what cloths do women like on men, list of cloths that women's like on mens


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More than looks what actually enhances your look is the fact of how you carry yourself and what clothes you put on. If your special date day is coming around the calendar and you are unsure about what to wear to make that first and last 

impression on that one woman in your life. Then there are some amazing clothing tips mentioned in this blog you can follow to win in this situation. 

Every guy wants to look beautiful, it’s an irrefutable fact. Who wouldn’t, after all? What looks beautiful, however, does not always translate as “sexy” to women. If you want to appear alluring to the other sex, you must first understand what women find attractive in males. Of course, there are several appealing clothing for men. And what works for one person may not work for another. Furthermore, “sexy” is highly subjective, thus it is not necessarily universal.

Having said that, we’ve managed to assemble a variety of men’s apparel styles as well as accessories that appear to work wonders on the majority of the female population. So keep reading to find out what thousands of women find extremely appealing in a man.

Casual Style

Casual Style













Did you know that nearly 40% of women find casual clothing for guys appealing, according to a survey of 1,000 women? In fact, 17% of them say their favourite attire is jeans and a plain t-shirt. It’s a white shirt and blue denim, to be exact. Nothing is more seductive.

Most men will find it simple to acquire this relaxed look. You only need to choose a shirt that fits well and is not too baggy that it hides your figure. But not so tight that you end up looking like Johnny Bravo. Your jeans should also be well-fitted, with a tapered cut or a narrow fit that ends just above your shoes.

Smart Casual Style

Smart Casual Style













Smart casual is a step up from casual but less formal than business casual. Business casual is appropriate for the workplace, as the name implies. Smart casual outfits, on the other hand, are more suited for informal wear outside of the office. The beauty of smart casual is that you can be comfortable while yet appearing stylish and mature. Denim jeans can still be worn as long as they are more polished. Chinos are another wonderful option.

Of course, the question is if this dress style is appealing to women. Thankfully, the answer is yes. While not as seductive as some of the other casual clothing we’ve discussed, some women prefer the smart casual appearance since it makes the man appear more professional.

Rolled sleeves 

Rolled sleeves 













Forearms can be extremely alluring for any woman. Something about a guy in a long-sleeved shirt who abruptly rolls up his sleeve. He instantly becomes 1000 times more appealing. It offers you a laid-back vibe after you’ve accomplished some masculine work. You’re laid-back, cool, and friendly. The best thing about this beautiful look is that it goes with almost any outfit, whether it’s a sweater, a button-down shirt, or a long-sleeve Henley.

A well-fitting suit 

A well-fitting suit 













All ladies find James Bond attractive. And it’s not only because he’s attractive. It’s because when he’s dressed up, he’s a sexy beast. The basic and clean-cut type. But it’s not only the clothes he’s wearing. It’s also about how he’s dressed. If the fit isn’t perfect, you won’t be able to look sophisticated, capable, or powerful in a suit. You’re more likely to seem like a boy attempting to convince others that you’re a man.

To ensure the best fit, make sure the jacket of the suit fits tightly over your shoulders. Sleeves should fall slightly over the wrist bone. Your pants should be the right length and drape nicely. Buy customised or custom-made if you can afford it.

Leather Jackets 

Leather Jackets 













 Leather is durable but soft to the touch. A leather jacket can effortlessly take your look from drab to fab. You feel more confident because a leather jacket looks fantastic regardless of your clothing style. There’s no denying that clothes shape a guy. We’ve given you some of the sexiest men’s fashion that you can effortlessly incorporate into your wardrobe. But there is one thing that all guys must wear to be their most handsome selves: confidence. 

The thing that cannot be overlooked is – A Good Pair Of Shoes 

A Good Pair Of Shoes 













Shoes can make or destroy even the most handsome man’s attire. Women will assess you based on your footwear. Smarter leather shoes are also sexy, according to a survey performed by store Reem. Men who wear these appear to be more macho, intelligent, and sexually mature in the eyes of women.

Women here believe that if a man takes care of his shoes correctly, he can pay attention to detail in other parts of his life as well. It’s also why women appreciate males who have a houseplant or a dog.


You could be tall, dark, gorgeous, and well-dressed, but ladies will not flock to your side if you are insecure. A confident man can make anything he wears sexy. He may not have the best body or the most fashionable attire. But if he appears to be confident in himself and capable of making things happen, he’ll be the sexiest man in the room. So, make an effort to invest in yourself as much as you do in your outfit.


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