The Ultimate Guide to Plus Size Men's Fashion

The Ultimate Guide to Plus Size Men’s Fashion

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It’s critical to remember that style transcends all dimensions as fashion changes. Men of plus sizes are entitled to fashionable apparel like their slimmer colleagues. It’s time to dispel the myths and acknowledge the beauty of different body forms. There are many different wardrobe possibilities for plus-size men, ranging from casual to formal wear.

Anyone may look and feel amazing by selecting the appropriate outfit and accessories. Therefore, you’ve come to the perfect place if you’re a plus-size male trying to update your wardrobe. This post will give you some inspiring and fashionable plus-size wardrobe ideas that boost your self-confidence and make you look great.

Top Men’s Plus Size Outfit Ideas

The Chiller Style

The Chiller Style

Want to project a carefree summer atmosphere and maintain a feather-light sense of style? You should wear this outfit idea! Stay stylish and comfortable for the next spring and summer months by wearing a patterned shirt and soft cotton shorts.

Depending on your style, you can choose a more understated print like vertical stripes or a more colourful, maximalist print with florals or tropicals. This is a plus-size clothing suggestion for a laid-back staycation or a hangout session at your preferred pub.

How to accessorise this outfit?

  • A straw or wicker hat would be appropriate as an accessory.
  • A stylish set of sunglasses.
  • Floaters, flip-flops or loafers that are comfortable.

Additional tips for styling

For a streamlined profile, choose a pair of shorts just an inch or two below the broadest area of your mid-thigh. To make an existing pair of shorts look better, shorten them to this ideal length.

The Dapper Style

3-piece suit for pluse size men

For individuals worried about making a great impression in formal or professional settings, this is one of the plus-size outfit ideas that is the ideal balance of utility and style. It will create the best professional look for men.

There is nothing spiffier than a stylish 3-piece suit when it comes to dressing like a large man in the fashion world. Choose a blazer in a stylish, professional colour other than black or brown, like deep olive green, maroon, or grey, to add flair.

How to accessorise this outfit?

  • Add a striking tie to this ensemble as an accessory.
  • An elegant watch.
  • Patent or synthetic leather shoes with a shiny finish.
  • Casual footwear

Additional tips for styling

For a stylish finish, plus-size outfit ideas occasionally require some customising. Since obtaining a store-bought suit in the correct size can be challenging, you don’t have to stick with it. Instead, you can order your blazer to be manufactured to your exact size and purchase your shirt and trousers off the rack. This will guarantee the optimum fit and durable clothing for a clean-cut, formal appearance.

The Brighter Style

jeans and a hoodie for pluse size men

Want to use colour to make a serious statement? Unafraid to try new things and make a statement with your wardrobe? Stand in line! You can reach your fashion objectives with the help of one of our greatest plus-size outfit ideas. All you need for this look are a pair of your favourite jeans and a hoodie or sweatshirt with a vivid rainbow pattern.

Neon block printing is a super-bright option, or you can choose to go more elegantly with slated, bright-hued ice-cream colours. In either case, you’ll be sure to stand out with style!

How to accessorise this outfit?

  • Add a bright beanie as an accessory to this ensemble.
  • Wear stylish trainers.

Additional tips for styling

Pay attention to the shoulder proportions when choosing an oversized sweatshirt or hoodie. Suppose the shoulder measures are not a suitable match. In that case, oversized trends risk making you look unattractive rather than fashionable because of your already larger size. That outcome may result from the shoulder seam dropping excessively.

The Swagger Look

Swagger Look for pluse size men

Who says plus-size wardrobe inspiration could be more interesting? One that oozes supreme swagger and tonnes of attitude is the one we have for you! Wear your sense of street style proudly with a timeless denim jacket ensemble. Men’s jeans don’t always have to be trousers, either! Don a stylish denim jacket to show off your love of cool, classic style and keep up with the current trends.

How to accessorise this outfit?

  • Wear this costume with simple T-shirts in white, black, or other neutral colours as accessories.
  • Sneakers.
  • Light denim jackets should be worn with dark denim trousers and vice versa.
  • Chinos in shades of coral and jade.
  • A stylish set of headphones with mufflers.

Additional tips for styling

For a stylish and put-together appearance, choose skinnier, closer-fitting trousers on the bottom while ensuring your denim jacket has a roomy and comfortable fit. To give you the finest profile, your jacket should ideally terminate just below the base of your hips.

Check out our Hangout Hub’s custom T-shirt collection, which includes sizes for plus size. We can print your design on these premium t-shirts to a high standard.

