Tips for Styling Men Accessories

Tips for Styling Men Accessories


– Combine and contrast various bracelet styles to give off a stacked appearance. – Beaded bracelets can be worn layered with leather cuffs, metal bands, or both. – Choose a simple bracelet that won’t overshadow your outfit if you’re wearing a bold one.


– You can match a solid tie with a patterned shirt or vice versa. – A slim-fit shirt and a narrow tie give you a contemporary, streamlined appearance.


– For a matched effect, match the colour of your cufflinks to the pattern on your tie or pocket square. – Choose a set of cufflinks with a humorous or eccentric design to give your attire some individuality.

Pocket Squares

– Pick a pocket square that contrasts with the colour of your suit to add some colour. – If you want to give your attire a little style, fold your pocket square in a distinctive and detailed method.


– Choose a pair with a frame that accentuates the contours of your face. – For a cohesive look, match the sunglasses’ hue to your clothing. Belts