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Wearing white jeans can either make you look like a cool, fashionable person. White denim is the ideal backdrop for stylish and imaginative outfit combinations this season because it is pleasing to the eye and in line with current Menswear trends. White is a timeless and elegant colour that, while occasionally tricky to maintain, is always simple to appear put together in, no matter what. The colour white adds a freshness to even the most relaxed and casual fabric, denim. It is universally flattering on all skin tones and suitable for various fashion tastes.

White denim is adaptable in outfit construction and can transform any man’s closet. It can be used to create a variety of stylish and original men’s outfits. This fall, a good pair of white jeans is a must-have for every man’s wardrobe, and as always, we’re here to share our styling secrets!

It’s time to wear comfortable pants because the cold winter is approaching. We’ve compiled a list of the top 8 white jeans combination ideas for you.

White jeans combined with blazers for casual outings

White jeans combined with blazers for casual outings

Each semi-formal or business-casual occasion is a winner for white jeans and a blazer combo. Blazers for men worn over shirts or Plain t-shirts give off an aura of refinement and ultimate elegance, making them ideal parts of an outfit that will have you appearing successful and more put-together than ever.

Styling Tips

  • White jeans, combined with items in grayscale or neutral hues that smoothly blend with denim, are a great approach to building jacket outfits. This outfit can be more enjoyable by choosing a textured cloth for the blazer and accessorising with formal lace-up oxfords.
  • To complete this look, you could also choose an off-white or light beige blazer to wear over the shirt in a powdery pastel colour.
  • If the weather allows, add a traditional belt for some more flair.

Colour blocking with jackets and white jeans.

Colour blocking with jackets and white jeans

You can style any casual jacket for men, whether made of leather, denim, or another material, to look great with white denim by employing colour-blocking techniques.

Styling Tips

  • A polo shirt or t-shirt in a coordinating colour should be worn underneath an interesting-looking jacket in the shade like subdued peach, burnt orange, olive green, or maroon. You can even out the bottom by wearing white trainers with this outfit.
  • This white denim and sneakers outfit also looks great in an earthy colour palette. Choose a casual, earthy shade for the jacket or the t-shirt underneath, such as olive green or brownish red.
  • Keep the other item separate in a rustic neutral hue. This clothing concept is eye-catching enough to make you stand out in any crowd.

White jeans combined with Layered hoodies and gritty chic

White jeans combined with Layered hoodies and gritty chic

Layering men’s hoodies with white denim is very Millennial, giving off a grungy chic vibe. This outfit idea, which takes a more daring approach to casual athleisure, is trendy, young, and successfully catches the spirit of the moment.

Styling Tips

  • Go big with all white for a stunning impression! Rugged faded or ripped denim styles perform incredibly well for this fashion! To elevate this street look, intriguing designs must be added in small amounts, whether on the shoes or the hoodies themselves.

White jeans combined with Navy blazers for a Royal look

The pairing of the white and blue colour schemes radiates a luxurious, high-end, and aristocratic suaveness. What’s best? This costume design is quite simple to put together, but it simultaneously appears well-planned and put together.

Styling Tips

  • Get a double-breasted blue blazer to give your outfit a luxurious feel. To finish it off, add some vintage loafers and a vintage timepiece.
  • To make this clothing design work, you must keep the accessories simple and classic. The socks, shoes, belts, and watches should all be in well-known, timeless designs.
  • You can also opt for a monochrome look by wearing a navy blazer over a traditional men’s formal shirt in powder blue. The best outfit to wear with white denim for your next necessary appointment or special workday is a blue blazer and pair of jeans.

Clean Lines With Jeans And White T-Shirts


Unlike other everyday t-shirts and jeans combos, a white t-shirt looks different when worn with white denim. Because of its modern, all-white profile, this one has a distinct appeal. We can all get behind high fashion that is also incredibly comfortable and reasonably priced.

Styling Tips

  • Creating a futuristic appearance for the wearer, this outfit styling attracts attention for all the right reasons. White t-shirts for men make a bold, avant-garde statement and go well with white jeans, but you’ll need to take care of this look!
  • Another innovative method to wear this ensemble is to choose a white denim half-pant rather than a complete one and to ensure that your t-shirt is not at all form-fitting.
  • Get well-fitted trousers that don’t stick to your body for a casual look. This gives the wearer an extremely high-end and trendy vibe.
  • With this outfit, keep all accessories minimum and wear timeless, light-coloured trainers.

