Workplace Saree Types for Women

Workplace Saree Types for Women

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In India, it is common for women to wear sarees to the office to express their individuality through their clothing choices, including their preferred fabrics, colours, and patterns. Women of all ages wear sarees to work, from those in boardrooms and administration to younger fashionistas.

Finding the ideal saree for their employees can be difficult for many women because there are so many types and styles for women to wear to the office. Sarees have been worn for generations and are integral to Indian culture. But as times have changed, so has the saree to meet contemporary demands.

Stylish and comfy office wear sarees come in various patterns and designs today. There is a style to suit any woman’s taste and budget, whether she prefers a traditional cotton saree or a more contemporary georgette saree. This article will discuss the many types and styles of women’s office wear sarees and how to pick the best one for your workplace.

Various types of Sarees for Women’s Office Wear!

Most women wear cotton, linen, silk, or cotton silk sarees to the office. They have a sense of classic simplicity and are comfortable to wear.

  • Cotton Sarees 

Cotton Sarees 

Cotton sarees are a timeless choice for women to wear to the office. Indian printed cotton sarees, handloom cotton sarees with contrast borders, and flora and fauna motifs are now more popular than plain cotton sarees. Suppose you’re looking for a saree to wear to the office. The most popular options are the Ajrakh printed cotton saree and the block printed cotton saree.

All ages can look and feel great in a little floral patterned cotton saree blouse and a saree made of simple fabric. Women in administrative or professional roles can wear cotton sarees; most schools also offer sarees as uniforms, which may come in various designs, stripes, or a plain saree with a zari border.

Styling tips

For younger ladies, cotton sarees for business wear can be matched with shirt blouses, a plain sleeveless cotton blouse, or a same printed cotton blouse with Indian designs and Indian block prints.

  • Linen Sarees

Linen Sarees

Plain linen sarees, panelled linen sarees, and floral-patterned linen sarees are all appropriate options for women to wear to the office. Professional women might look their best in a half-and-half linen saree with stripes or geometric motifs.

Colourful, modern designs for office linen sarees in hot hues like lime green, orange, and red are currently all the rage. Women in the fashion sector eager to wear sarees might consider accessorising with a statement necklace and wearing a saree with a large printed design, such as a linen saree.

Styling tips

A striped linen saree and a blouse that hits the stomach are all you need to look polished for a business meeting.

  • Tussar Silk Saris

Tussar Silk Saris

They may be made from a semi-silk blend, making them more comfortable and versatile than traditional sarees. The finest options for everyday office wear are sarees with large prints of abstracts, printed Tussar sarees with a whimsical design, or Bhagalpuri silk sarees with printed figures.

Popular choices include Tussar silk sarees with black and white zigzag prints and sarees decorated with the classic Indian art form, kalamkari. Certain Tussar silk saree designs are ideal for professional wear, whether you’re a professor, businesswoman, fashion designer, or lawyer.

Styling tips

Elegant options for office party sarees include pairing them with a striking shirt or a top with a high, built-up neckline.

  • Muga Silk Sarees

Muga Silk Sarees

Choose fashionable Muga silk sarees with designs in zari butti weave to maintain an edgy, seductive, and classic aesthetic. Create lovely patterns using jail zari weave details or a zari border in a wider range of thread weave colours.

Mughal silk sarees in lighter colours are stunning for the office if you avoid wearing dark hues. Assam Muga silk is known for its traditional saree designs in light colours and intricate embroidery. In addition, the sarees are typically a pale shade of beige with maroon or green embroidery.

Styling tips

The current fashion trend is towards darker tones like navy, wine, and maroon.

  • Modern sarees

Modern sarees

Plain silk sarees from any yarn, such as Muga silk, Bangalore silk sarees, linen saree, Kota saree, and Tussar saree, shine in their natural hue and maybe the new favourites of contemporary ladies. All the simple office sarees look beautiful and stylish when paired with a deep V-neck blouse and a 1-inch zari border or a contrast weave border to finish the edge of the saree.

Styling tips

Pair this saree with a round-neck blouse or an elbow-sleeve saree blouse with a collar neck.

