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Regarding dating outfits for men, there’s no denying that the days of wearing formal wear are compulsory. Even on dates, strictly professional dressing casually can add a touch of class. Casual outfits can be boring sometimes, and wearing casual is considered much better than wearing a suit or blazer.

In this article, we will showcase some casual date outfits for men to wear on their date. The possibilities are endless, from jeans and a T-shirt to chinos and a polo shirt.

So, consider dressing casually if you want to make your first date as memorable as possible. Guys generally look good in jeans and a shirt, so wear something comfortable and trendy. If you can’t commit to casual, at least try to dress down your outfit by wearing sneakers rather than formal boots. And finally, remember to take a moment to groom yourself! A well-groomed man looks confident and is desirable to women.

What to wear on a first date

What to wear on a first date













On your first date, it can be easy to go over the board with the outfit. But some basics will work for both men and women. For men, try a collared shirt, a pair of khakis, and a belt. For women, going for something simple like jeans and a blouse or sweater can do wonders. You don’t need to go all out to make an impression; make sure you look good and feel comfortable.

But this post will mainly focus on date outfits for men. As said, your primary focus should be on your comfort because it could be a better idea to compromise your comfort and go overdressed. So, before moving to our list here are some tips for you to dress casually.

Tips for dressing casually

When dressing casually for a date, feel free to dress up formally only some of the time. You can rock a casual outfit and make a great impression, and here are some tips for it:

  1. Dress in layers to adjust your temperature as the day warms up or cools down.
  2. Choose little loose clothes that fit well and look stylish.
  3. Opt for subtle patterns and colours that will balance out any outfit and make it more sophisticated.
  4. Stick to neutral colours to easily mix and match different pieces from your wardrobe.
  5. Wear accessories that amp up the elegance of your ensemble, like sneakers or a nice smartwatch.

Casual date outfit ideas for men.

Now, we shall come to the list, so we have listed casual outfits for men below. Whether you are looking for day-date or date-night outfits, this will help you find what you are looking for.

1 Rounded-neck t-shirt.

Rounded-neck t-shirt.













The round-neck t-shirts are classics for casual wear; many options are available for round-neck t-shirts. You can go for plain colours or printed tees; they all look great when you pair them with nice bottoms.

And rounded-neck T-shirts in warm climates can be a good option. Wearing a thicker t-shirt is best in cold weather as it will keep you warmer. Wear dress pants and a casual shirt above that if you add that. Now, moving on to the second outfit on our list.

2 A Button-Down Shirt

A Button-Down Shirt













There are plenty of casual button-down shirt outfits for men to choose from. A simple and classic look can be achieved by pairing a button-down shirt with some jeans.

Alternatively, you could opt for a more relaxed outfit by wearing comfortable shorts with a button-down shirt. For a fun and trendy look, try wearing it t with some ripped jeans or khakis. There is no wrong way to go when choosing a button-down shirt as a casual outfit for men!

And, of course, no outfit is complete without matching pants – go with chinos or corduroys to keep things simple and classic. Your personal style rules on daytime or date night outfits are worthless if you don’t pair them with excellent matching lowers.

Whatever your style preference, there’s sure to be a perfect button-down shirt with great matching lowers!

3 V-neck T-shirt

V-neck T-shirt













Yes, V-neck T-shirts are the perfect casual outfit for men. They can be dressed up or down and are versatile enough to wear any day. You don’t have to be limited to wearing them only on weekends or special occasions – V-neck T-shirts can be worn almost daily!

There are many different types of V-neck T-shirts to choose from. For example, you could choose a more classic look and pick a shirt with a regular V-neck shape. And these are great options if you like to show your physique.

No matter what type of V-neck T-shirt you decide to buy, there are sure to be plenty of variations available. For example, you could buy a plain white V-neck T-shirt or one with a graphic print on it. Or, you could buy one striped or with different colours running through it.

Once you have chosen your favourite type of V-neck T-shirt, it’s time to find some outfits to wear them with. You can wear them with jeans, khakis, dress pants or even shorts – endless options! Just make sure that the lower you choose matches the style of the T-shirt you have chosen.

4 A casual shirt and jeans

A casual shirt and jeans













This is a simple outfit that can be dressed up anywhere you want. If you want to dress up, try wearing a nice shirt with a nice pair of jeans. Either way, this will be easy to wear on a date! Just make sure that you are comfortable and look good!

To add to that, wear a classic or a smartwatch. There’s nothing more appealing than a man dressed in a white or black shirt with nice ripped blue jeans. So, take into account the power of this outfit. This is great and will make you look sophisticated.

5 A collared shirt and khakis

A collared shirt and khakis













Casual outfits for men can be as simple or complex as you want. But for a first date, you should stick with something comfortable and easy to move in. There are many casual outfits for men to choose from, so what looks good on you is up to you.

You can also go with a collared shirt and khakis. Make sure it is clean and freshly pressed. You don’t want your date to have to worry about your appearance. There are many variations to this outfit; if you wish, you can wear a printed shirt instead of a plain one. And choose a lovely coloured khaki are contrasting with the shirt. And go with low-dunk white sneakers with it.

6 A polo shirt and jeans

A polo shirt and jeans













When looking for a casual outfit for your first date, think about what kind of environment you will be in. If you’re going to a sports bar or cafe, dress casually but stylishly in clothes that can withstand a bit of sweat and spills.

If you want to take the edge off your outfit and make it more comfortable, consider wearing a polo shirt and nice coloured jeans. Never go overboard with the accessories – keep them simple and classic so that your outfit stands out on its own rather than being overshadowed by flashy jewellery or excessive accessories. A Polo shirt and straight-leg jeans with formal shoes and wearing a nice watch is undoubtedly a fantastic look for any setting.

7 A button-up shirt and slacks

A button-up shirt and slacks













Consider a pair of jeans and a collared shirt. You can add accessories like a belt or sunglasses to amp up the look. For an even more laid-back vibe, wear sneakers and a loose-fit shirt. And if you’re feeling daring, throw on a hat above that.

This is another classic outfit that can be dressed up or down. If you want to dress up, try wearing a blazer or a more admirable set of pants. Wear a leather jacket is common now. Either way, this will be an easy outfit to wear on your first date and will make you look appealing all the time.

8 Black Shirts and Jeans

Black Shirts and Jeans













Looking for a stylish and casual outfit to wear on a date? Check out our selection of black casual outfits for men! Whether you’re looking for something to wear on a day spent outdoors or need an outfit to relax in, these outfits will have you covered.

The colour black is perfect for a semi-professional look and a warm appeal. These are ideal for a night date as in the daytime, if the sun is bright, this is not the best option because it will absorb heat.

You can wear a suit jacket on a black oxford shirt on cold evening date night outfits for men. Whatever look you go for, make sure to add some accessories like sneakers or a hat to complete the look. And always smell fresh and pleasant because this is a thing you should never compromise on as smelling great is a no.1 concern for all the women out there. And with that, we have ended with our list of men’s date outfit ideas.


Try dressing in a more casual outfit if you’re looking to impress your date on your first outing. Whether you’re opting for a T-shirt and jeans or any other outfit mentioned in the above post, make sure the outfit fits the date’s mood.

For example, go for something less dressy if you’re going out on a casual date at a bar. Suppose you’re meeting up with your significant other for coffee. In that case, it’s always better to go with something more comfortable and laid-back because it can be tough to know what will make you stand out from the crowd. But don’t worry! In this article, we have outlined some of the best combinations so that you can confidently take your date out on and feel confident and comfortable.


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