Top Salwar Pant Design and Pant Style Suits: Find ’em All Here

Discover different types of salwar suit pant design to pair with your kurti and slay the perfect ethnic look. Revamp your ethnic clothing sense with varying types of salwar pant design. Learn about a comprehensive guide to the different kinds of churidar & salwar pant and how to wear them appropriately.

Different Types of Churidar Pants & Salwar Suit Pant Design For Women This 2023

We have seen an enormous change in the fashion world in the last few years. From trendy, funky t-shirts to loose baggy streetwear, the fashion industry has really grown up. The demand for Western clothes is snowballing in India. However, despite the popularity of fast fashion and trendy clothes, if one type of apparel leads the fashion industry in India, then it would be ethnic wear.

Bollywood movies and fashion influencers

Bollywood movies and fashion influencers played a significant role in that. You will come across many movies and TV shows where the actress slays the traditional look. Indian Kurtis, churidar pant style salwar, ghagra-choli, salwar suit pant design, and charming dupattas are essential wardrobe staples for Indian ethnic wear that you must add to your shopping list.

You can serve Stylish Looks with Different Types of Pants for Salwar

Gone are the days when we had to go to different stores, offline shops, and markets to find different types of clothes in various patterns and colours, but now the time has changed.

Today every e-commerce website deals in fashion apparel. To make fashion divas look elegant, salwar online stores offer different types of salwars and churidar pants in the latest trendy prints.

Choosing the right outfit can be challenging, especially if you want something modern, stylish, yet comfy like afghani salwars. But don’t worry, with all the different types of salwar kameez and churidar pants available, you can revamp your style quickly!

Patiala Salwar Suits– Needs No Introduction

Patiala Salwar

Patiala Salwar is our absolute favourite sort of ethnic wear. As the name suggests, this churidar pant originated in the Punjabi city of Patiala. It is known for its loose, flowing fit and multiple gathers at the waist and ankles. It is typically worn with a long tunic or kurta and is perfect for a casual or ethnic look.

If you are a fan of Punjabi songs and movies, you must know these types of salwars. This churidar is quite stylish and perfect for every occasion. The best part is the Patiala salwar goes perfectly well with long and short kurti. Go with any of the kurtas and wear a Jhumkas with your Patiala salwar; this will surely add pizzazz to your traditional Indian look.

Harem salwar- Get the Bollywood Vibe

Harem salwar

There has been a significant impact of Bollywood in the fashion world, and there is no denying that. If you remember the ‘Jab We Met’ movie starring Kareena Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor and Harem pants or harem salwar.

Yes, these churidar pants played a significant role in giving Kareena Kapoor a vibe to every girl. After the movie’s release, the Harem salwar has become popular among the young. The outfit blends with cool, basic crop tops and plain t-shirts.

Harem pants are comfy, breathable and highly stylish. One can explore this type of churidar pant in a great range of fabrics and colours. The one worn by Kareena Kapoor has become widely popular but common. You can skip that and try something trendy.

Printed Salwars Pant Style Suit – Why So Basic?

Printed Salwars

Tired of limited and boring options in churidar pants? Go for the prints. We have always heard that one should wear clothes according to one’s personality, and printed salwar pant are for those people who are confident, quirky and different from others.

After the popularity of printed t-shirts, we have seen a massive demand for printed designs in extra clothes. The best part is you can customize the fit per your body type and comfort. There are some minimal print options in this churidar pant style salwar.

Printed salwar is so versatile that you can wear it on different occasions and festivals. It is perfect for a casual or dressy look and can be paired with various tops and tunics.

Sharara Churidar- Feel nostalgic

Sharara Churidar

We all love 90’s style, and sharara churidar pant is proof of that. Sharara churidar pant is leading and always stays in the trend. This type of churidar pant is the perfect blend of comfort and style. It is typically made from a heavier fabric like silk or brocade. It is often embellished with intricate embroidery or beadwork.

If we talk about the occasion, the churidar salwar suit pant design is recommended for mehendi function, engagement and haldi for a bridesmaid. There are zillions of ways to wear your sharara churidar.

Still, you need to figure out which is perfect for you as there are so many types of sharara churidar pants in the market. This traditional Indian outfit resembles the Patiala churidar but features a wider leg and a more flowing silhouette.

Culottes: Go with the Trend!

Culottes are perfect summer clothing that goes perfectly well with t-shirts, tops, and short and long kurti. Culottes are similar to palazzo pants, but some minor differences exist. Palazzo pants are longer than culottes. The outfit comes in various types, and the ideal styling tip for wearing this type of churidar pant is to choose the right kind of t-shirt.

Your search for the perfect type of churidar pants has ended because culottes are comfortable, attractive, and make you look slim. Also, if you are tall and thinner, then loose, airy culottes would be your best type of pants

Fashionable Churidar Pant Designs in Trend

Cream Knit Churidar Pant

When it comes to Churidar Pant, colours matter a lot. To slay the traditional look, one has to pick the best combination. You must consider the perfect churidar pant design, colour, type, etc. Let’s talk about the best variety in fashional churidar pant & straight cut pants for salwar design.

