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A navy blazer is one of the most essential items in any wardrobe. If you could only own one jacket, make it this one. What would you take with you if you were stuck on an island? A navy blazer might hold the key.

We at Hangout Hub believe that everybody may develop a timeless style. Your wardrobe can be updated by starting with only one new piece. Navy blazers are classic and reliable, making them necessary for any man’s wardrobe. Even if you have experience with the finer points of fashion, it always helps to brush up on navy blazers.

What makes up a navy blazer?

What precisely does a blazer consist of? A garment that may be worn in a variety of circumstances is the navy blazer. The blazer is a versatile item that improves your outfit without going excessive.

Blazers are frequently available in various hues, with navy being the most popular. The navy blazer may enhance almost any casual, smart casual, or semi-formal appearance because of its sharp, masculine style. Choose a single-breasted navy jacket with mother-of-pearl buttons that match or go well with the fabric to maximise adaptability even more.

How to Dress in a Navy Blazer?

Here are some ideas for wearing a navy blazer.

Dress shirt, chinos, and a tie (The Original)

This updated version of the original navy blazer has a tailored style. Add a patterned tie to your ensemble with chinos, a solid-coloured shirt, and a tie if daring. You appear polished when you add a pair of loafers to the outfit.

Styling Tips

  • To make a strong statement against the navy blazer, choose a fresh white dress shirt and a tie that is dark in hue.
  • For a classic appearance, wear chinos in the shade similar to khaki or beige.

Paired with grey slacks

Not only is the navy blazer and grey pants combo timeless, but it also offers the most styling options. Slim (but not skinny), lightweight grey wool trousers are appropriate for both the boardroom and the bar. You just need a clean white shirt to finish the look. Do you need to formalise matters? Put a tie on.

Styling Tips

  • By wearing a navy blazer with grey trousers, you may maintain a monochrome colour scheme.
  • A colourful tie or pocket square can add a splash of colour.

 With Denim 

There is a little blue to wear a blazer with jeans. Add a shirt with a button-down collar for a casual Friday or date night. This will help to keep things appearing polished and in control.

Styling Tips

  • Team a blue blazer with dark denim trousers for a relaxed yet fashionable look.
  • Use a white or light blue button-down to keep the shirt simple.

Wearing Patterned Pants

Patterns aren’t just for shirts and ties, either. An elegant pair of patterned trousers will balance out a solid-coloured top half.

Styling Tips

  • To mix patterns, wear patterned pants with a navy blazer.
  • With a shirt in one colour and a few accessories, keep the rest of your outfit understated.

Over a Sweater

The fall uniform is a sweater underneath a navy blazer. Make the sweater light and airy to prevent restriction of movement or overheating.

Styling Tips

  • For a warm and sharp look, layer a blue blazer over a sweater.
  • Choose a sweater in a contrasting hue, like forest green or burgundy.

Wearing Shorts

Any serious hunters, please. This outfit is ideal for a sunny night and put on some loafers and no-show socks with it. Or, lace on a pair of oxfords or saddle shoes if you feel pompous.

Styling Tips

  • A navy blazer with fitted shorts can balance out a casual ensemble.
  • To prevent appearing overly cluttered, choose lighter-coloured shorts and a straightforward plain t-shirt.

 White Pants and a Double-Breasted Blazer

A man is distinguished by a double-breasted blazer. A man stands out in white pants. So why not combine them? White pants give off an air of informality without making you appear ill-dressed. Take this outfit to a summer wedding, but be careful not to overshadow the groom.

Styling Tips

  • Pair white pants with a double-breasted navy blazer for a brash and daring appearance.
  • To let the outfit speak for itself, keep the shirt and accessories essential.

With a Polo

This is what they mean when they put “business casual” on the invitation to the workplace picnic. The polo is cosy and timeless, and it looks fantastic with a navy blazer. Simply ensure that the polo’s fabric has a strong gauge. Don’t high-beam your CEO, please.

Styling Tips

  • Add a navy blazer to a casual polo shirt to dress it up.
  • For a sophisticated appearance, pair it with chinos or khakis.

On top of a T-shirt 

Any decent t-shirt will do, but we suggest choosing a horizontal stripe or traditional white (in navy, grey, or red). Under the blue blazer, the t-shirt is unassuming, uncomplicated, and simply something you toss on. It still appears more elegant than simply wearing a t-shirt and trousers.

Styling Tips

  • For a relaxed appearance, layer a blue blazer over a plain or graphic t-shirt.
  • Combine with dark denim pants and trainers for a comfortable yet fashionable look.

As Outerwear

A blazer is still, first and foremost, a blazer, and it is optional to limit it to more formal situations. It can be worn as a layer over a shirt, jumper, or denim blazer to give your ensemble a rakish feel.

