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Navratri Outfits for Men and Women: How to Rock Your Navratri Look In 2023

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When you think of a Navratri or Garba and dandiya celebration, images of raucous beats, folk music mingled with the Bollywood remixes, blinding light, and colourful twirling all around likely come to mind.

As one of India’s most vibrant and joyous festivals, Navratri is celebrated with great enthusiasm across the country. This nine-day festival celebrates the victory of good over evil and honours the divine feminine energy. One of the highlights of this festive season is dressing up in traditional attire that reflects our cultural heritage.

With 2023 approaching, it’s time to start planning your Navratri wardrobe! Whether you’re a man or a woman, plenty of options are available for you to look your best during this auspicious occasion. In this blog post, we’ll explore some trendy Navratri special attire ideas for men & women in 2023 that will make you stand out!

2023 Navratri Special Attire for Women

Here, we have the fantastic concept of a special Navratri outfit for ladies. We’ll demonstrate the most current Navratri attire for you. Move through it!

  • Women’s Asymmetric Lehenga Choli

Asymmetric Lehenga Choli

An asymmetrical bordered lehenga is one of the best seasonal favourites this year. Hemlines with an asymmetrical or high-low pattern have been in style for a long, and they’re still fashionable this season. Wear a Lehenga and dupatta in contrasting colours for this look. Now that you have a gorgeous headpiece and hand harnesses, you’re set for a great evening!


For an evening of nonstop dancing and entertainment, you can dress down by donning your high-low.

  • Special Peplum Choli & Lehenga for Navratri

Peplum Choli ideas for womens

This stunning lehenga and choli with peplums are the pinnacle of Navratri-specific apparel! Additionally, the flared peplum top completes the ensemble and gives it a polished, lovely appearance. So wear this lehenga and dance the night away to Garba. Additionally, it’s a great outfit for unwinding with your friends after a long night of dancing.


Finish your look with bold makeup.

  • Lehenga Choli in half and half

Long popular, the half-and-half lehenga is resurrecting and rising in popularity to new heights. A lot of young women are fans of it. Such a half-patched, half-plain look can steal the stage on Garba night.


The best option for the season is a lehenga with a patola print, Ajrakh, Kalamkari, or Bandhej design and a contrast dupatta.

  • Women’s Layered Lehenga Choli

Layered Lehenga Choli outfit for womenns

Instead of wearing traditional lehengas this season, try stacked lehengas. For this year’s Garba Nights, pick a Lehenga with multiple layers. Additionally, a layered lehenga, which combines several layers of cloth, has a very exquisite appearance. Thereby, suppose you’re not scared to attempt new things. In that case, you need to develop a stunning style before you go over the top. Experimenting with new trends is the key to fashion.


Wear a statement necklace and bangles with this look.

  • Lehenga and Kurti, for this Navratri

Lehenga and Kurti, idea for Navratri

Having a few staple pieces in your wardrobe will make it easier to assemble various looks. For festive attire, a basic lehenga and an embroidered Kurti are necessities. Such beautiful embroidered Kurti can be dressed up or down in various fashionable ways. Put on a plain lehenga, a multicoloured dupatta, and a Kacchi-worked Kurti for a straightforward ethnic style. Amidst the confusion, simplicity could stand out.


Accessorise with heavy metal jewellery.

  • Wonderful Jacket-style Lehengas

Jacket-style Lehengas outfit ideas for navratri

With a lehenga choli, an embroidered jacket looks great. Additionally, various lengths and designs of embroidered jackets can be used to make one-of-a-kind Navratri ensembles. Additionally, pair your standout jacket with a straightforward long lehenga and crop top.


Add elaborate loop danglers and a little nose ring for the ultimate rock star appearance.

  • Navratri ke Nau Colour Saree

This saree represents the nine days’ worth of colours and emotions. These vibrant Garba dress suggestions can make your occasion much more exciting. The accessories that will enable women to delve into greatness are the greatest part.


Complete your look with heels and a traditional clutch.

  • Salwar kameez

Salwar kameez outfit ideas for Navratri

One of the most practical Navratri clothes is the salwar suit. During the holiday season, Anarkalis are a particular seasonal favourite. They allow for easy movement while still giving off a majestic appearance. Salwars can be worn with various bottoms, including a churidar, harem pants, palazzos, Afghani pants, parallels and leggings.


Try to carry an embroidered dupatta with your salwar kameez.

  • Lehenga or A Kurta Top is worn with long trousers or jeans.

For a straightforward bohemian appearance appealing to young adults, denim jeans can be successfully worn with the conventional Kurta or lehenga top. Alternatively, wear a long skirt instead of jeans and accessorise with a dupatta.


The Kurta can also be substituted with a button-up shirt tucked in to draw attention to the waist and create a distinctive look.

  • The ethnic palazzos

A modern appearance is provided by palazzos, harem trousers and parallels with ethnic designs. With a square or round blouse, palazzo trousers can be worn with sheer shirts, long jackets and waistcoats. For a standout appearance, try to ensure that the palazzo’s top has an interesting pattern.


This attire goes well with silver jhumkas and a crimson bindi.

Pairing Navratri Accessories with Clothing

To highlight your carefully chosen clothing, accessories are a need while buying Navratri outfits online. All fashion lovers must have these items.

  • Jewellery

Jewellery ware on saree ideas for Navratri

Jewellery is one of those things where a little goes a long way. Elegant gold and silver jewellery can achieve a refined and mature appearance. Children and teenagers, on the other hand, can choose to wear oxidised metal jewellery for a more alternative appearance. You have a plethora of jewellery alternatives to choose from, including elegant Kundan jewellery, hanging jhumkas, and majestic Matha Patti.

