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Many contemporary women choose the Sharara, a bottom garment with a flamboyant flair that offers classic Indian-style pants a contemporary touch. They add a noble touch to any attire, are very comfortable, and look great. The Shararas had been playing a long peek-a-boo game with all of us. From contemporary Indian ladies to Bollywood celebrities, you’ll witness them all carrying their unique sets with the utmost elegance. Thanks to the latest Sharara designs and patterns currently offered, a Sharara also gives your outfit a touch of contemporary flair that can make you the centre of attention in any setting.

Ladies of many kinds, including brides, bridesmaids, bride’s friends, and regular women, frequently choose a sharara. You can choose to be understated or over the top with a sharara and still look sophisticated. Although the sharara style originated in Lebanon, its forebears were members of the Hamedan clan in Yemen. It was first introduced to the subcontinent in the 16th century due to the Mughal aristocracy.

Although many ladies are smitten with lehengas and sarees, they need to pay more attention to the significance and elegance of a sharara.

The Newest Sharara Trends for Women that you must check out in 2023!

The Wedding attire  

Most women choose to put on a saree or lehenga for their wedding. However, many women must consider the extensive traditions that must be carried out on their big day. The day is essential for the newlyweds, including everything from early-morning preparations to the wedding reception. So if you want anything comfortable, a sharara might be a great choice! You have many options, including zari work, motifs, ornaments, stitching, etc.

An Old-fashioned diva

Suppose you believe that masterpieces are created by mixing tradition and fashion. In that case, this kind of sharara suit is ideal for you. These sharara suits’ stunning fabrics and patterns offer a touch of elegance. Fusion of style and legacy is unquestionably an innovative approach, especially given how swiftly fashion moves.

Glamorously fashionable

Everyone wants to realize their desire to be fashionable. One of the latest sharara designs is a set of embroidered outfits with a netted contemporary pattern. The intricate design and artistry are lovely and aesthetically pleasing. And this alters the game entirely!

Subdued exuberance

Did you realize that a single look may exude elegance, sophistication, and style? When adorned with ornate jewellery, pastel-coloured Sharara and matching embroidered leggings may make a statement. Given the wide range of prints and designs offered in pastel colours, it should not be surprising that you can combine several articles of clothing to achieve the look of your dreams.

Streamlined red

This colour immediately makes brides come to mind. But as you know, the colour is far more than a “marriage” colour. The most eye-catching of all sharara suit styles would be a simple crimson sharara with excellent craftsmanship and plenty of grace. Although we only sometimes have much red apparel, you must use this colour for your future event, celebration, or party.

Twirl it

One more of the most fashionable sharara suit styles at the moment is the combination where both the kurta and the Sharara have a flare. Keep this idea in mind if you want to do things differently as a bride-to-be. It could add a lot of humour to your mehndi event. This costume is eye-catching right away and is available in a range of designs and colours.

A Peachy affair

One of the latest colour trends is peach. Peach enhances a person’s poise and charisma and flatters all complexion tones. This peach sharara suit paired with an all-gold sequin coat and sharara pants is the ideal costume to wear to a grand event, such as your cousin’s wedding reception or engagement. The net fabric covered in sequins is beautiful.

Simple & Subtle                       

You know, there is a certain allure to simplicity. Many believe an essential and beautiful dress requires a little extra flair. We can give the outfit an opulent thick border or an embellished dupatta. You might also go with a plain sharara or a glamorous yet classy item with delicate embroidery. Consider its design if you like to keep things straightforward.

Gotta-Patti style

Over the years, you might have found a range of salwar kurta design inspirations. But if you’re one of those women who still need to, this is the perfect opportunity to try the Sharara. A classic gota patti outfit with such a wide collar and hand-crafted sequins in a classy colour like cream can make you stand out at any event.

Once more velvet

How many of us were velvet purists back then? Velvet has fallen out of favour over time in favour of fabrics such as organza, so let’s bring it back into style. You could select to put on a velvet suit in a single hue and a decorative dupatta. Alternatively, go with a plain dupatta and a velvet sharara suit. You will surely be the focus of many questions about this sharara style in either scenario.

