Slinging Style: 10 Stylish Bags for the Modern Man

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We apologise for generalising. We believe your father likely grumbled about the quantity of baggage your mother had. Your mother occupied prime space at the base of the wardrobes with shoppers, handbags, clutches, and weekenders. At the same time, he carried around the same worn duffle man bag.

What’s this? Mom was correct. Depending on where you’re going, what you’re hauling, and who you’ll see along the road, you’ll need different man bags. The same holds true for all accoutrements, including watches and sneakers. If not a complete collection, you need at least a rotation. If you must, name it a man purse. Just remember to follow our suggestions.

In light of this, we provide ten different types of bags for men to use on their upcoming shopping excursions.

  1. Back Pack
  2. Satchels
  3. Laptop carrier
  4. Duffel bag
  5. Luggage bags
  6. Briefcases
  7. Tote Bag
  8. Camera Bag
  9. Dopp Kit
  10. Gig bags

Detail of 10 different types of bags for men

We’ll describe and suggest styles for each type of bag for men you select. So let’s get started!

  1. Back Pack

    Back Pack
    You already know what it is. It’s the oldest, most widely used kind of bag that has ever been. But let’s go through it again. A backpack, then, is the most basic type of bag and is made up of a fabric bag that you wear on your shoulders with two shoulder straps. Regarding luggage, a backpack is the master of all crafts because of its practical design. You can use it to go on mountain expeditions and carry your books and laptop. Do carry solid cotton t shirts on the journey; they are perfect for travel.

    Is it a bit far-fetched? Well, you have to find the perfect size and pocket, and presto! You have a friend that will fit everywhere.

  2. Satchels                                                           

    Satchels, essentially crossbody bags, were first used to transport school supplies. Initially made famous in the UK, these bags were sometimes referred to as school bags. Are you curious how the simple satchel evolved into a manly fashion statement? These bags are helpful for everyday use, especially when carrying light loads.

    This bag is typically carried by office workers and college students. A satchel often has enough room for everything, including your laptop or several books and office supplies. The bag’s main body mostly hangs from the hip, with its weight being supported on the hip by its thick straps. This is one of those bags for men that can make any outfit look more put together because they come in many different designs, patterns, and colours.

  3. Laptop carrier

    Laptop carrier
    The laptop carrier often called a laptop sleeve or a laptop pouch, is a briefcase-shaped bag slightly larger than a laptop and has separate compartments for the laptop and its peripherals. Neoprene or leather is typically the material utilised in these bags, and the overall structure is created to protect your laptop from damage from regular use. You also have the option to use it if you need to smuggle in some data. Office guys should consider it!

    So why are you still waiting? Get some of the best laptop bags for men as soon as possible before they sell out.

  4. Duffel bag

    Duffel bag
    Although many women also utilise these bags for personal needs, this one stands out as one of men’s bags’ brightest sparkling stars. A duffel bag is typically made of canvas, is highly roomy, shaped like a cylinder, and is large enough to store everything you require. A duffel bag is included in those types of bags for men that are frequently used to transfer gym equipment from the house to the gymnasium and vice versa these days.

  5. Luggage bags

    Luggage bags
    Our travel bags must be the most important thing to bring on vacation! We structure our entire year around the one or two travels we take each year. If you can take more breaks than that, we sincerely envy you. Shopping for posh luggage bags ought to be the first thing on your to-do list if you share the travel itch. Thanks to the wide variety available on the market, looking for baggage bags is now a lot of fun! People are no longer seen walking around with drab, antiquated bags, and we disapprove of it.

  6. Briefcases

    This bag speaks for itself, right? Although it remains relevant in the present era, it retains that vintage old-world appeal. If this doesn’t immediately bring to mind classic Bollywood films, we’re not sure what would. Many see it as a statement item, while others find it nostalgic.

    These were essential for heroes and villains, especially when dealing with enormous ransoms or outlandish sums of money being traded.

    At least, that’s how we recall it. It is classy out of all types of bags for men.

    Nevertheless, our outdated briefcase has kept up with the times and been modernised to meet the demands of modern man. Our suitcase had advanced significantly from its early days as a rugged box bag for carrying ransom when it was used mainly by recent law school graduates and corporate trainees. The hard case bags are one of the two main types of briefcases, and the softies are typically made of leather, pleather, or other softer fabrics like high-quality polyester.

  7. Tote Bag

    Tote Bag
    Ever notice how women carry their groceries in those plain, square, and lightweight fabric handbags? Those are referred to as tote bags, and Totes are mid-large-sized bags with parallel handles but no top closure such as a zip or button.

    These bags for men can be used to keep goods that don’t need special handling or organising because they have no compartments. Tote bags are excellent for storing daily items on the run.

  8. Camera Bag

    Camera Bag
    Camera bags are made expressly to hold all your camera equipment, as its name implies. Additionally, if necessary, a laptop can fit within. Professional photographers primarily utilise camera bags because they need to transport their gear while keeping it organised and safe, additionally for the added convenience it offers.

    And what do you know? A small black bag worn with a baseball cap or beanie is the sexiest accessory

  9. Dopp Kit

    Dopp Kit
    A dopp kit is a little leather bag that keeps your hygiene and grooming supplies secure while travelling. The bag features pockets that hold items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, conditioner, floss, etc.

    These bags have a long history that dates back to World War II when American soldiers first started using them. They kept using it once they returned, which is how the Dopp kit’s use spread. Or, more precisely, that is when it started to accompany travellers regularly

  10. Gig bags

    Gig bags
    If you own an instrument, you must have this underappreciated and frequently overlooked item. We all enjoy music, but for musicians, it serves as their livelihood. Every portable device needs a gig bag, including keyboards, guitars, violins, and ukuleles. To suit your demands, these types of bags for men are available in various colours, fabrics, and sizes.

FAQs about types of bags for men

Some important FAQs about different types of bags for men are here:

What should you carry in your Bag as a Man?

This depends on the kind of bag you’re carrying and where you’re going. To give you an idea, every man should, in these trying times, have a set of headphones, a charger, a water bottle, a brush, and of course, hand sanitizer.

Which bags should a Man own?

Man should have a briefcase, satchel, tote bag, laptop bag, duffel bag, and workout bag.

Do men wear crossbody bags?

Undoubtedly, a man can utilize and wear a crossbody bag.

Are man bags allowed?

We would contend that, yes, man sacks are acceptable unless you prefer your trousers to sag with the entirety of your home each time you leave the house. And essential. If that’s an issue, there are numerous fashionable, masculine options. But if we say so ourselves, every man must have at least one of each of the ten bags on this list.

Different types of bags for men: Are they common?

Despite the fact that some people think the man bag (and all other types of male grooming, actually) are very “European,” we’ve noticed an increase in all kinds of men carrying them as streetwear has become more popular. It would be absurd to act as though men don’t need to carry things.

What are Men’s Small Bags Called?

A briefcase is often the name for a compact bag that men bring to work. Man purse or man bag are common terms for a smaller pouch-style bag.

What Man Bag is in trend in 2023?

Men’s backpacks, crossbody bags, totes, messenger bags, and duffel bags are just a few of the fashionable men’s bag styles for 2023.


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