Best Holi Games and Activities for Kids and Adults

Holi Hands

Gather a variety of colored tempera paints and a few paintbrushes. Let your kids paint their hands and stamp handprints on white paper or poster board. Once finished, it will make a great Holi decoration perfect for a photo opp.

Finders Keepers

Fill two buckets with colored water and drop small objects (like coins or buttons) into them. Then, blindfold two family members and see who can find their objects first. The winner gets a small prize

Pass the Sponge

This game is similar to hot potato. Stand in a circle and pass around a sopping-wet sponge until the music stops. Whoever holds it must squeeze the sponge over their head and be out of the game.

Guess the Drink

Fill cups with various beverages and have your blindfolded contestants guess what they drink. Remember to get a good mix of flavors, like chocolate milk for sweet or pickle juice for sour.