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Are you the one who loves to pair a kurta with a skirt and get a fantastic look? Then you must be at the right place. Kurta paired with a skirt is an old-age combo, but the more you see stunning images of it, the more you fall in love with it. This combination is trendy, stylish, and enjoyable. You like all the kurta skirt designs: short, long, cropped, asymmetrical, and overlong, right? So, guess what?

One can wear a kurti and a skirt for casual wear, such as at home or the office. Even kurta skirt designs are appropriate for college. If your Kurta and Skirt are embellished, you can wear them during the festivities. Beautiful kurti and skirt combinations are also used as wedding attire. In this article, we will share a catalogue of the most recent kurta skirt designs for women. Read on to learn more about the super-chic Kurta and skirt combo

Different kurta skirt designs: You’ll Want to Stalk, Buy, and Fall in Love!

Long Kurta paired with Skirt- Keeping it Long!

A long kurti with a skirt is a stunning combination. In fact, it is appropriate for both casual wear and formal occasions such as parties and weddings. As a result, the combination has grown in popularity in recent years.

A long kurti with a long skirt and a flared skirt is ideal for the summer! A pastel kurta-skirt ensemble with a subtle chunni can look lovely. If you desire an extra feisty look, skip the pastels and opt for a brighter pink. Wear eye-catching jhumkas to turn heads!

Liner styling tips:

  • One popular option is a winged liner, which adds a touch of drama to any kurti skirt outfit.
  • Another great choice is a classic cat eye, which can elongate your eyes and create a retro-inspired look.

Brocade Kurta paired with Skirt- So Gorge!

Kareena Kapoor adores kurtis and has provided us with plenty of fashion inspiration! Want to look good at a big chubby Indian wedding? Take Bebo Begum’s advice! She looks stunning in a pretty brocade kurta, sophisticated Skirt, and gorgeous filigree pouch. Isn’t she a sight to behold?

The brocade kurta has a double slit and a golden woven design. Underneath is a spearmint fresh-coloured skirt, which creates a lovely look. The outfit is entirely suitable for women’s parties and festival wear.

Liner styling tips:

  • And suppose you’re looking for something softer. In that case, a smudged liner can add a subtle definition without overpowering your overall look.
  • If you have hooded eyes, a tightline liner is a great option to define your lash line without making your eyes look smaller.

Ethnic Kurta paired With Skirt- Prints Everlastingly!

Create a stunning ensemble with an ethnic kurta skirt combo. Experiment with eye-catching prints and colours! An all-Indian outfit looks ravishing when the perfect kind of jewellery is worn to embellish your look! In this case, a stylish gajra hairstyle should suffice!

Liner styling tips:

  • If you’re wearing a sleek and modern pencil skirt, a sharp winged liner can add a touch of sophistication.
  •  Experiment with brightly coloured liners or graphic designs to add a playful touch to your look.

Short Kurta paired with Skirt- Finesse First!

Although wearing a kurta and Skirt to a major event may initially seem unusual, if you wear this ensemble to your best friend’s wedding, you’re doing it right! A ghagra skirt with gold work paired with a stylish short kurta can look stunning- just make sure to accessorise appropriately!

It’s a good idea to wear short kurtis with belts, draped upper bodices, and elasticised waists. To give the impression that you are curvy, pair short kurtis with skirts and shararas. Check to see where the nips and tucks should be.

Liner styling tips:

  • For a classic look, try a simple winged eyeliner. This versatile style can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.
  • If you’re feeling daring, try a bold graphic eyeliner. This style uses different colours and shapes to create a unique, eye-catching look.

Indo Western Kurta paired with Skirt- A New Look!

Bebo strikes again! She’s working her charm in a new disguise this time. Thank Kareena for demonstrating how to wear an Indo-western kurta paired with a floor-length skirt. To design the finest indo western dresses, take inspiration from the most recent trends and combine them with time-honoured traditional clothing.

Liner styling tips:

  • Another fun trend is the double-winged eyeliner. This involves drawing two wings, one above your upper lash line and one below your lower lash line.
  • Another popular eyeliner style for skirts is the classic cat eye. This style is timeless and adds a touch of elegance to any outfit.

Asymmetrical Kurta paired With Skirt- It’s All About the Edge!

There are numerous styling options for Indian women in the modern era of Indian fashion. Whether she is a working-class woman or a housewife. Because of their independence, they want to wear every clothing currently in style. From trendy styles, chic looks, and ethnic pieces they adore to the bright outfits that are all the rage in town.

This Kurta is edgy! Pair a full flared skirt with an asymmetrical kurta and tasselled ends for a funky look. Panelled Kurta with hand adornments and fringes at the hem, and it’s worn with a flared silk skirt.

Liner styling tips:

  • Consider the smoky eye if you’re looking for a more sultry and dramatic eyeliner style to pair with your skirts.
  • For a more dramatic look, try a smudged smokey liner. Start by applying a dark shadow to your upper lash line and the outer corner of your eye.

Party-Perfect Long Kurta paired With Skirt!

Let’s end your confusion about which Kurta paired with a skirt design to wear to a party. Karishma Tanna’s high-low Kurta is a perfect match for her flowy palazzo. Shine brightly at a cocktail party or sangeet ceremony by donning this kurti and skirt party outfit!

Liner styling tips:

  • You have a classic winged liner look that will always stay in style.
  • We love the floating liner trend for a truly modern look on eyeliner. This involves drawing a line above your crease rather than along your lash line.


Another lovely outfit that looks lovely is the kurti and skirt combo. So, for that, we’ve covered various kurta skirt designs for you. We hope you enjoy these combinations as much as we do! Several fantastic kurta skirt designs will work beautifully for any occasion!

Frequently Asked Questions- Different kurta skirt designs.

Which kurta style is popular?

Modern flare, short, short flare, and straight Kurta are some of the most popular styles of Kurtas. These are stylish and comfortable enough to spend the day in.

Can I pair a kurti with a skirt?

You do you, lady! You can achieve this look with a peplum-style short kurti or any shape cotton kurti. Combine the kurti with a skater skirt.

Which Kurta flatters your figure the most?

The length of your kurti can make or break your look. Wear a kurti that falls just above your ankle to be comfortable. This makes you appear slim and tall.

Which kurta skirt designs are trendy?

A long kurta with a skirt is a stunning combination. In fact, it is appropriate for both casual wear and formal occasions such as parties and weddings.

Are long skirts fashionable?

The maxi was brought back and appeared on many Spring 2023 runways, making it the item to put money into this season.




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