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Every man has been there. He shows an interest in dressing well and enthusiastically starts wearing selvedge denim and cotton oxfords. He discovers the swag of layering with sweaters and outerwear. Then, a dreadful and unexpected event occurs. Summer arrives.

In the heat, dressing appropriately is difficult. The development of our styles comes to a standstill when the rising mercury sweeps away our layers, textures, and variety of textiles. If you all have to wear shirts, shorts, and shoes, how are you supposed to put together multiple outfits?

The trick, like most men’s style, is in the details. The following men’s summer fashion products can be mixed and paired in countless combinations, ensuring that your sartorial talent doesn’t require a four-month summer at the beach.

Men’s Summer Fashion Shirts

Natural fibres are best for summer fashion, and synthetics absorb moisture rather than release it, limiting ventilation and sweat dispersion. Though cotton dominates almost all pillars of men’s summer style, we’ve identified a few on-trend pieces to boost your summer wardrobe this season.

  • Chambray Shirt

Chambray Shirt

Chambray, a lightweight plain-weave fabric, belongs in any man’s summer shirting armoury. Chambray shirts are perfect for spring and summer since they are airy and moisture-wicking. Chambray is available in a variety of hues. Still, it is usually woven with white thread to give it a pastel sheen.


For men’s summer fashion, go with light blue (the classic), white, or light red.

  • Shirt made of linen

Shirt made of linen

Linen shirts are a summer must-have. Linen is made from flax plant fibres and is robust, absorbent, and quick-drying—perfect for summer! Linen wrinkles more than more robust textiles, but it’s anticipated and helps produce more informal, comfy men’s summer ensembles. We advise long-sleeve button-downs over short sleeves because linen is exceptionally breathable.


Choose shirts in olive, white, off-white, and light blue.

  • Seersucker Shirt

Seersucker Shirt

Seersucker, a puckered cotton fabric that sits away from the skin, is the quintessential summer fabric. The rippling in the material keeps the body cool. Thus it’s popular in humid conditions, and seersucker is preppier than other summer styles.


Conventional railroad stripes are woven into the fabric, but you may also obtain seersucker in solids and colourful patterns.

  • Slim T-shirt

Slim T-shirt

Nothing is more adaptable in the summer than a lightweight, well-fitting tee. Choose T-shirts that feel lightweight but robust and aren’t too see-through. Plain and Printed T-shirts with your You don’t need to spend a fortune on designer shirts. Searching for the ideal summer shirt? For the summer, Hangout Hub provides a variety of plain and printed T-shirts. Their printed T-shirts provide a fun and modern touch to any outfit. In contrast, their plain T-shirts are an adaptable and timeless option. Check out our Hangout Hub store for supreme and reasonable men’s T-shirts.


Pair slim T-shirts with dark-coloured jeans.

  • Henley Short Sleeve

Henley Short Sleeve

While their long-sleeved cousins are a must-have for any fall and winter wardrobe, a short-sleeve henley can bring some diversity to the usual selection of t-shirts. Henleys draw most of its design from a tee, adding 3-4 buttons for the character.


Pair it with chino shorts for the finest look.

Summer Pants for Men

The best summer pants combine fit and materials to distribute heat without restricting movement. 2023 men’s summer fashion favours looser-fitting linen or cotton trousers, while skinnier delicate and thicker fabrics are out. Even in the heat, some weather-friendly trousers are essential for nights out and cooler days.

  • Chino pants

Chino pants

The chino pant, a seasonless classic for practically all occasions, should replace jeans as the go-to pair of trousers. Chinos are often fashioned with a twill weave and are a cooler neutral option. Wear them loosely (certain slim fits, classic fit) with the bottom hem cuffed. Off-white chinos transition effectively from day to night in the summer.


Feel free to experiment with bolder colours, even though khaki and navy are the norms.

  • Pants Made of Linen

Pants Made of Linen

Regarding unrestricted comfort and timeless design, linen trousers in looser, roomier fits are a game-changer. Linen pants with cotton blends are less wrinkle-prone. We love Jomers’ linen pants, which are almost evenly split between linen and cotton.


Wear shirts with hues that contrast with these types of pants.

  • Lightweight Jeans

Lightweight Jeans

Even though it’s warmer, some guys want to keep their Levi’s. Thinner denim and lighter washes make way for summer-weight denim. Summer men’s fashion is usually lighter, so reserve dark-wash indigo denim for winter.


2023 men’s summer style favours thicker jean cuffs best worn with simple white shoes or chunky trainers.

  • Shorts


Shorts may be contentious, with some men swearing by the sky’s-out-thighs-out mentality. In contrast, others have enough cargo pockets to equip an army. Men’s summer shorts should be short and long. There is no magic inseam length because every male is formed differently. Shorts should hit just above the knee, and your thigh should be able to fit between the short fabric. Remember, you want your shorts to be form-fitting, not form-defining.

  • Chino Shorts

Chino Shorts

The chino short is a summer must-have for men. Some businesses name their cotton shorts “chino shorts,” but this is just because they have a slimmer form. Olive, khaki, navy, and grey allow many shirt and shoe pairings.


Bright colours are excellent, but salmon/”Nantucket red” can quickly become “fratboy.”

  • Jean shorts

men Jean shorts

Denim shorts have always been a part of men’s summer fashion, though they are undoubtedly an acquired taste. Jean shorts are perfect for a man who wants to add some edge to his style.


Medium or light wash jean shorts look great with summer’s colours.