Multicoloured Sharara

Another of the most prevalent suit designs is a multicoloured suit. Only some enjoy blending various colours is essential that all colours blend well. Thus we suggest choosing artwork made by a designer.

Chikankari styled

The chikankari style is trendy in India! The Anarkali suit style has very enticing and sophisticated looks. Isn’t the ultimate outfit a sharara suit embroidered with chikankari and adorned with more mirror work? If you answered “yes,” you should be happy because this is one of the most recent trends that modern women have made fashionable. Aditi Rao, a Bollywood celebrity, wears this simple chikankari sharara white in colour to a session as an example of comfort fashion done right.

Tiered & how

Because wedding celebrations are exhausting, dressing comfortably can be helpful. Over the years, designers have also experimented with ways to make a simple sharara suit distinguish itself from the crowd. At any wedding function, including Mehndi, and the wedding reception itself, tiered Sharara will keep you appearing your finest and feeling comfortable. Long-term savings can be attained by investing in high-quality, functional products.

Style it up

For an everyday look, pick an item like Hina’s outfit, constructed from a basic general textured fabric, enhanced with a crocheted border, and topped with a net dupatta. Keep your sense of style uncomplicated, refined, and carefree when wearing an outfit like this.

Sharara love story

A few years back, Khushi Kapoor wore an outfit created from a wonderfully patterned fabric to create a stunning shirt with a beautiful collar and a sharara pant made up of organza fabric. We can dress in this informal clothing too!

Angrakha Sharara

The Angrakha pattern has been integrated into the Sharara, creating a fusion garment that combines traditional Indian style with cutting-edge, modern elements. An Angrakha sharara, which is worn with loose-fitting pants of the Sharara, frequently has a cross-over pattern at the waist like the traditional Angrakha.

Zigzag Patterns with Sharara

Zigzag designs can be applied to Sharara in various ways based on the desired look and feel. For example, adding zigzag stitches to the hemline of the Sharara can give them a unique and lovely touch. The zigzag pattern can be readily made onto the fabric as an option for a dramatic effect.

Benarsi Sharara

The Benarsi-designed Sharara is typically made from silk or other pricey fabrics, embellished with delicate designs and ornamentation like zari work. This embroidery method uses gold or silver thread. The designs could have intricate patterns, floral themes, or other decorative elements. They can be modest and understated or comprehensive and spectacular.

Ladies, that’s it for now. Making wise decisions regarding your wardrobe will enable you to save money over the long term. This list of well-liked sharara patterns was fun to put together for you guys, and we sincerely hope you liked looking at it.

FAQs for Trendy Sharara Types for Women

What distinguishes Sharara and Gharara from one another?

Confusion frequently results from the difference between the Sharara and Gharara patterns. However, both of them are similar in terms of general appearance. However, they have unique designs and are fitted differently. The length of the kurta and the dupatta that goes with the Sharara can either be long or short. The main feature of the costume is the pant, which features multiple layers of flared cloth falling in ruffles. Each layer is bordered by zari or decorative goats.

What shade works best for Sharara?

The best colours for sharara designs include velvet, orange, white, maroon, and golden. What are the latest sharara designs for weddings?

The latest sharara designs for weddings feature a variety of styles, from modern prints to traditional embroidery. The latest sharara design craze is to add elaborate details, like sequins, beads, and pearls, to the garment to give it a glamorous feel. The A-line flared and palazzo shararas are a few examples of well-liked sharara designs.

How can I find the latest sharara designs for festivals and events?

You can find the latest sharara designs for festivals and events by checking out fashion magazines, online fashion blogs, and social media. The latest sharara design trend for festivals and events is to opt for intricate detailing, such as sequins, beads, and pearls, in various colours, from traditional hues to bold and bright shades.

How can I look thin while wearing a sharara?

The two most crucial elements to consider when attempting to appear slimmer in a saree are fabric and drape. Avoid wearing heavier and thicker fabrics like organza, cotton, and others since they make your body look more prominent.


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