despite the contrast, you might use patterns and colours that create a beautiful combination.

  • Pyjamas with a stylish kurta

Pyjamas are undoubtedly the most popular bottoms to wear with a kurta because they are cosy and simple. The pattern on these pyjamas is straight-cut.

Males typically dress in a kurta and pyjamas for festive and Sangeet parties. Men should dress in their preferred traditional attire for informal and celebratory occasions.

Top Designers’ Trendy Kurta Design

At numerous fashion events, like Lakme Fashion Week, the IIFA Awards, Indian Couture 2021, etc., many designers displayed their kurta creations. Here are several custom creations from well-known designers to style for the forthcoming wedding and holiday season.

  • Manish Malhotra’s men’s kurta

Manish Malhotra consistently ranked first among fashion designers. Manish Malhotra’s designs for men’s kurtas will undoubtedly pique your interest.

  • Sabyasachi Kurta Design

The centre of the fashion sector. With his collection, Sabyasachi never ceases to astonish us. We all know that Sabyasachi is renowned for his originality; he consistently embraces the contemporary Indian youth with a collection that is opulent in sensuality and exquisitely embroidered in entrancing hues.

At his Mehendi Ceremony, Ranveer Singh wore a Mananarkali kurta. He wore a light pink mananarkali and a dark pink jacket.

  • Anujani and Sandeep Khosla’s menswear

As we can see, Karan Johar has been experimenting with his style and sense of fashion that makes a statement. For Isha Ambani’s lavish wedding, he wore a lime-yellow kurta intricately decorated with mirrorwork from Anujani and Sandeep Khosla’s menswear.

Vibrant colours of Men’s kurtas

You are on the right page if you want something that will catch people’s attention. Red, orange, shades of yellow, and blue are in style and may make a kurta seem fantastic. Given that most individuals dress in neutral hues, wearing bold colours will help you stand out in a crowd.

  • Men’s White Kurta

White is an evergreen colour. White kurtas for men are always accepted in fashion, regardless of the season or century.

Tip: Men’s white kurta pyjamas are appropriate for various events, including weddings, parties, and other casual gatherings.

  • Men’s Black Kurta

Black Kurta ups the style factor while giving the wearer a laid-back appearance. It enhances your daily life with a touch of style and is ideal for routine use. A men’s kurta in black with elaborate embroidery provides the wearer structure and a regal appearance. Black Men’s Kurtas are ideal for formal office wear and celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries.

Tip: You will appear much more attractive if you wear it in the same colour as your shoes and appropriate accessories.

  • Blue Kurta 

Blue is the new black in men’s fashion, giving your look a more upscale feel. This blue colour is said to represent class, and it will help you stand out from the crowd.

Tip: Use this colour with warm sandy tones like Beige and shades of brown to create the ideal festive winter look.

  • Green Men’s Kurta Colour

Green is an exception to all of the top colours. It is a silky, fashionable green that will give your ensemble more dimension.

Tip: The best method to wear a green men’s kurta is to match it with light-coloured bottoms.

  • Men’s kurta in red

This dark shade mimics the common red kurta for men that we see in the winter. Red men’s kurtas radiate warmth and are ideal for the winter. Red is the ideal colour for romantic evenings and tea gatherings.

Tip: For a clean and professional appearance, pair this bright red tone with black, beige, or white pants or chinos.

  • Men’s Golden Kurta 

A unique choice for the seasons is a men’s golden kurta. Although vibrant and bubbly, it fits the season, and this vibrant golden will instantly brighten your look.

Tip: Pair it with a vivid jacket or overcoat for winter evening weddings to create a fun and spirited ensemble.

Men’s Kurta Style Tips for Special Occasions

Both occasions and fashion trends come and go. Here are some things you can do when wearing a stylish kurta for Special Occasions if you prefer to display the newest fashions.

  • Newest Men’s Kurta Designs for a Wedding

Here are some styling suggestions for kurtas appropriate for a wedding ceremony, which is one of the finest things about weddings for guys.

  • For the wedding ceremony, choose a jacket over a kurta that suits your clothing perfectly and gives you enough style to keep fashionable while wearing your men’s kurta.
  • Make sure you pick bottoms with some colour rather than ones that make you stand out from the crowd at your party.
  • Choose silk-made kurtas with embroidered designs. Avoid wearing cotton to a wedding event.
  • A gorgeous pair of mojris with complex threadwork is ideal for a bridal event. Wear a pair of mojris to complete your traditional look if you are mainly dressed in ethnic clothes.
  • For wedding-related events like sangeets, mehendis, and poojas, you can select colours like red, blue, maroon, blue, or golden.
  • Navratri Kurta for Men

In India, the nine nights of Navratri are regarded as the holiest and most meaningful. Dress up in festive glitz with the nine Navratri styles in the evenings.