The Player Style

The Player Style

The polo t-shirt is a must-have item for any list of plus-size wardrobe suggestions for guys! This is a must-have classic and incredibly wearable large-guy fashion style!

Choose a polo t-shirt with a design, a solid colour, or colour blocking, and mix it with trousers in a complementary colour for an improved overall look. This fat man dress style may be put into your wardrobe at any age and is a very country club but preppy.

How to accessorise this outfit?

  • Half-trousers or chinos in jewel tones like deep green, navy, or maroon.
  • Sports shoes or trainers.
  • Khaki pants or full-size chino pants.
  • A timeless watch.
  • A classic set of wayfarer or aviator sunglasses.

Additional tips for styling

For the best comfort, ensure your polo t-shirt is made of a thin, incredibly stretchy knit or jersey fabric. This will enable more fluid motions and airy wearability, less sweat and fabric patching.

The Diner Look 

The Diner Look 

For plus-size outfit ideas, simplicity and traditional styling are frequently necessary. The traditional pairing of men’s shirts and denim trousers is one such notion that offers maximum flair with minimal effort. To create a smart-casual appearance that can be worn practically any place, wear your favourite pair of denim with a button-up shirt in your favourite colour, leaving it out of the tuck.

How to accessorise this outfit?

  • This is a style that every man needs in his wardrobe—it’s ideal for a date night or a laid-back workday!
  • Put some stylish trainers or loafers with this ensemble as an accessory.
  • A digital or Apple watch.
  • A traditional pair of sunglasses or glasses.

Additional tips for styling

Since this is one of the plus-size outfit suggestions that call for leaving your shirt out, pick a shirt that fits you well and is manageable. Additionally, make sure it buttons down, and the bottom is not left unbuttoned for longer than 2-3 inches. Use your spare button to close the opening in your shirt if the bottom is longer and has no buttons attached. You’ll look more elegant and put together due to doing this. Make sure there are no gaps between the buttons.

The Winner Style 

The Winner Style 

Looking for another clothing concept for the office or formal occasions that will make people sit up and take note of your sense of style? Thanks to renowned American Master Chef Judge Graham Elliot, we have one of the classiest plus-size clothing ideas available! Graham appears in eye-catching bow ties and structured waistcoats over smart-casual shirts with rolled-up sleeves.

Suppose you want a more casual appearance for your outfit. In that case, you can copy this outfit concept by omitting the bow tie and wearing a waistcoat made of imitation leather or denim.

How to accessorise this outfit?

  • Add some eyewear to this ensemble: A beautiful set.
  • A watch or a bracelet.
  • Loafers or Oxford shoes.

Additional tips for styling

Get your waistcoat tailored or customised in the distinctive Graham style to flaunt this look in your measurements. For maximum comfort and breathability, your undershirt can also be sized up because it is tucked in and largely concealed by the waistcoat. This men’s clothing for big guys is sure to turn heads!

The Winter Style

The Winter Style

For all your wintertime fashion requirements, check out one of our chicest plus-size outfit ideas! A trendy duster jacket or overcoat is a timeless style that will give you a look that straddles the line between traditional and contemporary and is a winter must.

Choose a sleek black or nude colour to make this outfit look its best. Modernise your ensemble with a turtleneck sweater underneath and a baseball cap to beat the winter with style.

How to accessorise this outfit?

  • Add some attractive baseball caps or beanie hats to this ensemble as accessories.
  • Warmers, boots, loafers, and athletic shoes.
  • Depending on how cold it is, a turtleneck sweater or polo shirt.

Additional tips for styling

A layered winter outfit is essential for chubby guys’ fashion! To get a sleek profile and a put-together appearance, it is crucial to ensure your layers are in the proper proportions. Your overcoat or jacket should be a manageable length; it should fall below your thighs. Untucked, your inner layer should be 3/4 as long as your outer jacket. Avoid donning excessively lengthy trousers or trousers. Choose a stylish length that is slightly below the ankle for the right proportions.

The Cooler Style

The Cooler Style

Cropped cargo pants look great with plus-size clothing ideas! With this one, go for a stylish and urban feel. Stay cool as ever with a pair of cropped cargo and a t-shirt by layering for summer like a boss. To make this seem interesting and exciting, experiment with colours and prints!

How to accessorise this outfit?

  • Wear this ensemble with colourful cargo pants as accessories.
  • A stylish pair of sunglasses.
  • Fashionable oxfords or lace-up boots.

