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Flared jeans have been a popular fashion trend for decades and are known for their timeless style and versatility.

While the trend may have faded in and out of popularity over the years, flared jeans have recently come back, with fashionistas and style icons embracing the retro silhouette in new and modern ways.

Whether you prefer a bohemian, retro, or minimalist aesthetic, there are endless possibilities for styling flared jeans to fit your style. In this article, we’ll explore some modern ways to wear flared jeans for a fresh, stylish look that will turn heads.

What Are Flared Jeans?

Flared Jeans Idea

Flared jeans are a style of denim pants that are fitted through the hips and thighs and then gradually widen from the knees down, creating a flared or bell-bottomed shape. The flare can vary in size, from a subtle widening to a dramatic bell shape.

Flared Jeans With Tops

Crop Top with Flared Jeans

Crop Top with Flared Jeans

Flared jeans and a crop top are excellent for a bohemian or retro-inspired look. Opt for a high-waisted pair of flared jeans and a cropped top that hits at or just above the waistband. You could also add a wide-brimmed hat, chunky jewellery, and sandals to complete the look.

Cardigan with Flared Jeans

Cardigan with Flared Jeans

Flared jeans and a cardigan make a cosy and casual outfit for cooler weather. Try a pair of dark-wash flared jeans and a chunky knit cardigan in a neutral colour like beige or grey. Finish the look with ankle boots and a simple necklace.

Blazer with Flared Jeans

Blazer with Flared Jeans

Pair flared jeans with a tailored blazer for a chic and polished outfit. Choose a pair of jeans with a high waist and a fitted blazer in a complementary colour. Wear a Solid plain t-shirt or blouse underneath, and add heels or loafers to complete the look.

Denim on Denim

Denim on Denim

Double denim can be tricky, but it works well with flared jeans. Pair a light-wash denim shirt with dark-wash flared jeans for a retro-inspired outfit. Finish the look with ankle boots and a leather crossbody bag.

Shirt with Flared Jeans

Shirt with Flared Jeans

A button-up shirt tucked into flared jeans is a classic and versatile outfit. Try a striped or plaid shirt with high-waisted flared jeans, and add a belt to define your waist. You could also layer a sweater or jacket over the top for added warmth.

Shrug with Flared Jeans

Shrug with Flared Jeans

A shrug is a great way to add interest to a simple outfit. Pair flared jeans with a plain t-shirt or tank top, and add a shrug in a bold colour or pattern. You could also add a long necklace or statement earrings to complete the look.

Sweater  with Flared Jeans

Sweater  with Flared Jeans

A chunky knit sweater looks great with flared jeans for a cosy and casual outfit. Try a sweater in a neutral colour like beige or grey, and add ankle boots or sneakers for a laid-back vibe.

Turtleneck with Flared Jeans

Turtleneck with Flared Jeans

A turtleneck sweater is another excellent pairing with flared jeans. Choose a fitted turtleneck in a neutral colour like black or white, and add heeled boots or sandals to dress up the look. You could also add a statement necklace or earrings for added interest.

Flare Jeans Styling Ideas

Flare Jeans Styling Ideas

Styling flared jeans can be fun, and there are many ways to wear them to create different looks. Here are some tips on how to style flared jeans according to a fashion editor:

Balance the Flare

Flared jeans tend to be voluminous at the bottom, so balancing the look with a fitted top is essential. This will create a more proportionate silhouette and help show off the flare of the jeans.

Choose the right length.

The length of your flared jeans can make a big difference in how they look. If you’re shorter, wear a cropped or ankle-length style to avoid overwhelming your frame. If you’re tall, you can get away with a longer hemline that covers your shoes.

Accessorise with the right Shoes

Flared jeans look great with various shoe styles, but choosing the right pair can make or break the look. High heels or platform shoes can give you extra height and make your legs look longer. Alternatively, you can wear flats or ankle boots for a casual look.

