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Where do we spend most of our daily time? The office is the answer, then. As such, we consider it our “second home,” which necessitates constant upkeep and the occasional addition of new furnishings. We cannot allow our office spaces to appear dull and monotonous while Diwali is just around the corner. Can you? We don’t think so.

The pleasant holiday spirit can be introduced by decorating the office space like we do for our homes. The office is ready to glitter for the holiday season with some brightness from diyas, a few colours from rangolis, and soft scents from flowers.

Diwali is one of the greatest celebrations in India. However, not all workplaces take the day off; only one or two days are off, while the rest are working days. It is much better to participate in office decoration and create a brilliant atmosphere around the workaholics than to feel bad and consider how others celebrate Diwali week at home.

This way, the festival’s essence and the staff’s productivity are preserved. That benefits both the employer and the employee, right?

Best Diwali Office Decoration Ideas

Let’s look at some original and motivating decoration ideas for the workplace to offer our office premises a distinctive makeover this Diwali. Are you prepared? Here we go!

  • Mandatory Rangoli

Mandatory Rangoli

Rangoli is essential to Diwali. Thus, when it’s Diwali, you can experiment with some trendy and unique rangoli patterns. Employ this Diwali decoration idea for the reception area and enjoy the festive atmosphere with everyone. These organisations host Rangoli events to get the enthusiasm going.

  • Diyas On The Desk



Diyas On The Desk

The real treasure to be found in homes during the light festival is earthen lamps. Because an earthen lamp will never let you down with your Diwali decoration concept, place diyas on the reception desk, between the Rangoli, and in the central area of the office.

  • Lights Nearby

Lights Nearby

Fairy lights are the innovators of all time, whether for festivals, dates, or birthday celebrations. Also, remember to celebrate the festival of lights without using any lights. You do not have to be less about hanging fairy lights because they look artistic, and you can hang on to flimsy fairy lights from the entryway to the final wall. The absolute finest Diwali decoration concept for the workplace!

  • Desk with drapes

Desk with drapes

It won’t feel like an office when you hang drapes all around your office. Colourful drapes give the area a wilder feel and contrast beautifully with the wall. With draperies all about, let the atmosphere shine throughout Diwali. Do you need clarification about decorating desks with drapes?

  • Decorate With Adorable Chocolate Boxes

Decorate With Adorable Chocolate Boxes

What causes a person to be happiest? They qualify as chocolates! If you place small chocolate boxes on the workstations, they don’t need anything else to brighten their day. Also, it might be a straightforward Diwali decoration concept for the office that makes everyone happy.

  • Toran with paper


Toran with paper

Without the toran at the entryway, Indian celebrations are incomplete. Why don’t we make the office torans with our office supplies? That’s wonderful. The office is always stocked with papers, staplers, and tapes. Making Homemade colourful flowers and adhering them to a paper rod is simple and quick. The paper can create toran, leaves, buds, and other items to enhance the overall decoration.

  • Frills over cubicles

Frills over cubicles

The traditional notion of frill-topped office décor is always a good idea. Colourful frills look nice whether draped over the cubicles or wrapped around them. Also, these frills can be used to create a “Happy Deepawali” poster.

Using frills is the fastest and easiest notion there is. There is no need to purchase all the frills again because most offices already have them. These can be hung anytime and everywhere, including the lobby, conference rooms, and office spaces.

  • Use decorative greeting cards

decorative greeting cards

Regrettably, greetings are no longer in vogue. To construct unique Diwali greeting cards for our coworkers and superiors, we can use the vibrant sheets from the office stationery. Such a motivating notion can inject lots of joy into the workplace and uplift the mood.

Sending the team members anonymous messages that are all supportive also seems like turning on the celebratory mode. Moreover, posters with motivational Diwali messages can be created and affixed to the office’s walls and doors.

  • Chinese Lanterns

Chinese Lanterns

Chinese lanterns are a much-wanted Diwali decoration item. The ordinarily conventional Diwali decorations are given an oriental glitz by these lanterns.

This style of Diwali lighting adds a romantic and gorgeous feel. Hanging Chinese lanterns along the plain walls or staircases is a way to make a statement.

  • Paper Lanterns

Paper Lanterns

Try these paper lanterns if you’re the kind of person who enjoys a little variety in your life. Making paper lanterns yourself is a fun and easy way to add a Handmade touch to any event.

If not, they can equally easily be found online.

Making paper lanterns with your team, however, can also be a fun team development activity. Get some glue, scissors, and crepe paper, and start the merriment.

  • Bottle Lights

Bottle Lights

We are now enjoying this trend, which appears to be very new. What’s not to love? It also enables us to recycle used glass bottles. Just wipe up some discarded, dusty glass bottles, then begin inserting several string lights.

