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If you being a man, are going to a meeting, party, or interview and you want to leave your mark on everyone, then the first thing to work on is your appearance. But what is the first condition to look good? A good suit and different types of ties you will pair with it. Yes, you heard that right both are the prime chessmen to impact your outlook.

“Tie” has been a cherry in dress-up games since the 20th century. And to date, it defines one’s style, sense, and decency. You must have seen many types of ties, which may need to be clarified in choosing the right one for the right occasion. Time to say goodbye to this dilemma and take your looks up to many notches because we will dig deeper into the facts and figures about different types of ties for men.

8 Types of Ties for men for different occasions

The Sevenfold Tie

Here is one of the most elite and decent-looking ties for all your official events. These ties are usually made up of one square yard of silk folded seven times. A perfect knot can be made out of this tie, all thanks to its thickness, giving it a final royal look. But remember, when it comes to money, these ties are a bit costly compared to others.

Tips to make an ideal Knot of a Sevenfold tie

A seven-fold tie requires more skill to create the finest final product, and you must be more specific while tying it to your neck.

  • First, drape the tie around your neck and ensure that the outside of the tie is facing toward your body.
  • Keep the wide end longer than the thinner one.
  • Cross both ends and bring the wide end at the front.
  • A loop will be formed from which you have to pass the wiser end straight down.
  • Tight the knot and adjust the length of your tie.
  • This is the ideal way to knot your sevenfold tie’s comparatively tiny knot.

The Bowtie

Specifically made for lovers of tuxedos, a bow tie promises to leave your impression wherever you go. This effortless tie stands on top for the groom the friends to attend a wedding.

Moreover, bow ties are an absolute treat to [air up with the pant suspenders. So, if you have a formal meeting, then going for a bowtie with a seersucker suit is the best idea.

Different types of the Bowties styles


There are different types of bowties styles that we are going to mention here. But remember, no matter the kind of bowtie style, you have to tie it under the collar.

  • The Butterfly
  • The Batwing or the narrow belt
  • Diamond style bow
  • The diamond point
  •  The wings bow
  • Tied and untied bow
  • Pre-tied bow
  • Self-tying bowtie

The Classic Necktie

When we hear the word tie, the first thing that pops into our mind is a classic necktie. Because that’s what most of the people out there are using for their personal and official events. It is one of the most easygoing and easy to style in various ties, and you can get classic neckties in different patterns.

Patterns of classic neckties

  • Solid Ties
  • Tartan
  • Polkadots
  • Geometric patterns
  • Floral prints
  • Novelty ties
  • Chequrad ties
  • Diagonally striped ties

Western Bow Necktie

If you want to add a twist to your traditional-looking bowtie, this one is typically made for you. A western bowtie was inspired by the older man’s tie that you usually see on your KFC chicken buckets, i.e., Colonel Sanders.

This tie is mostly preferred by southwestern people. So, if you want to attend a formal event with a twist in your styling sense, you definitely need to go for this tie.

Dress up ideas with a western Bow necktie.

  • Get a cowboy look by pairing a dark brown western bow with a white shirt, and light brown suit, and a hat.
  • You can also pair a western bow necktie with suspenders.
  • Ditch your coat and wear a western bow tie with a sleeveless jacket.
  • Wearing a tuxedo and completing your look with a western bow tie will act as a cherry on the cake.

Skinny Necktie

This tie stands at a distinct spot all because of its thinner blade. If you are a fashion enthusiast, you must know how much this ties in with complementing your outlook. This type of tie is usually preferred by the young generation. Also, you can style this gem in the types of ties for men with jeans and get noticed.

Different knots you can make with a Skinny necktie.

  • Balthus: The most enormous knot made after manipulating the fabric many times.
  • Atlantic: It is also called an upside-down tie knot.
  • Cape: Cape tie knot is similar to the Atlantic knot.
  • Capsule: The capsule knot, also known as the cafe knot, is one of the most in-fashion knots for youngsters
  • Half-Windsor: Best tie knot for formal and semi-formal events.
  • Four in hand: It is also called the schoolboy tie knot. It is the most commonly used tie knot.
  • Windsor: It is the same as half-Windsor but is comparatively tiny.
  • Eldridge: It is one of the most complex and orthodox tie knots to tie, which you need to be an expert.


Have you ever seen a boy scout draping a handkerchief around his neck? Looks amazing right? It’s a neckerchief tie, one of the oldest types of ties for men. Now it is only used for personal events. If you are going to attend a formal meeting, then opting for a neckerchief is not a good idea.

Bolo Tie

Some people want to add trends and funk to every possible thing. Specifically, keeping those people in mind, bolo ties were invented. You can’t have all the fun while wearing those boring traditional ties, so here is a bolo tie for you. These ties get all the spotlight in the fashion and red carpet society.

So, what stops you from being extravagant and doing all possible experiments with your fashion outlook?

Types of Bolo Tie

  • Gaucho tie
  • Bola tie
  • Cowboy tie
  • Bootlace tie
  • String tie


Here comes the fusion of trendy and formal neckwear you can style for your business meetings and fun events. In each case, this style ensemble will set the style standards for the others. A cravat is a printed fabric tied around the neck, and the rest is tucked inside the shirt.

You can get a cravat in multiple prints and patterns and style it in contrast with your suit or dress pant.

Top prints that are preferred for a Cravat

  • Polka dots
  • Chequered
  • Horizontal lines
  • Plaids
  • Tartans
  • Houndstooth
The ideal way to drape a Cravat
  1. Firstly, you must drape the cravat fabric around your neck inside the collar.
  2. Keep one end longer than the other one.
  3. Drape the longer end twice over the short end and pass it to the front like you usually do.
  4. Tuck the broader fabric end inside your shirt neck.
  5. You are all done, and rock your look with a sports jacket or a vest coat.

Frequently Asked Questions- Types of ties for men.

What are the parts of ties called?

A tie has three main parts: the shell, the blade, and the tail. The lowermost and thicker part is called the blade of the tie, the outer covering is called the shell, and the tail of the tie is the part you place at your neck.

What is the purpose or primary function of a tie?

Tie is used as a fashion statement as it enhances the overall look of a suited, booted man. Other than this, people also use it to tie the top of their shirts properly and feel more confident.

What are novelty ties, and when are these preferred?

Novelty ties are a unique and trendy accessory to keep in your closet that you strictly cant use at official meetings. In short, these ties are preferred in theme parties or amusement-organized events.

What is the origin of ties?

If we talk about the origin of ties, these were first introduced in the 17th century in French fashion. The most ancient type of necktie was a neckerchief.

What is the ideal length of a tie?

When we talk about the ideal length of a tie, it should be touching the end of your belt buckle. And make sure that when you adjust the tie length, you stand straight. No hunches are tolerated.

It’s a wrap for some of the significant types of ties for men who are fashion freaks. Now choosing the perfect tie and using it for the right occasion is what you have to do. So what else do you want to hear? Rush to nearby stores to get the ideal tie for the upcoming event and be the ultimate star of the party.


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