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White jeans combined with Denim Shirts to Achieve Rustic Sophistication

White jeans combined with Denim Shirts to Achieve Rustic Sophistication

Denim on denim is a timeless trend. This clothing idea, popular with menswear and womenswear, looks more exceptional in a man’s closet when paired with white denim. The secret is to choose the appropriate colours and keep the rest of the design simple. White denim generally goes great with minimalism, especially when the colour scheme is highly contrasted.

Styling Tips

  • While putting together this striking contrast, consider the undertones of your white denim pants.
  • Choose warm-toned denim shirts for men in earthy and warm colours like deep mustard, olive green, and deeper oranges if the white of your jeans has a slight off-whitish, warmer tint.
  • Wear warmer browns, golds, and tan-coloured belts and shoes to tie this ensemble together.

White jeans combined with Mandarin Shirts Make You Look Polished And Refined.

These shirts for men have a “mandarin collar,” which is quite similar in form to a “Nehru collar.” However, these are often taller and slimmer. Mandarin collar shirts are one of the most stylish and sophisticated options available in menswear. They go perfectly with many styles of white denim pants.

Styling Tips

  • For a younger spin on this style, pair torn denim with a mandarin shirt with a clean, narrow fit. You can choose a light, pastel tint for the shirt and go with a more understated and classier attitude.
  • You can keep the remainder of the ensemble, including the shoes, white.

White Jeans combined with eye-catching shoes 

Shoes are a crucial and vital part of styling any outfit. Even if the rest of your outfit is flawless, if your footwear doesn’t match the rest of the ensemble, you will look disjointed from head to toe. Even in menswear fashion, shoes make a statement. Men choose simpler and cleaner shoe designs than women, even for the most formal events. Therefore it is doubly crucial that they match the rest of the outfit!

Styling Tips

  • If you want to add a certain element of cool to your wardrobe while wearing white jeans that are more casual or rugged, think about wearing high-top trainers or military-style boots. Make sure the shoes match the outfit or are neutral colours that go with everything, like black or white. They really must go in your attire!
  • A classic shoe type like oxfords, loafers, or formal lace-ups in an earthy shade of tan or brown, which is bound to look excellent with more styles than other non-neutral hues, is a beautiful way to contrast with your outfit without being out of place.

Conclusion on White Jean Outfit Ideas for Men to look Fashionable in 2023

We had fun looking through all of these unusual styling suggestions for you. You can accomplish a lot with an appealing hue like white. Any white piece of clothing is an unparalleled opportunity for self-expression because it is a blank canvas simply waiting for you to paint your fashion identity and personal style!


What colour shirt looks best on a man wearing white jeans?

Light blue, navy, grey, black, and white shirt colours go nicely with white pants on guys. Furthermore, earthy colours like olive or brown might look great, especially for a more relaxed appearance. An excellent choice for a casual denim-on-denim look is a chambray shirt.

What footwear should I use for men’s white jeans?

White jeans can be worn with trainers or loafers for a more relaxed appearance. Summertime footwear options include espadrilles, boat shoes, and driving moccasins. Dressier footwear like oxfords or loafers can be appropriate in a more formal setting.

Can men dress year-round in white jeans?

Indeed, white jeans may be worn throughout the year, but selecting suitable designs and fabrics for the climate is crucial. Lighter-weight white jeans made of cotton or linen can be cosy and breathable in the summer. Thick materials like denim or wool can keep you warm in the fall or winter while yet looking fashionable.

How should white jeans for guys be accessorised?

Keep your accessories modest and understated when wearing white jeans. A simple watch or bracelet and a leather belt in a neutral shade like black or brown are both suitable choices. Keep your accessories to a minimum, so they don’t overpower your attire.

Are white jeans suitable for business casual?

White jeans can be a fashionable choice for many occasions. Still, they are often inappropriate in a workplace where the dress is more relaxed. For business casual wear, dress trousers or chinos are preferable because they give off a more polished appearance.

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