Different types of dhoti


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Still, having trouble putting on your dhoti? Continue reading to discover more about dhoti-wearing styles. All guys who enjoy dressing nicely are encouraged to experiment with the Indian national costume straightforwardly. For any event, dress smartly in the dhoti!

One of the oldest and most traditional looks that guys may pull off with style is the dhoti. It unquestionably represents an iconic aspect of Indian culture and has received a lot of attention recently. With the passage of time and shifts in fashion, dhoti-wearing styles have changed and taken on a variety of new forms. It has eventually progressed to being one of the most popular fashions for guys to wear.

These dhotis are currently making a statement on all the important runways as well as in public. Despite having a trendy appearance, it is rooted in the past. Dhotis come in a wide variety of colours, designs, styles, and cutting-edge fabrics nowadays. Let’s look at some simple, step-by-step instructions for tying a dhoti:

Men’s Step-by-Step Guide to Wearing a Dhoti

In contrast to other ready-made and ready-to-wear clothing, Dhoti is a basic 5-yard piece of fabric that you must drape over your entire lower body. Dhoti wearing styles are numerous.

Here is a guide on how to wear a dhoti

  1. Hold the fabric behind you horizontally to begin. If there are any coloured bands, make sure they are at the top, around your waist, and facing outward.
  2. Determine how much fabric is needed on each side of the body by measuring it, then wrap it from back to front while holding it in front of your body. Make sure there is an equal amount of fabric on the cloth’s right and left sides.
  3. After evenly dividing the cloth, tie a knot close to the navel and fold the right side many times. The folded halves should then be tucked into the waistline of the garment.
  4. Similarly, fold the fabric from the left side repeatedly, tucking each fold in.
  5. Last but not least, pull the folded fabric through your legs, carefully going underneath the remainder of the cloth. Verify that the material hasn’t twisted. Your leg-to-leg clothing should be snug but not unpleasant.

Now, you know the basics of Dhoti wearing, and you can try many styles with just little changes.

Your Dhoti is now draped. There you go!

Types of Dhoti

We will now examine the different dhoti types worn in India in this article.

Maharashtra Dhoti

Maharashtra Dhoti

Men in Maharashtra typically dress in the Maharashtrian dhoti. It is a long piece of fabric that is typically made of cotton or silk and is wrapped unusually around the waist and legs. The front of the dhoti is draped in a way that resembles a pocket. The Maharashtrian dhoti comes in a variety of hues and patterns and is typically worn with a shirt or kurta.

Goes well with:

  • Pair it with cotton tops or kurtas with a feta on the head.

Bengali Kochano Dhoti

Bengali Dhoti

Men in West Bengal don a particular style of dhoti called the Kochano Dhuti. It is a long, distinctively draped piece of fabric, typically made of cotton or silk, that is worn around the waistline and legs. The Kochano Dhuti is renowned for its elaborate patterns and vivid hues. It is typically worn with a kurta and the topor, a traditional headdress from Bengal.

Goes well with:

  • Try high-waisted dhoti pants that can be worn with a tank top or tie-up shirts for a more casual look.

Rajasthani Dulangi Dhoti

Rajasthani Dulangi Dhoti

Rajasthani men traditionally dress in the Dulangi dhoti. It is a long, distinctively draped piece of fabric, typically made of cotton, that is worn around the waist and legs. The Dulangi dhoti is renowned for its beautiful stitching and vibrant motifs. It is typically worn with a shirt or a kurta.

Goes well with:

  • Complete the look with a white kurta and colourful turban.

Kannada Kache Panche Dhoti

Kannada Kache Panche Dhoti

The Kache Panche is a traditional outfit for males in Karnataka, and it is known in Kannada as the Kache Panche Dhoti. It is a distinctively draped rectangular piece of clothing that is often made of cotton and worn around the waist and legs. The simplicity and cosiness of the Kache Panche are well recognised. It is typically worn with a kurta or a shirt.

Goes well with:

  • A cloth made either of cotton or silk is worn along with the Panche which is positioned over the neck portion, covering one shoulder of the body.

Tamil Veshti Vetti Dhoti

Tamil Veshti Vetti Dhoti

Men in Tamil Nadu traditionally wear the Veshti Vetti. It is a distinctively draped rectangular piece of clothing that is often made of cotton and worn around the waist and legs. The simplicity and grace of the Veshti Vetti are well known. It is typically worn with a kurta or a shirt.

Goes well with:

  • The garment is adorned with a patka, a narrow band of embroidered cloth with ornamental fringes.

Different styles of Dhoti

Now, We’ll look at various dhoti styles and styling advice for each.

The Traditional Dhoti-Kurta

The Traditional Dhoti-Kurta

The Traditional Dhoti-Kurta is an enduring design that is ideal for traditional Indian occasions. A straightforward kurta in a coordinating hue should be worn with a white or cream dhoti. Add a vibrant scarf or dupatta for a more festive appearance.

Styling Tips

  • Put on a pair of conventional mojari or jutti shoes to finish the outfit.

Veshti With Shirt

In South India, the veshti with the shirt is a common style. It entails donning a dressy shirt and a straightforward white veshti. Choose a printed or patterned shirt for a more relaxed appearance.

Styling Tips

  • Wear a watch and some sandals or loafers as accessories.