Additional tips for styling

If full-size cargo trousers make you feel more comfortable than cropped ones do, choose those. The same appearance with full-size cargo pants is also a wonderful choice for chilly weather or a fun outdoor look. Add a wind-cheater to your outfit to avoid the monsoon.

The Rapper Style

The Rapper Style

Thanks to the selection of printed t-shirts for men offered on Hangout Hub in India, plus-size outfit ideas can be as contemporary and on-trend as ever with the fashion zeitgeist. Rule the streets in style by wearing your printed or graphic t-shirt with a pair of torn jeans trousers for a hip-hop-inspired look.

How to accessorise this outfit?

  • Add a baseball cap as an accessory to this outfit.
  • Statement Sunglasses.
  • Shoes with a high top.

Additional tips for styling

Choose a half-sleeve length for your t-shirt that reaches the widest section of your upper arms to offer yourself chic proportions and a smart fit. Ensure the t-shirt’s shoulder points match your own to avoid appearing frumpy. You can also choose baggy pants for a swagger appeal, but make sure to belt them beforehand.

How to dress if you are an overweight guy: Tips & Tricks

Wear Fitted Clothes:

Fit is the most crucial factor when dressing as an overweight man. Too tight or too loose clothing might give you the appearance of being much bigger. So, go for well-fitting clothing and be confident of getting it tailored.

Choose dark colours: 

Dark hues like black, navy, and dark grey are good choices since they make you look slimmer. They also have a chic appearance that may make any outfit look better.

Avoid horizontal stripes: 

Avoid them because they can give the impression that you are wider. Choose vertical stripes or solid colours instead.

Wear Layers:

Layering can make you look more put together. Adding a blazer or jumper to a well-fitting shirt can make an ensemble more interesting.

Select the Right Textiles:

Light, airy textiles like cotton and linen may be more comfortable in the summer. Choose thicker textiles like wool during the cold.

Wear Dark Wash Denim:

This flexible fabric may slim you down and be worn up or down.

Invest in Quality Shoes:

Shoes may complete an ensemble and significantly impact how you look as a whole. Purchase an excellent pair of fashionable, comfy shoes.


Accessories may give your clothing personality. Try wearing a stylish watch or a bold wristband to detract attention from your weight.

Avoid Using Too Many Patterns: 

While patterns can be entertaining, they can also overwhelm a bigger frame. Keep your patterns minimal and combine them with plain colours.

Be Confident:

In the end, confidence is the key to dressing effectively as an overweight man. Own your style and dress to flatter. The most crucial factor is that you will seem confident when you feel confident.

Conclusion on Smart Casual Plus Size Outfit Ideas for Men

In conclusion, plus-size guys are no longer constrained by their wardrobe choices. You can discover the ideal clothing that flatters your body shape by playing with various designs, colours, and patterns. Accept your flaws, and don’t be hesitant to attempt new things.

Remember that clothes are a means to an end—one that should make you feel good about yourself. Decide on clothing that makes you feel confident and at ease, whether dressing up for a special occasion or doing errands. With these fashionable plus-size clothing ideas, you’ll attract attention everywhere you go.


What types of attire should plus-size guys avoid wearing?

Baggy or poorly fitting clothing should be avoided by plus-size guys as it might make them look bigger and less appealing. Horizontal stripes should also be avoided since they can give the impression that they are wider. They should instead choose outfits that fit properly and highlight their greatest attributes.

Can men who are plus size wear patterns and prints?

Yes, men in larger sizes may wear patterns and designs, but they should pick designs proportionate to their body types. For instance, guys with larger frames may like larger designs and patterns, while men with smaller frames may prefer smaller prints and patterns.

What vital items should a plus-size man’s wardrobe include?

Fitted trousers or chinos, a few coloured button-down shirts, a blazer, a cosy pair of trainers and a versatile jacket that can be dressed up or down are key items for a plus-size man’s wardrobe.

How should plus-size guys dress for formal occasions?

For formal occasions, plus-size men can dress to impress by selecting a suit or tuxedo that fits them well and flatters their physique. They should choose a tie that complements their suit and stick to darker hues like navy or black. They can add extras like cufflinks and a pocket square to finish the outfit.

Can men who are plus size don slim-fit clothes?

Yes, men of bigger sizes can dress in slim-fitting clothes. However, they should ensure the apparel is comfortable and tight enough. Additionally, they want to select breathable and flexible clothing because these qualities aid in accentuating their figure without being restricted.

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