  • Sweat shorts

Sweat shorts

Summer heat is no match for a lightweight pair of sweat shorts. Sweat shorts are cropped sweatpants, yet they’re still trendy. Whether resting at home or running errands, a good pair of sweat shorts keep you comfortable without sacrificing style.


Wear leather sandals with sweat shorts

Men’s Shoes for Summer

Our top men’s summer shoe options will keep your feet cool and comfortable. Wear light colours and canvas or other woven materials in the summer to keep your feet cool and dry.

  • Sneakers


The sleek white trainer keeps proving its staying power, and we’re not complaining. Low-top white shoes and summer’s bright colours are a winning combination.


Smooth leather is the most popular material for white trainers, but canvas and perforated leather are also good choices.

  • Boat Shoes 

Boat Shoes 

Boat shoes were initially designed to be worn when sailing, hence their name. Their wave-like rubber soles prevented slippage on a ship’s polished deck. Boat shoes are a mainstay of American prep.


Try to get bold-coloured shoes.

  • Sandals


Keep your feet cool while looking put together with less informal styles than the rubber flip-flop. Leather sandals in a slingback or slider style are perfect for everyday wear.


Wear sandals with chino pants.

  • Birkenstocks


German sandals are comfy and supportive. They have made a reappearance in recent years.


The secret to buying Birkenstocks is to go with oiled leather, which lasts longer and looks more classic.

Men’s Summer Coats

Even with the nice weather, summer nights can be cool, so wear apparel. A light jacket or overshirt is ideal as hot days turn to night. These lightweight jackets are perfect for a nocturnal stroll, a surprise rain shower, or s’mores by the bonfire.

  • Overshirt 


Overshirts, also known as shirt jackets, combine a button-down style with the jacket’s material, making them a fantastic lightweight layer for summer nights. They’re heavier than a jacket but more durable than a button-down.


Pair it with ripped jeans.

  • Anorak


The anorak is a pull-over rain jacket with a broad chest bag for keys, wallet, phone, etc. Anoraks excel in mild rain and summer breezes.


Pair it with a leather strap watch.

  • Summer Bomber Jacket

Summer Bomber Jacket

These lightweight athletic coats are windbreakers because they’re made of nylon and polyester. Wear one to a baseball game or outdoor movie for a relaxed mid-century vibe.


Some bombers wear light rain jackets but don’t have hoods, so bring an umbrella!

Accessories for Men’s Summer Fashion

  • Sunglasses


Polarised sunglasses should never be compromised. You only have one set of eyes, so protect them with tinted, polarised lenses.


Always go outside with sunglasses. Guys wearing sunglasses always look extraordinarily hot!

  • 5-Panel Hat

5-Panel Hat

Despite its unattractive appearance, a ballcap is an excellent way to beat the heat of the summer. If you’re not a “dad hat” fan, a 5-panel cap is a more grown-up baseball cap.


To maintain your fitness, utilise tan or navy headgear.

  • Woven Belt

Woven Belt

Less formal than a basic leather belt, these come in various colours and styles to give uniqueness to your outfit. Traditional preppy styles are comprised of cotton with leather details.


Pair it with skinny pants.

  • Watch


There is a watch for any occasion. A primary clock may give charm to a man’s summer attire. If leather straps are overplayed, try nylon straps. They’re cheap, waterproof, and a great way to refresh your favourite watch.


Match the colour of the leather strap with your pant.

  • Solid Cologne

Solid Cologne

Your perfume reflects your style beyond clothes. Solid cologne is balm-like, and it’s easy to layer on just enough to avoid being a “cologne guy.”


Duke Cannon products smell fabulous and last for years.

  • No-Show socks

No-Show socks

If there’s one men’s summer fashion blunder, it’s that their socks suffocate their shoes. Wearing sockless is conceivable, but many have sweaty (and stinking) feet, so a no-show sock is recommended. These socks should cover your foot from the base to the ankle without displaying too much fabric past the shoe collar. Shoes should speak, not socks!


Stick with light grey or skin-tone no-show socks.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, having the appropriate summer basics may make a difference in keeping men cool, collected, and stylish during the hot and sunny season. Several options include breathable apparel, light shoes, and grooming necessities. While keeping up with trends can be enjoyable, it’s crucial to put comfort and style first when choosing summer basics. Men can take advantage of summer to the fullest while feeling and looking their best by investing in high-quality and adaptable clothing.


  • What are some key clothing things that men should have for summer?

Men should always have breathable t-shirts, shorts, swimsuits, lightweight slacks, and sunglasses during the summer.

  • What kinds of shoes should guys wear in the summer?

Guys should wear comfortable shoes which are also appropriate for the occasion. Sandals, canvas shoes, boat shoes, and slip-on trainers are excellent choices.

  • What are some summer grooming necessities for men?

Sunscreen, moisturiser, deodorant, and a subtle scent are among summer grooming necessities for men. Also, staying hydrated is crucial by drinking lots of water and avoiding the sun during prime time.

  • How can guys maintain comfort and coolness on sweltering summer days?

Men may stay cool and comfortable throughout the sweltering summer months by dressing in light, breathable clothing, drinking enough fluids, and avoiding outside activities during the sun’s height. They can also use a cooling towel or a small fan to help control their body temperature.

  • Are there any summertime men’s fashion trends?

Summertime men’s fashion trends include linen garments, flowery designs, and pastel hues. Yet, it’s crucial to dress in something that complements your sense of style, gives you confidence, and makes you feel good about yourself.


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