Dhoti With Sherwani

Dhoti With Sherwani

A regal and majestic look ideal for weddings and formal occasions is the dhoti with the sherwani. Choose a beautiful, jewel-toned sherwani that matches a silk or brocade dhoti.

Styling Tips

  • Complete the appearance with traditional jutti shoes and a turban or safa.

Dhoti with Shirt and Blazer

This contemporary and chic ensemble is ideal for cocktail parties and formal occasions. Simple white or cream dhotis go well with a formal shirt and blazer in contrasting colours.

Styling Tips

  • Add some finishing touches with a pocket square and a dress shoe.

Dhoti with jacket

Dhoti with jacket

The dhoti with a jacket is a stylish, modern look that is ideal for semi-formal occasions. Whenever possible, wear a solid-coloured jacket in a matching colour with a patterned or striped dhoti.

Styling Tips

  • Wear a watch and loafers or formal shoes as accessories.

Dhoti With Shawl

The dhoti with a shawl is an attractive and classic form that is ideal for religious rituals and weddings. A matching shawl or scarf should be worn with a silk or brocade dhoti.

Styling Tips

  • Complete the appearance with typical jutti shoes and a turban or safa.

Dhoti and Silk Shirt

Dhoti and Silk Shirt

The dhoti and silk shirt combination is a sleek and refined style that is ideal for formal occasions. Put on a silk shirt in a contrasting hue over a plain white or cream dhoti.

Styling Tips

  • Put on some formal shoes and a watch as accessories.

The footwear you can wear with a dhoti

Numerous options for footwear can be worn with a dhoti to finish off the ensemble. Dear, now you’ll know different footwear that you can wear with a dhoti. Here, they are:

  • Patent Mojaris

A traditional pair of shoes that go well with a dhoti are patent mojaris. These customary Indian footwear items are constructed of leather and available in a variety of hues and patterns. They have a pointy toe and are embellished or embroidered in minute detail. The dhoti looks more elegant with patent mojaris, which are ideal for weddings and other formal occasions.

  • Golden Slippers

Golden slippers are another fashionable pair of shoes that go well with a dhoti. These slip-on shoes come in a variety of patterns and designs and are composed of soft, comfy fabrics. These are ideal for seasonal events like Diwali and Holi and provide the dhoti with a dash of glitz and sparkle.

  • Embossed Slip-Ons

Embossed slip-ons are a contemporary and trendy footwear option that may be worn with a dhoti. The high-quality leather of these shoes has a distinctive embossed pattern that gives the dhoti a touch of class. They are ideal for semi-formal events like cocktail parties and receptions and come in a variety of colours and styles.

  • Leather Loafers

You can wear a dhoti with leather loafers, which are a stylish and comfy shoe option. These slip-on shoes have premium leather construction. They are available in a range of hues and designs and go well with different types of dhotis. For relaxed occasions like family functions and outings, leather loafers are ideal.

Mix it Up! How to Create a Dhoti Salwar Combo!

Already, dhotis are making a comeback in every aspect. Yet it becomes even more fashionable when worn with a salwar. These days, everyone adores donning a dhoti salwar, and it is often used to dress for weddings and other Indian holidays. They are available in a wide range of colours, fabrics, embellishments, sequins, and more. You can wear them with various kurtas, shirts, and t-shirt styles. One easy approach to show them off is to purchase basic dhoti-salwars and combine them with whatever you choose; it will always look excellent. To answer the question “how to wear a dhoti,” try this combination.

Conclusion on how to flaunt your Dhoti

In conclusion, the dhoti is an age-old piece of Indian traditional clothing. It is adaptable and cosy clothing that may be dressed up or down to suit the occasion. There are various ways to wear a dhoti and make a fashion statement, from traditional dhoti-kurta pairings to contemporary dhoti styles coupled with jackets and blazers.

It’s crucial to pick the appropriate fabric, colour, and style for the occasion when wearing a dhoti. Inspecting the draping method and making sure the dhoti is cosy and well-fitted are other considerations. To finish the outfit and add some style, accessories like shoes, jewellery, and turbans can be worn.

We have now covered how to wear a dhoti. We hope you found it useful. So, go ahead and try out a variety of dhoti styles to make a bold new fashion statement.


What do we put on beneath the dhoti?

Men often don’t wear anything underneath a dhoti, but occasionally it may be translucent and/or windy outside. Hence, to avoid any unplanned embarrassment, it is advised to wear shorts underneath a dhoti.

What colour looks best with a dhoti?

Dhotis often come in white, grey, and navy blue. These hues may be paired with any ensemble and will never go out of style.

How should I accessorise with a dhoti?

Mojaris, or velvet slip-ons, have a timeless coolness, especially when paired with something as traditional as a dhoti. Now, when dressing ethnically, choose shoes that stand out against your clothing.

Can we pair a dhoti with loafers?

Loafers go with a wide variety of outfits, from casual to elegant. So, by wearing these shoes with your preferred dhoti-kurta, you can always attain that polished and well-groomed look.

What distinguishes the dhoti from the veshti?

Tucking the loose ends at the rear and pulling the back of the dhoti down to the front provides the appearance of loose-fitting pants. In the formal veshti style, it is freely draped over the legs and tucked in at the rear before flowing into long pleats in the front.



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