Turn it on now to experience how it enhances the magic of everything. It is an exceptionally stylish and contemporary decorative object that will give any room a sophisticated feel.

  • Floral wreaths

Floral wreaths

Even though Diwali is known as the “festival of lights,” it can be lacking in flowers. One of the most creative Diwali decoration suggestions for offices is stunning flower garlands.

Marigold wreaths, in particular, are said to be highly lucky. These floral wreaths look stunning on stair railings, entrances, and walls. You can always go right with these scented accents in your workstation.

  • Streamers Streamers 

Using streamers to spruce up and adorn anything is quite simple. You need to figure out what to do with that empty hallway. Obtain a tonne of vibrant streamers, then hang it.

Streamers are also practical because they are reusable and can be used for almost any happy event. Also, with the help of simple paper streamers, even the most imaginative person might create stunning decorations.

  • Windchimes and Bells

Windchimes and Bells

If you believe bells are only useful at Christmas, you should think again.

Diwali office decoration will undoubtedly benefit from adding golden bells, windchimes, and marigold garlands. It is a piece of decor that will appear best when hanging from the ceiling or any other “high” location.

  • Paper Rosettes

paper rosettes

Paper rosettes are a fun and easy way to add a personal touch to your party decorations. Make a loop in the rope to hang it from and secure it to any flat surface like a door, window, or mirror. Your boring office cube can become the setting for a colourful exhibition or a creative writing nook.

  • Honeycomb balls

Honeycomb balls for office

Create a soothing environment by hanging colourful honeycomb balls from the ceiling. Your honeycomb, built from many coloured cards, can be strung up to create a beautiful Deepavali centrepiece for the office.

  • Strings of Banners

Strings of Banners

Make your own rainbow of streamers to hang from the cubicle ceiling. This inexpensive and straightforward Deepavali décor design is perfect for making with coworkers.

To make the office a cheerful place to celebrate Diwali

The office decoration ideas discussed above are simple and useful. You can combine a few of them or use them all to design a beautiful office space. An upbeat attitude should be the motto; everyone can grin when their surroundings are vibrant. While everyone comes together to beautify their workspace, it is also an intriguing team-building activity.

To summarise, games, fun, and office celebrations are included in Diwali decorations. You can celebrate the event by dressing up traditionally, exchanging homemade treats, going out to lunch, hosting potluck lunches at work, and enjoying yourself. Guys, it’s Diwali, the year’s largest celebration, so make sure you enjoy it to the fullest. If you still need to adopt the Diwali office decoration idea, hold a meeting in the office, chat with the rest of your staff, and come up with some intriguing suggestions.

Conclusion on Best Office Decoration Ideas for Diwali 2023  

In conclusion, Diwali is a season of joy, celebration, and rejuvenation. It’s a chance to unite people and foster a sense of belonging and community. You may not only provide a festive atmosphere to your office by implementing original and imaginative office decoration ideas, but you can also make it feel welcome and inclusive for your coworkers. Therefore, don’t be afraid to allow your imagination and creativity to run wild, and let the spirit of Diwali inspire you to design an office space that is both memorable and interesting. Happy Diwali!

Please send us photos of your office’s decor, and feel free to remark on our list of intriguing suggestions. Happy Diwali to all of you out there who are working!


  • How can I celebrate Diwali in my office without breaking the bank?

A: You may make your office feel festive by using inexpensive, straightforward items like candles, string lights, and vibrant paper lanterns. To give your décor a sense of class, you can also incorporate classic Indian textiles like silk and cotton.

  • What are some green Diwali decoration ideas for offices?

A: You can create your decorations using recyclable products like bamboo, jute, or recycled paper. You can also utilise plants and flowers to add a splash of greenery to your office area. Avoid utilising environmentally damaging materials or plastic decorations.

  • Can I include traditional Indian components in the Diwali decorations for my office?

A: You may add a festive touch to your office decor by using traditional Indian features like Rangoli patterns, Diyas (traditional Indian lamps), and vibrant fabrics. You might also serve Indian snacks and sweets to your coworkers.

  • How can I make my office’s Diwali decorations stand out?

A: You can include distinctive components like handmade decorations or customised signage. You may also choose strong, vibrant colours to make your decor stand out. Create a theme related to how your office operates or the goods and services you provide.

  • While I’m decorating the office for Diwali, how can I make sure my coworkers are safe?

While decorating your office for Diwali, safety should be a key issue. Keep decorations away from anything that could start a fire, such as electrical outlets or other equipment. To reduce the chance of overheating, switch to LED lighting from conventional incandescent bulbs. Finally, provide your coworkers with specific instructions on how to manage the decorations and prevent mishaps.


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