The cream-knit churidar pant is what you need. Attractive cream colour, Knit design with the border at the bottom, and comfy fabric, this ethnic churidar pant is a must-have outfit if you’re looking for salwar pants for ladies.

Dhoti Churidar Pant

Dhoti Churidar Pant

Here comes the uber comfy, light and breathable type of churidar pants. Dhoti pants are comfortable and easy to wear, making them a popular choice for casual wear. Dhoti salwar pants, also known as dhoti pants, are the perfect blend of traditional outfits with a modern twist.

Dhoti pants are a pant style salwar that originated in India and are typically made from cotton or silk fabric. They are similar to a wrap skirt but are designed to be commonly worn as pants. They are usually secured around the waist with a drawstring or elastic. The fabric is draped between the legs and tucked into the waistband.

Loose Churidar Pant

Loose Churidar Pant

Loose churidar pants are one of the most stylish and comfortable types that have become very popular in recent years. We all love loose-fit outfits because they are comfortable, which is one reason that makes loose churidar pants everyone’s favourite

 Loose churidar pants are a versatile garment that can be dressed up or down, making them perfect for any occasion. Loose churidar pants are also popular with dancers and performers, allowing for a full range of movement.

Silk Blend Churidar Pant

Silk Blend Churidar Pant

Silk blend churidar pants are considered the trendiest and most stylish addition to every fashion freak’s closet. As the name suggests, these churidar pants are made of the perfect blend of silk and other materials, creating a soft, shiny fabric that feels smooth and comfortable against the skin.

Fit is the core USP of these types of churidar. You will defiantly feel super calm and uber confident after wearing silk blend churidar straight cut pants for salwar. Silk blend churidar pants are an excellent choice for a comfortable, durable, and versatile outfit. These are among the best salwar pants for ladies.

Twill Style Churidar Pant 

Twill Style Churidar Pant

Another Bollywood-inspired traditional style that makes you look stunning and elegant. Twill-style churidar pants are made of the popular twill style that has become everyone’s first choice after Deepika Padukone wore them in the cocktail movie.

These pants are made of high-quality fabric and look premium. Every girl’s search for stylish and attractive designs of churidar pants ends at this style. Not just that, the price of these pants is relatively minimal, and one can easily create the best collection of churidar pants.

Churidar Balloon Pant

Churidar Balloon Pant

If you are unaware of churidar balloon pants, you must hear of harem pants. The style is popular as harem pants. Churidar balloon pants are a trendy addition to any wardrobe that is comfortable as well.

As the name suggests, these types of churidar pants are designed as a balloon, making them quite attractive among millennials. The design of this outfit helps your skin breathe. If you are creating an ideal traditional wardrobe, add these churidar pants to your collection.

Enjoy online shopping and avail yourself of these salwar pants today.

Front Pocket Churidar Pant

Do you know what girls want? Cool design, latest prints, comfy styles and pockets in their dresses. Yes, gone are the days when they need to comprise, but now the time has changed.

Today, even churidar pants have pockets, which is this outfit’s attractive USP. In recent years, pocket churidar has been popular for centuries and is a must-have kind of bottom wear for women. These days, front pocket churidar comes in various colours and patterns.

Palazzo Pant

Palazzo Pant is commonly known as women’s loose wide-legged trousers. These churidar pants are summer style as they are airy, baggy and light. Interestingly.

Palazzo is an Italian word that means a stately building. If we talk about palazzo pants fit and body type, women with pear-shaped bodies should pick these pants as they look perfect. Also, Palazzo pants are an excellent choice for formal wear; however, it depends on how you style them.

Cigarette Pant

Cigarette Pants is a fancy name for women’s trousers with straight cut pants for salwar, narrow legs or skinny pants. These pants are perfect for winter as they go perfectly great with long coats, blazers and other winter outfits. Also, cigarette pant is made of heavy fabric wool or tweed.

The pant can be worn in many styles as it is quite a versatile outfit. It would help if you avoided cigarette pants for a comfortable style.


Churidars have been popular since ancient times. Let it be your mother or grandmother. These trousers are a must have for every woman. With more options, the modern period has introduced churidar trousers with a fresh Western churidar pant models with names. These are the salwars from which you may pick and experiment with your clothes. We have salwars for any occasion, from simple to beautiful, sophisticated to hippie.

With different types of churidar pants, you can easily create an ideal wardrobe full of With this wide range of churidar pants, you can easily create an ideal wardrobe full of trendy and traditional ethnic styles. The versatility of churidar is so good that there is something for everyone.

Before getting ready for any event or festival, check out these churidar pants and tips to wear them and make everyone’s head turn with your traditional look. Moreover, you’ll be able to find these clothing items easily online and with free shipping.


Does churidar come under formal? 

Yes, but with the right combination.

Which fabric is suitable for churidar?

Cotton is ideal for churidar pants.

Is salwar and churidar same?

The churidar pants and everyday salwar pants for ladies are similar.

What is the English name of churidar?

Stirrup pants

Which state is famous for churidar?

Uttar Pradesh and Punjab

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