Experiment with different tops

Flared jeans can be dressed up or down, depending on what you pair them with. For a casual look, try a graphic t-shirt or sweater, and a blouse or blazer can help elevate the outfit for a dressier look.

Don’t be afraid of prints.

Flared jeans are a great canvas for bold prints and patterns. Try pairing them with a statement top or a colourful accessory to add interest to your outfit.

5 Shoe Styles to Wear With Flared Jeans

Flared jeans can be a fun and stylish wardrobe staple; many different shoe styles can complement them nicely. Here are five shoe styles to wear with flared jeans:

Platform sandals or heels

Since flared jeans can be pretty long and cover your shoes, platform sandals or heels can add height and help elongate your legs. They also give the nod to the 70s vibe that flared jeans embody.

Ankle boots

Ankle boots can be an excellent option for cooler weather and add some edge to your flared jeans. Opt for a classic black leather pair, or experiment with a bolder colour or texture.


Wedges are a comfortable and stylish option for wearing with flared jeans. They add height and elongate the legs while providing more stability than a stiletto heel.


For a more casual and comfortable look, pair your flared jeans with a classic pair of sneakers. This is an excellent option for running errands or a casual weekend outing.


Loafers are a classic shoe style that can add sophistication to your flared jeans. They can be worn with a blouse or blazer for a dressier look or paired with a basic tee for a more casual vibe.

I’m Convinced to Try This “Old” Jeans Trend After Seeing These Outfit Ideas

It’s great to hear you want to try the flared jeans trend! Here are six outfit ideas that might inspire you to give them a try:

  • Pair your flared jeans with a simple white t-shirt and sneakers for a casual daytime look. Add a denim jacket or cardigan for cooler weather.
  • Dress up your flared jeans with a blouse and heeled ankle boots for a chic and sophisticated look. Add a statement bag or piece of jewellery to complete the outfit.
  • Embrace a bohemian look by pairing your flared jeans with a flowy peasant top and sandals. Accessorise with a fringed bag and some layered necklaces.
  • Make a statement with a bold print or pattern by pairing your flared jeans with a printed top or blazer. Keep the rest of the outfit simple with neutral accessories and shoes.
  • Create a 70s-inspired look by pairing your flared jeans with a vintage band t-shirt and a pair of platform shoes. Add a suede jacket or vest for an extra retro touch.
  • Pair them with a fitted turtleneck sweater and ankle boots for a more modern take on flared jeans. Accessorise with a statement belt and a crossbody bag.

Wrap up on Flared Jeans & Styling Tips for 2023

Flared jeans are a versatile and timeless wardrobe staple that can be styled in many ways to feel modern and fresh.

Whether you dress them up or keep them casual, there are endless possibilities for creating unique and stylish outfits with flares.

By experimenting with different tops, jackets, and accessories, you can find the looks that work best for you and feel confident and on-trend in your flared jeans.


Do flare jeans make you look thinner?

Flare jeans can create the illusion of a longer leg line and a more balanced silhouette, making you appear thinner. However, it ultimately depends on the fit and style of the jeans and how you choose to style them.

What style top goes with flares?

Fitted tops or tops tucked in at the waist work well with flares to create a balanced silhouette. Crop tops, blouses, and fitted turtlenecks are all great options to pair with flares.

What kind of jacket to wear with flare jeans?

A denim jacket is a classic choice to pair with flare jeans, but leather jackets, blazers, and trench coats can also work well. Ensure the jacket hits the waist or higher to avoid overwhelming the flares.

Do flare jeans make you look taller or shorter?

Flare jeans can make you look taller by elongating the leg line, especially when paired with heels. However, the jeans’ length and fit can also impact how tall or short you appear.

What looks best with flare jeans?

The best way to style flare jeans is to experiment with different tops, jackets, and accessories to find what works best. Fitted tops, ankle boots, and statement jewellery can help create a fresh look with flares.


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