  • Cosmetics

Cosmetics ideas for Navratri

Your cosmetics should harmoniously match your attire. For a dramatic and eye-catching design, choose complementary colours. Attempt to match the colours already present in your attire for a more casual approach. Applying makeup calls for restraint, just like with anything else. Keep in mind that sometimes little is more.

  • Shoes

Shoes ideas for Navratri

An outfit can be made or broken by your shoes. The ideal pair of shoes will be both fashionable and cosy, a wonderful match for your attire, and a means of transportation that will make it easy for you to move around and take in the festival’s attractions.

Men’s special Navratri outfit

During the celebrated festival of Navratri, which is celebrated in India, people dress up beautifully. Men also participate in the festivities and participate in the wildly famous dandiya folk dances performed during Navratri. Trendy Navratri outfits for men are enlisted below.

  • Indian printed Kurta set – unique clothing for Navratri for males

Indian printed Kurta set for male

Simply sporting a colourful kurta pyjama set will not draw notice. For a more elegant appearance, try the Kurta set with Indian prints. Block prints like bandhej, patola, kalamkari, Madhubani, leheriya, and many more can create the desired appearance. It may also be worn with salwars or a dhoti.


Additionally, you can pair it with jeans made of denim to create an Indo-fusion style.

  • Short Kurta set featuring a large figure motif

The Kurta set with a huge figure design is an eye-catching and dramatic way to add colour to your festival attire. You are not required to dress in a typical Kurta and pyjamas for the dandiya night. Look upbeat in a Kurta outfit with some classic Indian patterns in vibrant colours.


Remember to pair your wristwatch with this outfit.

  • The excellent pick will be Kediyu and Dhoti.

Dhoti style ideas for men in Navratri

The Kediyu & Dhoti will be an extremely beautiful outfit for Navratri. It’s the perfect attire for dancing the dandiya. The kediyu consists of a short kurta with beautiful embroidery and flares at the bottom, giving it a lovely dance aspect. Additionally, the kurtas have mirrors, making the costume shimmer when one dances. The dhoti is a relaxed outfit that is perfect for dancing.


Try to pick dark colours, kediyu, for an elegant look.

  • Kurta with waistcoat for Garba nights

Keep it basic if you prefer more elaborately embroidered Kurta sets and accessories. Put on your preferred Kurta ensemble and a waistcoat that fits either plain or patterned.


Keep traditional shoes like Mojri, jutti, or kolhapuri chappal on hand to finish the appearance.

  • Special Navratri clothing: Asymmetrical Kurta set

Fashion enthusiasts always accept new trends. The Navratri celebration is ideal for showcasing your unique sense of style. For Navratri, men can choose from contemporary essentials like the asymmetric kurta set. Try out the kurta set’s high-low hemline. Additionally, side placket Kurtas and pyjamas are popular right now.


For the Navratri celebration, guys can dress stylishly by donning a cowl design kurta combo.

  • Kurta Pyjama and Sherwani

Men traditionally wear a Sherwani or Kurta with dhoti for Navratri. There are many ways to put your spin on this foundational mix. A patterned kurta is a great option because it eliminates the need for jewellery. You can opt for a more unconventional style by wearing a solid kurta with conventional jackets and white trousers.


You can finish off your ensemble with a pair of brown sandals or Kolhapur shoes.

Conclusion on Stylish Navratri Dress-Up Ideas for Men and Women

Navratri 2023 is shaping to be an exciting and colourful celebration of the triumph of good over evil. What better way to participate in the festivities than by donning the ideal Navratri attire? There is a wide variety of clothing options, from classic lehengas and kurtas to cutting-edge fusion wear and Indo-western fashions.

So, in honour of Navratri, why spruce up your wardrobe with some colourful and glittering new pieces? The appropriate clothes will undoubtedly boost your experience and make it genuinely memorable, whether dancing to the sounds of dandiya or quietly soaking in the festive ambience. This Navratri, be prepared to shine brightly and allow the season’s happiness and excitement to flood your hearts and minds.


  • What kind of attire can men wear traditionally during Navratri?

During Navratri, men can dress traditionally by wearing kurtas, sherwanis, and dhotis. These clothes typically come in various colourful colours and patterns and are manufactured from breathable materials like cotton or silk.

  • During Navratri, are saris permitted for women?

Yes, women frequently wear sarees during Navratri. Lightweight materials with vibrant colours and prints, such as cotton and chiffon sarees, are a good choice. Additionally, you can play with draping designs and accessorise with classic jewellery.

  • Is indo-western clothing appropriate for Navratri? What does it entail?

Traditional Indian clothing and Western fashions are combined to create Indo-western clothing. These clothes are popular for Navratri since they give traditional clothing a modern twist. Men can choose from an assortment of fusion clothing, including crop tops worn with long skirts or palazzo trousers, and ladies can choose from Indo-western kurtas.

  • Can I dress in Western attire for Navratri?

Even though wearing traditional clothing is encouraged during Navratri, you might try Western clothing incorporating traditional features like patterns or embroidery. Men can try wearing jeans with a classic Nehru jacket, while women can choose Western clothes with ethnic prints or motifs.

  • What accessories can I add to my Navratri outfit?

Your Navratri outfit is only complete with accessories. Women can choose classic jewellery pieces, including gold or silver earrings, bangles, and necklaces. Traditional footwear for men, such as juttis or mojaris, can be accessorised. At the same time, a colourful turban or scarf can provide a splash of colour.


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