  • Printed sarees 

Printed sarees 

Cotton or silk sarees with block patterns, such as Ajrakh or Jaipuri motifs, can be updated for a modern woman’s wardrobe. When paired with a crop top, t-shirt or a simple plain silk blouse in a sleeve pattern, printed kalamkari silk sarees and Madhubani silk sarees bring out all the dramatic style.

Styling tips

Pair this saree with a printed crop top or t-shirt for a modern look.

  • Sarees for businesswomen

Sarees for businesswomen

Cotton or cotton mix sarees are the most common choice for women in professional fields while dressing in a saree. Instead of floral patterns, professional ladies choose geometric patterns and striped panels on their sarees.

Styling tips

Choose dark colours like maroon or black for a refined look.

  • Georgette Sarees

Georgette Sarees

If you frequently use public transportation, a georgette saree is ideal for getting you where you need to go. Georgette is affordable, less likely to wrinkle, and simple to care for.

Styling tips

Pair this saree with a ring and simple earrings to give an elegant look at your office.

  • Crepe Sarees

Crepe Sarees

Crepe simply has a seductive appearance, and how it envelops the body is magical. Its body-hugging fabric is ideal for everyday wear and shows off your form.

Styling tips

Remember to wear this saree with bold makeup at your next office party.

  • Khadi Sarees

Khadi Sarees

Khadi, commonly called khaddar, is a type of hand-woven fabric. Due to their elegant appearance, khadi sarees are perfect for working girls. The unfinished colours, rough textures, and hazy designs are stunning and ideal for office hours.

Styling tips

Pair this saree with a wristwatch to get a finished working lady look.

Tips for Adding Style to Your Office Wear Saree

Here are some crucial styling suggestions for your office-appropriate saree.

  • Choose the appropriate colour

Sarees worn for work should always convey a polished appearance. You must exercise caution when selecting colours. Your office saree should be dressed in muted colours that don’t attract attention.

  • Choose the appropriate blouse

The benefit of wearing a saree is choosing any shirt with a unique neckline. The blouse is an important part of your traditional saree, and it should go well with your saree for work and complete your look. To maintain your professionalism, ensure the blouse is cosy and covers most of your body.

  • Choose the appropriate accessories

Adding some accessories would give your workwear sarees some glitz. Stay moderate with your appearance by using bright accessories. Just add some simple earrings or a statement necklace to finish your appearance. Sarees worn for business often go nicely with jewellery made of oxidised silver.

  • Don’t overdo your hair

Make a simple hairstyle to go with your professional saree ensemble. Only enter the office wearing a saree and untidy hair because this might not provide a good first impression. To get an edgy look, style the hair neatly and simply. Sarees worn at work look nice, whether styled with a delicate ponytail or straightforward braids. To avoid drawing attention at work, keep your makeup neutral.

Different styles of draping saree for the workplace

A saree worn to work can convey more than simply a monotonous saree look. It can also convey a sense of timeless fashion sense, contemporary style, and more. Let’s look at the latest saree trends for office wear.

Office saree with a jacket

saree with a jacket

Wearing a saree with a jacket together has been around for so long. Yet, this style is in trend and will not go sooner.

How to wrap a saree over a jacket?

  • Grab your favourite pair of jackets and saree.
  • Don’t throw away your petty coat.
  • About 2 inches (5.08 cm) from your naval, begin wrapping your saree on the left side of your tummy (only one round if you’re overweight).
  • Make little pleats from the remaining fabric and leave a pallu piece from your left backside to your left shoulder.
  • Adjust pleats to wear a jacket.

Typically, jacket-style sarees were designed for women who wanted to look stunning in a saree without revealing too much skin.

Put on a Saree and Shirt

Saree and Shirt

Wearing a formal shirt instead of a blouse with your sarees is another option comparable to the one seen above. Kalamkari sarees can be worn with shirts for office wear, draped like scarves.

How to drape a saree over a shirt?

  • Like any other saree, begin by tucking the saree into your waistband.
  • Bring one end of the saree over your shoulder and let it hang down your back.
  • Then, put the saree over your waist.
  • Pull it forward and tuck it in.
  • Make sure the saree hangs evenly around your waist.