Styling Tips

  • Wear a blue blazer over a heavy jumper or sweatshirt to use it as outerwear.
  • A blazer with useful pockets is a good choice for greater convenience.

With a Floral shirt

If you’re worried, you’ll look like your dad in 1982, spice up the blue blazer with a flowery shirt for a fun spin on the timeless menswear staple.

Styling Tips

  • Pair a floral shirt with a blue blazer to give your ensemble some personality.
  • To prevent clashing, keep the rest of the outfit’s colours neutral.

With Earth Tone 

If you like a rougher look than nautical, pair your blazer with earth tones like these brown twill trousers, grey check shirt, and suede oxfords to bring it to shore.

Styling Tips

  • Adhere to a simple shirt and minimal accessories to allow the outfit to speak for itself.

Different types of Navy Blazer attire 

Dear, now you can find different navy blazer attire for semi-formal, dressy and casual clothing.

Semi-Formal/Business Dress

Traditional semi-formal attire calls for a dark suit. Still, you can easily avoid wearing a blazer and separate trousers if the event is during the day. Similar reasoning applies to dressing up a blazer as work attire when you must appear professional but only need a partial suit.

Certain situations call for a more structured, tailored-looking jacket; if you have a double-breasted or blazer with brass buttons, this is the time to show them off.

What goes Well:

  • The dark blazer contrasts well with a light-coloured shirt on top, so wear it with a white dress shirt for a more formal appearance or a light blue shirt for a more casual one.
  • You need to pair the blazer with complementary bottoms.
What to Avoid
  • Black and blue are out, and you should avoid having your trousers either too dark or similar to your blazer. If you do, the entire outfit will resemble an unfinished suit.

Dressy/Smart Casual

The blazer’s ideal application falls under this group. It’s ideal for situations where wearing a complete suit is inappropriate. However, you still want to appear professional and put together. A blazer is a great option whether you’re heading to a fancy dinner, a networking event, a church service for Easter, meeting your girlfriend’s parents for the first time, or going back-to-school night. The classic blazer comprises a white button-down shirt and khakis.

What goes Well:

  • Add leather dress shoes or boots and a more laid-back leather belt, such as a solid, braided, or leather-backed ribbon, to complete the appearance.
  • Consider tucking in a pocket square with an intriguing pattern for added flair.
What to Avoid
  • You want your jeans to be a lighter hue than your blazer to avoid a quasi-matching, pseudo-suit look.
  • To avoid clashing with the formality of your jacket, keep them on the dressier end of the spectrum: not too pale and worn out, precise in cut, closer-fitting, and free from holes and damage.


Like other sports coats, blazers don’t go better with casual wear. Thinner, softer, baggier clothing may not go well with their thicker fabric and more structured, formal appearance. Always wear a button-down shirt underneath a jacket since they go well together. Yet, if you follow a few rules, it is possible to wear a t-shirt or polo underneath a blazer and have it look respectable.

What goes Well:

  • First, only wear a polo or red t-shirt with a single-breasted, soft-shouldered, less-structured blazer that is ideally made of cotton or linen. Make sure the shirts are plain or striped in colour.
  • Casual leather or webbed belts, boat shoes or canvas trainers, and a tee/polo + blazer combo go nicely with jeans and khakis.
What to Avoid:
  • Bear in mind that a polo’s soft collar can rumple and collapse behind the collar of your jacket; to prevent this, strive to keep the collar straight and erect with its points tucked within the lapels of your jacket.

Conclusion on Best Navy Blazer Styles to try in 2023:

A blue blazer, in conclusion, is a versatile garment that can be worn up or down to meet any occasion. According to this styling advice, you can upgrade your wardrobe and assemble a wide range of fashionable clothes. The navy blazer will always be a traditional and timeless choice, whether with chinos and a dress shirt, denim jeans, or patterned trousers. Hence, feel free to try out various looks until you find the ideal navy blazer ensemble that complements your personality and sense of style.


What shade of shirt should I match a navy blazer with?

The navy blazer goes well with a white or light blue dress shirt, which is a traditional choice. You can also choose a patterned or checked dress shirt for a bolder style.

Can I pair jeans with a navy blazer?

You can wear a navy blazer with jeans for a more laid-back appearance. Pick a shirt with a dark wash and a straightforward design to balance the ensemble.

What style of tie is appropriate for a blue blazer?

A blue blazer goes well with many different types of ties. However, a dark tie in shades like burgundy, forest green, or black would stand out sharply. You can also play around with various designs like polka dots or stripes.

Can I pair shorts with a blue blazer?

You may wear a more laid-back and summery appearance by pairing a navy blazer with shorts. Just ensure they’re fitted, and wear them with a plain t-shirt or polo.

What footwear ought I choose with a navy blazer?

The navy blazer would look great with black or brown leather shoes. You can choose loafers or trainers for a more relaxed appearance, and just be sure to pick shoes that go well with your ensemble.



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