Here are our suggestions for the best Navratri attire for each day.

  • During Navratri, wear bright, fun ethnic clothing to stay festive and vivacious.
  • There are two varieties of men’s kurtas for Navratri. Kedia is a unique type of kurta design that resembles a peplum and looks stunning in a mustard yellow and white shade. Unlike the standard kurta style, it is intricately handcrafted with Kutchi and mirror work.
  • Dhoti Kurta for Navratri is a staple costume that boosts your festive spirit.
  • Eid Kurta Designs for Guys

All festivals have been planned to highlight our character and style, and it’s time to rekindle our sense of style.

Here are some style suggestions for men’s kurta Eid clothing.

  • Instead of wearing pyjamas or dhoti-style bottoms, try styling with Chinos, jeans, and Aligarh pyjamas.
  • Although males typically prefer white kurtas for Eid, you can attempt trendy colours like maroon, blue, or mustard yellow. Its hue makes you stand out as a fashion icon and offers you the perfect celebratory look.
  • A Kurta with minimal embroidery is appropriate for Eid celebrations. Combine it with loafers or sandals.

Selecting the finest material for a men’s kurta

Every cloth has a unique texture, which affects how an outfit fits and the appropriateness of the event. It is vital to select the fabric carefully if you are looking for a particular function. The function will be determined by the material.

  • Cotton Kurta 

Cotton is always in style. These kurtas have a straightforward appearance and are cosy, and cotton kurtas are pretty simple to match with bottoms.

Cotton kurtas can be worn casually and are available in various prints and patterns. These kurtas are ideal for daytime gatherings and humid conditions.

  • Silk Kurta for Guys

Kurtas are given richness by the shimmering silk shine. The silk kurta for men is perfect for semi-formal Indian occasions or gatherings. It is best worn in solid colours with just a little embroidery on the neck or portion of the shoulder here and there and a beautiful collar there.

Best Parties like birthdays, anniversaries, get-togethers, etc., that conclude with a long night of partying are ideal for this appearance and go well with sangeet ceremonies. Add a pocket square or stylish button to improve the appearance.

  • Raw Silk Kurta for Men

Compared to regular silk fabric, raw silk has a more opulent feel. A raw silk kurta is ideal for weddings, cocktail parties, and night parties. While selecting a raw silk kurta for guys, go for dark hues.

  • Khadi Men’s Kurta 2023

The khadi kurta has swept the fashion industry off its feet. Men, as well as fashion designers, adore this material. Khadi should be chosen over linen since it has an airy quality. It has a breezy texture and is lightweight.

The design above and fashion ideas can be used to create men’s kurtas for formal occasions.

Conclusion for Men’s Latest Kurta Designs  

In conclusion, the designs and fashions of men’s kurtas have significantly changed from their traditional roots, incorporating modern trends and fashion sensibilities. Many variations suit various preferences and events, whether you want a basic and traditional design or a flamboyant and detailed one. A well-designed and well-fitted kurta may give a sense of sophistication and elegance to any outfit, from everyday wear to formal occasions. It would be fascinating to witness how men’s kurta designs and styles will develop and adapt to shifting trends and tastes as fashion changes.


  • What are some popular patterns and styles for men’s kurtas?

The traditional straight-cut kurta, the asymmetrical hemline kurta, the collarless bandhgala kurta, and the embroidered or printed kurta are a few popular designs and styles for men’s kurtas.

  • What events call for the wearing of a kurta?

Kurtas can be worn for a range of events, including both formal and informal gatherings. They are frequently worn during religious services, nuptials, and other social gatherings.

  • Which materials are utilised to create kurtas?

Various materials can make kurtas, including cotton, silk, linen, and synthetic blends. The kurta’s overall appearance and feel can vary depending on the fabric used.

  • When should a kurta be worn?

An ideal kurta should be relaxed and neither too tight nor too loose. The length should fall slightly above or below the knee and be adjusted to the wearer’s height and body type.

  • Can other garments be worn with kurtas?

Indeed, various additional pieces of clothing can be worn with kurtas to create multiple appearances. They can be matched with jeans or chinos for a more laid-back appearance or traditional Indian pants like churidar or pyjamas for a more formal setting. Kurtas can also be used as layers under coats or vests to create a more elegant ensemble.



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