Saree paired with jeans

Saree paired with jeans


When it comes to jeans, we know they’re comfy and stylish. These styles are for those who don’t want to wear a petticoat or need to learn how to carry a saree with a petticoat. And yes, we need to remember who likes to follow trends.

How to Drape a Saree with Jeans?

  • Pick your favourite denim pants and saree.
  • You can wear it with a crop top, t-shirt, or blouse.
  • Starting from the left side of your waistline, pleat your saree.
  • Take your pallu from your left backside to your left shoulder.
  • Create a pallu pleat to your liking and tuck it with a clothespin.

This style takes a minute to prepare but looks great. Wearing this is fashionable right now. This is another technique to glam up your saree, a comfy and bold style.

Pair a kurti with a saree

kurti with a saree

Everyone immediately thinks of a kurti when discussing Indian wear. And it’s quite simple to carry, wash, and maintain. One of the most adaptable outfits for women is an A-line kurtis. Women are obsessed with Kurtis, and their wardrobe is filled with a wide selection of kurtis. Kurtis, with a saree, would undoubtedly appealingly highlight your sense of style. This is beyond your wildest imagination.

How to drape a saree over a kurti?

  • Grab a saree and a kurta of your choice.
  • Start by draping your saree over your petticoat while wearing your kurti as a blouse.
  • Start one inch away from your naval.
  • Create little pleats on your waist and wrap them around your waist.
  • Keep your pallu on your left shoulder while wearing a Kurti.
  • Keep your pallus lengthy and leave them just over your ankle.

Drape Style for an Off-Shoulder Saree

Off-Shoulder Saree

Off-shoulder tops are currently popular. Considering we spend so much time in our offices. You must ensure that the saree you choose is appropriate for formal wear. They are fashionable and long-lastingly cosy.

How to drape an off-shoulder saree?

  • Choose your favourite saree pair.
  • If you choose, you can wear this look with a short coat. If you prefer to keep the look extravagant, wear jeans. (You are free to choose whether or not to wear jeans or a petticoat.)
  • Choose a halter-neck blouse for the best results
  • Create the shirt piece first, then begin the upper portion.
  • Create little pleats for an attractive appearance, and tuck them in 1 inch (2.54 cm) from your naval.
  • Then, wrap it around your biceps from left to right.
  • Use a belt to secure it.
  • To make it even more amazing, add some gems.


Women’s office wear sarees are, in sum, a significant component of contemporary Indian workplace culture. They are ideal for any professional lady because they are stylish, comfy, and adaptable. Many different sorts and styles are available, whether you like a traditional linen saree or a more contemporary off-the-shoulder saree. The key to selecting the perfect saree for wearing to the office is to consider the dress code at your workplace, your sense of style, and your available funds. With these things in mind, you may select the ideal saree to make you feel confident and professional while wearing it to the office.


  • What distinguishes a cotton saree from a Georgette saree?

Georgette sarees are made of a light, sheer fabric, whereas cotton sarees are made of cotton fabric. Georgette sarees are ideal for formal occasions as they drape well and have a fluid appearance. In contrast, cotton sarees are more comfortable to wear in hot weather.

  • Which hue of saree works best for office wear?

Your preferences and the dress rules at work will determine the ideal hue for an office-wear saree. However, safe colour options for office wear sarees include beige, grey, and navy blue.

  • What kind of blouse should I wear with an office-appropriate saree?

Your style and the style of the saree will determine the type of blouse you wear with an office-appropriate saree. For office wear, sarees, a collared shirt or a straightforward, well-fitting blouse in a neutral colour is a secure option.

  • Is it acceptable to wear a patterned saree to the office?

Printed sarees are OK for wearing to the office as long as they are not too garish or flashy. You can choose delicate designs like tiny flowers or geometric motifs.

  • With an office-appropriate saree, may I wear jewellery?

A saree for office wear can be worn with minimal jewellery. Choose understated jewellery that exudes elegance, such as stud earrings, a delicate necklace, or a bracelet. Avoid wearing huge, showy jewellery that could detract from your professional presentation.


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