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If you can relate to the title, you are a guy who has tried everything to gain weight, including eating everything in sight, working out hard, and following all the experts’ advice. But the outcomes have frustrated you, and there is still no chance of gaining muscle.

This is the typical day of a skinny guy who must endure harsh criticism for their appearance. You can desperately attempt to gain muscle mass to play your favourite sports or to outdo your friends. Whatever your motivations for building muscle, it’s critical to realise that if you listen to everyone’s ideas, you won’t be able to build the body of your dreams.

Follow these experts’ suggestions if you want to transform the way your body looks, and you’ll soon be putting on great muscle.

Consume muscle fuel

The most crucial factor in building muscle is eating. You must consume a lot of carbs, which are your body’s primary energy source, and proteins, which are the building blocks of muscle.

Suppose you need to consume more carbohydrates throughout the day. In that case, your body will start turning to your muscles and proteins for energy. The finest foods for muscle gaining include chicken, steak, rice, pasta, almonds, milk, eggs, and fish. So be sure to consume these!

Consume food after 2-3 hours.

Your body requires nourishment constantly, especially if you’re trying to put on muscular mass. Three meals a day are insufficient because it takes too long before your muscles begin to be nourished.

The best strategy is to have a substantial breakfast, a snack after two hours, a protein-rich lunch, a third snack, a workout an hour after the third snack, a shake following the workout, and another substantial healthy meal in the evening. You can have one more shake right before bed if you’d like to prevent your muscles from growing hungry while you sleep.

You grow NOT when you exercise but when you rest!

Many males believe that working out increases your muscle mass. WRONG! When you exercise, you damage your muscles, causing micro-trauma that allows them to grow. You won’t grow. You’ll be working against yourself if you don’t give your body enough nourishment and rest.

To give your muscles the time they need to recover and expand between workouts, you must provide them with enough downtime. Thus, remember that overtraining in the gym will only slow your progress.

Prioritise complex workouts

Leave those expensive equipment and abdominal exercises behind. Particularly at the beginning of training, they are less effective when building muscle all across your body, not just the abs, chest, and arms you can see in the mirror.

Squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and overhead presses are among the workouts you must perform. These are the most effective and use the majority of the muscles in your body!

Establish objectives

Suppose you have specific objectives, such as increasing your bench press from 100 to 200 pounds in a year or putting on 20 pounds of muscle. In that case, you’ll find it easier to stay motivated. Maintain a monthly progress log and check if you’ve lost weight or improved your bench press.

Take measurements of your forearms, chest, and waist at critical intervals to monitor your program’s success.

Take nuts

The slender person’s initial imperative is to begin consistently nibbling on nuts. Nuts are convenient to pack and transport, and one handful can easily contain more than 300 calories.

This is a straightforward technique to increase your calorie intake immediately and gain weight safely. Also, they consume so little space in the stomach that you won’t even notice that you’ve eaten.

Drink your calories

Another simple advice is to consume some of your calories through liquids. You won’t feel as whole throughout the day if you replace lower-calorie beverages with higher-calorie ones since most individuals don’t register liquid calories like solid food.

You have many great options, like chocolate or plain milk, protein smoothies, and fresh juice for additional nutrients.

Skip the low-density foods.

Another piece of advice is to avoid consuming an excessive number of low-density meals in any diet programs for slim guys. This includes large quantities of fresh produce, soups, cooked oats, popcorn, and other foods that are big in volume yet low in calories.

You should seek out foods with the maximum calorie density to obtain the most excellent value for your money.

Spread the almond butter on

Almond butter is your closest buddy if you’re a slim guy planning a diet to gain muscle. Natural almond butter should be spread on everything and everything, including whole-wheat toast, bagels, and fresh fruit.

This quick and straightforward technique is to increase your calorie consumption and build muscle safely.

Prepare meals in advance.

While you go about your diet to gain muscle, you must also prepare your meals in advance. Most slender people will need more time to prepare enough food each day. Nevertheless, if you prepare more significant quantities, this becomes much more achievable.

Remember that you may quickly freeze most foods for later consumption to cut down on prep time even more.

Weigh yourself regularly

Weighing yourself in the morning, after using the lavatory but before eating or drinking anything, should be done once a week. Each week, you ought to gain approximately a pound; if not, your diet needs to be improved.

Eat before going to bed.

Ensuring your body is adequately fueled before bed is one of the best diet hacks. Contrary to widespread assumption, the body’s metabolism operates continuously, and attentive guys can always take precautions to ensure that their dietary choices result in the best possible performance.

Cottage cheese has significant amounts of casein protein that releases gradually into the body and is the traditional late-night muscle-building snack. Your muscles will always receive the nutrition they need to repair and expand if you eat wisely and obediently during the day and then have some cottage cheese before bed.


It is acceptable to indulge in a cheat meal, but this does not need to go overboard. Just because your metabolism is quick doesn’t mean you should fill up junk food and bad fats, and putting on weight will only be bad for your body. Hence, when it comes to your cheat meals, you must be very careful.

Slow-release proteins make for a healthy pre-bed snack because they give the muscles a steady supply of amino acids.

There are many obstacles to maintaining your health and fitness, but you cannot allow yourself to be stray from your plan. Choose one or two days to indulge in a cheat meal. Eat as much as you want during the one meal you choose daily. You won’t jump off the fence; you’ll just stand on it.

Pre-workout and post-workout nutrition

You must leave pre-and post-workout nutrition out of your super-careful eating regimen. These meals are crucial because your primary objective is transforming from slender, lean muscle to muscularity.

To conveniently obtain energy throughout the workout, your body requires sustenance. You must thus refill it with the necessary energy-giving nutrients. It will start burning fat and muscle for fuel, which is completely prohibited in your situation if you restrict it from that.

Your body needs nutrition to repair and heal your muscles after a workout. Within five to sixty minutes after your workout, get yourself a meal of protein and carbohydrates that are simple to digest. Avoid eating fat right after working out because it can delay the absorption of carbohydrates.

Conclusion on Expert recommended tips to gain muscles.

Every skinny guy has the challenge of gaining weight or developing muscles. Their quick metabolism makes it difficult for them to swiftly acquire muscle mass. To gain muscle, you must incorporate particular dietary components into your diet. Increased consumption of protein, good fats, complex carbohydrates, and supplements can all significantly speed up the process. Building muscle can be considerably changed by adhering to an effective diet and exercise routine.


How much sleep is required for a skinny guy to gain weight?

A slim guy needs to sleep sufficiently to put on weight, and he ought to try to get at least eight hours each night.

How long will it take a slim person to gain weight?

Depending on how committed the slender guy is to his exercise routine and dietary guidelines. In a few months, he can begin to see the benefits of his hard work and dedication.

What high-calorie foods may a slim guy eat to gain weight?

Nuts, seeds, avocados, and olive oil are high-calorie items that a slender person might eat to gain weight. These foods will help you grow muscle because they are high in calories and nutrients.

What are some decent protein sources for a slim guy to gain weight?

Lean meats, eggs, and dairy are good protein options for a slim guy to build up. To gain muscle mass, these proteins are crucial.

If a skinny guy doesn’t even have time to cook, what should he do?

There are a lot of nutritious frozen meals that you can consume if you need more time to cook. Simply remember to read the labels and pick foods that are rich in nutrients as well as calories.

How much protein should I eat to gain muscle?

You’ll require different amounts of protein depending on your weight and goals.



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